Presenter Stephen Stallone joins our September Style Council!

Former Presenter for MTV and currently presenter for 4Music on #younews and  #videocrush, Stephen is hot property right now! When he’s not busy jet setting around the world to different festivals, he’s back in his hometown filming for Distract TV and 4Music as well as blogging about his life and style!

Find out more from the presenter who has interviewed the likes of Snoop Dogg below and what he’s got his fashion eye on this season!

What’s on your shopping list this season?

Wow! This season first on the list is H By Hudson, Leather Brogue Boots I just got myself a pair. The level of detail is second to none, and I simply love the colour. These bad boys will go with anything and last forever. They represent all that is good about today’s culture without verging on East London hipster desperation.

Also you cant go wrong with leather boots –these are this seasons must.  With this, I add to my list Adidas high tops most recently tweeted about. These represent all things Velcro/ #90s #Olive and are super cool and can be matched with fitted guys joggers, skinny jeans and a plain T and or Jean jacket. YES Velcro high tops are back in a big way! You heard it here first.

My third addition is a black roll neck jumper; these were in years ago and now they’re back! And yes I’m adding this to this season’s list- Just putting it out there.

I’m also adding to the list finally- my Autumn/ Winter Black Francis Lambskin Leather Jacket – no more needs to be said!

What do you think is the thing that makes people’s style really stand out?

Uniqueness and colour- I’m all over olive greens/ and mustards at the moment. But it’s really all about how you wear it that makes the style.

What trends, if any are you loving this season?

Tapered fit smart cuffed joggers, topped with large t-shirt and possibly a sharp slim fitted tailored bomber jacket. I am not brave enough to wear cuffed joggers yet, but it will happen!

Who are your fave designers?

I really like Christopher Raeburn; I love the way he works with military fabrics! Also Tom Ford – I really need to wear one of his pieces to a red carpet event circa 2015.

Best high street brands?

ASOS, Zara, H&M and Berksha.

Whose style do you admire?

I personally think Henry Holland always looks good, he tends to carry what he wears really well and so does Nick Grimshaw. It’s almost a classy version of homeless chic.

Have you ever had a fashion faux pas?

Yes. I was running late to the Shopcade London Fashion Week party after flying back from Berlin on the same night and all I could find that was clean ,was my ASOS Foulard print long sleeve shirt, which I layered with a black suit jacket and jeans. Lets just say the shirt is now with the charity shop.

What’s your favourite piece in your wardrobe ATM?

It still has to be my stripey t-shirt from Zara, Serbia which I bought when I was filming there last year followed closely by my mustard jumper.

What item could you not live without? Fashion/Beauty item…

It sounds really vain but it has to be my facial Olive Oil cream that I bought when I was in Turkey last month, works wonders!

What’s on your Spotify playlist right now?

Years & Years ‘Take Shelter’ it’s a really good tune. Love these guys too; Drake (Any Drake) and FKA Twigs.

Most famous person on your Twitter/ Instagram/ in your phone book..

Shlomo- really love him he’s crazy good live, interviewed him recently and he’s a good friend of mine . If you don’t know him check him out.

What inspires you?

Life and animals, I can watch them for hours- nothing more to add!

Loving the detail for the trends for next season! Men, take note! And get uploading your look to the Shopcade app to be in with a chance of winning a fashion photoshoot with IDGAF Magazine!!

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