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hollie gjoen
holliegjoen added a look via the mobile app

Top Tip!! To create your custom lip color use petroleum jelly, your favorite clear gloss or ChapStick and add any color mineral eyeshadows! Add a small amount of shadow and mix for a more sheer look or slowly adding more shadow for more of an opaque look (I would swatch it before adding more till you get the look you want). I find getting those small, round, clear, stackable containers (you can find them on amazon or at any craft store) are great for storing them. They make for an easy way to take with you on the go or for clients in your makeup kit! Also a fun DIY project for young girls too! My girls also love making their own lip glosses!! 😆💖💄 #toptips #lipgloss #diy #lipcolor #lipstick #makeuparistsworldwide #makeup #makeupartist  #bosschick #makeupobsessed #makeupaddict #bossbabes #makeupjunkie #boss #workfromhome  #womensempowerment #cosmetics #womenwithambition #instabeauty #picoftheday #instapic #instagood #instadaily #fempire #usewhattheprosuse #womenempoweringwomen #ilovemyjob #mybeautyaddiction #limelightbyalcone #holliewoodmua

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Hasna Haidar
hasnahaidar added a look via the mobile app

You wouldn’t be the first to get a serious case of YouTube-envy when watching a beauty, fashion or lifestyle vlogger.

If your envy is turning into a strong desire to get some of that YouTube pie for yourself, don’t forget these top tips on how to become a successful vlogger: 

1. Be consistent: Audiences are comforted by consistency, including the way you edit your videos, the type of music you use, the day and how often you post, the focus of your videos, and your overall message. 

2. Look into the camera: Keep your audience’s attention and make them feel like you’re talking directly to them by looking into the camera lens (and not at the screen).

3. Think about your setting: Keep a clean background with no distractions (and no messy room) so your audience is fully focused on you. Having a soft-focus background works great for this. 

4. Be positive: People love to come back to vloggers that make them feel good about themselves. Your content and what you have to say are key for this, but mentally staying positive and having a positive vibe also gives an instant thumbs-up in the hearts of audiences. 

5. Plan your script: Think about what you have to say, write it down if you need to, and stick to it. Feel free to edit as much as you need to, particularly if you find yourself going off on a tangent. 

6. Keep going!: Stay true to yourself while taking on constructive criticism and it won’t matter if one of your videos doesn’t do as well as the others or if you get trollish, negative comments.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

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Rachel Cadman
rachelcadman1992 added a look via the mobile app

Black Friday just keeps getting BIGGER and this year here at Shopcade, we've got some serious discounted treats in store for you from brands like Topshop, PrettyLittleThing, House of Fraser & much much more!

If you're brave enough (which let's be honest, if you can face H&M x Balmain, you can face anything) to hunt the sales down this Cyber Weekend, let us lend a hand with our Black Friday top tips...

1. Set 10 alarms, then 4 more on top of that.

2. Get all your tabs open, we're talking Google Chrome, Safari and Explorer. Grab your phones, laptops, tablets, literally whatever you can shop on to avoid getting stuck in virtual queue's and web crashes.

3. Create your wishlist, like, NOW. Try to whittle down your products before the big day, there's nothing worse than having shopping bag sweats on the big day.

4. If you're braving the stores, stay aware. Nobody is your friend this weekend, grab what you can and take no prisoners.

5. If you don't get everything you want on Friday, don't fear! You can rebuild your reputation on Cyber Monday.

6. If the site you're on does crash...DO-NOT-REFRESH! Hold tight on the page and don't panic.

7. Make sure your purse is close by, don't be that person ripping up the house looking for your bank card whilst your cat sits there and judges you.

8. Store goers - Use.those.elbows.

9. Double check your emails for confirmation - There's nothing worse than realising your order hasn't actually processed...

10. Gloat about your purchases on every social channel you have, because lets be honest, you deserve it.


Photo Credit: Pinterest

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Shannon Jennings
shannonjennings added a look via the mobile app

It’s the weekend and time to spice up your look for the last month of summer! So how could you not try this summer’s hottest look: the wet hair style! 

Perfect for a night out where making a statement is essential, drawing attention to your make-up and giving maximum definition to your facial structure! 

To complete this look you will need a strong hold hair gel, a brush, fine-tooth comb, and a strong/maximum control hairspray! 

Step 1: Place the gel starting from the tip of your hairline making sure all baby hairs are carefully swept back; this gives the perfect gloss finish!

Step 2: Comb the hair back to mid-crown. Do not place any product in the lower half of the hair. 

Step 3: Spray the hair with hair spray holding the look! What I like to call, coat one! 

Step 4: Taking another three fingers of hair gel, rub into your hands (until warm) place on hair, comb back and spray the hairspray until you feel like you can dance without your hair dancing too! 

Step 5: Enjoy your weekend while looking Hair HOT!

Photo Credit: Pinterest 
Video Credit: E! Entertainment

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