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Wyvern Pendant
$24.99 $12.99
Wyvern Pendant
"When we met with this jeweler back in February we said, ""We really like this earring. If it were only a bit bigger, it'd make a great pendant."" And our rep said, ""Oh! We used to make a pendant of it. Let me see if we still have the mold."" And voila. They dusted it off and brought it out of storage just for y'all. We're going to borrow from the 1619 description of the Borough of Leicester's crest to describe this fellow: A wyvern sans legs argent, wings expanded. (And while we're at it, we'll take a moment to be glad we're not vexillologists because we find heraldry quite vexing.) This wyvern, made from English pewter, is 1 3/4"" tall and 1 1/2"" wide. It comes on a 21"" black leather cord with an adjustable toggle closure. Weighs a little over half an ounce. To adjust the length of the black leather cord, get a pair of tweezers. Where the cord threads into the closure, first provide some slack by feeding the cord toward the toggle. Then, use the tweezers to pull the end of the cord past the toggle. Cut. Pull back a bit so that the end of the cord is flush against the closure. At this point, we might put a drop of glue there so it doesn't go anyplace, but you saw how hard it was to pull the cord past the toggle. It's not like it's going to be moving around on its own, so you're probably okay, but glue if you want to be super-safe about it never moving again. For our customers with nickel allergies: the dragon and toggle closure are made of English pewter, which is a mixture of tin, antimony, and copper. They are free of both lead and nickel."
Dragon Ear Wrap - Right Ear
Dragon Ear Wrap - Right Ear
We see people with awesome piercings every so often and think, "That'd be neat to have, but they must have been working on that for years." For people who don't have that kind of time, we introduce the commitment-free Dragon Ear Wrap. He hovers over your right shoulder, whispering bad ideas into your ear (like dragons do), but he doesn't require any special piercings; a single, standard earring hole will do. Gotta be in your right earlobe for this to work, though...

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