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Lomo Diana+, Medium Format Camera with Removable Lens for Super Wide Angle Pinhole Shots, 120 Film - White Edelwiss Edition
Lomo Diana+, Medium Format Camera with Removable Lens for Super Wide Angle Pinhole Shots, 120 Film - White Edelwiss Edition
Dating back to the early 1960's, the all-plastic Diana camera is a cult legend -famous for its its dreamy, radiant, and lo-fi images. The brand new Diana+ is a faithful reproduction and a loving homage to the classic Diana - with a few new features tossed in. Its plastic lens, 2 shutter settings (daylight & B ), 3 aperture settings, and manual focus are all hallmarks of the original Diana. But on top of that, the Diana+ offers a removable lens and super-small aperture for pinhole images, two image formats (12 or 16 square shots on a standard 120 roll), an endless panorama feature that allows for unlimited and nearly seamless panoramic shots, and both a standard tripod thread & shutter lock for easy shake-free long exposures. Each package includes the beautiful Diana Vignettes book - packed with over 200 pages of Diana history, Diana+ images, and truly off-the-wall short stories. Uses all varieties of medium format 120 film. The Big Picture (Forget All About It) Seriously, just put it all out of your mind. We'll no longer look for the big picture, and there will be no more getting an overview or stepping back to take it all in. All of these concepts imply an abrupt halt to activity - a conscious pause of your natural drive and instincts. As we say day in and day out: Be fast. Who's got the time to consider the implications when close to a million tremendous potential photos are streaming right past your nose? No Diana owner worth their chops would spend one iota of energy on the big picture when there are so many crucial elements to focus on. To hold, point, and shoot a Diana camera implies a conscious decision to relinquish control. To concentrate your creative powers on capturing the moment and telling a story rather than fiddling with a bunch of knobs and levers. A blurry-soft and dreamy-toned Diana image is more an interpretation of reality than a correct representation of it. In a way, it's somehow more accurate to compare the Diana to an oily vintage
Flud Watches Men's The Gunmetal Boombox Watch
Flud Watches Men's The Gunmetal Boombox Watch
Flud Watches Men's The Gunmetal Boombox Watch, Watches: The Gunmetal Boombox Watch The good folks at Flud Watches just put another classic retro icon back on your wrist with the Boombox Watch. This push button digital watch comes complete with slick details accurate from the speakers to the handlebar. One quick push reveals a sharp red LED display. ALERT! The LED screen will shut off when the watch is inactive for three (3) seconds! Please don't tweak and think the watch is busted just kindly refer to your manual for a detailed explanation. • Oversized Boombox Case • Custom LED movement • Dual textured linked band • Locking clasp with etched logo By Flud Watches
Earphone Speaker Keychain
$8.99 $6.99
Earphone Speaker Keychain
"Ok, so most of you by now have fancy phones and MP3 players. And most of you (most of the time) use earphones or earbuds for said devices. It's just how it's done. But what if you are in need of a little mood music for the masses? What if you just have to let a friend hear your tunes, too - because, hey, sharing is caring? Well, you can either carry around some speakers and/or an amplifier, run around like mad waving your earbuds near people with the volume turned way up, or just carry around an Earphone Speaker Keychain. We, of course, recommend the latter. The Earphone Speaker Keychain is a great little when-the-mood-strikes-you speaker for your music player of choice. It fits into any standard 1/8"" headphone jack, and sounds quite crisp and clear. Keep it on your keyring, your backpack, the zipper of your favorite jacket - anywhere you might want it when listening to music. The speaker part just pops in and out of the keychain part for easy use. The Earphone Speaker Keychain will make sure you always have a speaker at hand for all those important music moments."

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