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Hasna Haidar
hasnahaidar added a look via the mobile app

Whether you're finding yourself bored by your wardrobe or get easily stressed when it comes to getting dressed, it may be time to give your wardrobe a thorough spring clean. 

Decluttering your wardrobe and making considered decisions about the items in there can help ensure you look forward to getting dressed every day...

DO take everything out of your wardrobe. This helps you start with a clean slate, and ensures the only items in your wardrobe by the end of your purge are those you really want/are going to wear. 

DON'T keep clothes that don’t fit, can’t be altered, don’t look good on you, or don’t suit your current style. Avoid the temptation to keep clothes for “when you lose weight” - if you haven’t worn it since you bought it, the chances are you’ll never wear it!

DO avoid duplication. Each item of your wardrobe should serve a specific purpose. If you have two items that essentially do the same thing, get rid of one of them. 

DON'T Keep clothes because they were expensive or for sentimental reasons. If you’re never going to wear it, it’s better off going to someone in need. 

DO donate everything you don't need to a charity or organisation.

DON'T Feel you need to finish the entire purge in one day. Take a few weeks to get used to your newly revamped wardrobe. You’ll probably find that you don’t really miss the items you let go of, and you might find that you’re enjoying getting dressed every day.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

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