10 Reasons To Be Glad It’s January

You’re probably on your third coffee of the morning right now, desperately trying to make it through the day and the weather (it’s too cold/it’s raining/it’s windy- delete as appropriate) is the final straw, but don’t despair! Really, January rolling around is actually a good thing and here’s 10 reasons why…

1. The Sales: Those ponyskin slip-ons you‘ve had your eye on since September? Yeah, they’re now 50% off. Same goes for that parka coat, that peplum dress, those ripped jeans and checked skirt. Shop now, regret never.

2. Awards Season: Where all the beautiful people are constantly shoved in our faces 24/7 for two months. I have a point, stick with me. The glitz, the glamour, the totally unattainable dream of being Cumberbatch’s actual Cumberbitch for the night… yeah day dreaming is a TOTALLY healthy thing for January.

3. The Gym: Again, bear with me. You will be surrounded by like-minded people who are all about getting fit for summer, who all overindulged just as much as you, and probably look just a teeny bit worse than you too. Feel better? Knew you would.

4. New Season Trends: Sales are fab, but nothing says it’s nearly summer like new season drops. It may be a tad early for bikini and kaftan shopping, but, little summer dresses and sandals? Pah, you’d be a fool not to buy early and snap up all the best styles.

5. Dry January is for Losers: Making fun of all your friends on the wagon is one of the best things you can do in early 2015. Who on earth decides to ditch alcohol in the most stressful month? Only a crazy person, that’s who.

6. Resolutions Make You A Better Person: Pointless or actually an important part of a new year? I reckon they are essential… even if you break them in week 3 of 52, at least you TRIED.

7. Boxset Binging: There is a positive to being broke in January and that’s staying in your hangover loungewear all weekend, ordering takeaway and binging on your fave boxsets. Sure, you’ll smell after a bit, but think how content you will be watching 48 hours straight of your fave shows. Smug face.

8. People Are Nicer: Everyone is in the same boat- life sucks equally for you all, so why not embrace it together and actually put a brave face on it for Jan?

9. Time for a new look: New Year, new you. Book into that yoga retreat so you can finally get over Brad/John/Paul, overhaul your image with a new haircut and colour and revitalise your beauty regime. Heavy make-up is a no go for Spring, time to bring out the tinted moisturiser instead.

10. It’s nearly summer. OK I lied, but look how happy you got, just for one second there!


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