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Nainika Agrawal
nainikaagrawal added a look via the mobile app

In all the post-breakup advice articles on the internet, rebounds get a very bad rap. But today, we decided to ask ourselves—are they really all that bad? Don't get us wrong, we still think that jumping into a serious relationship immediately after getting out of a previous one is a bad idea.

But how bad could a casual fling be? It can give you an ego boost at a time when you're feeling not-so-great about yourself (especially if you're the one who got dumped), and can provide some fun to get you out of the dumps. It can be a good distraction, and is definitely better than moping around at home and bingeing on too much chocolate ice cream and crying over your ex's social media! 

However, there are some things you should keep in mind when it comes to casual post-breakup flings to avoid things getting messy. 

Make sure the person doesn't know your ex 
If you end up having a fling with someone your ex knows, the news is bound to get to them sometime or the other, and this could lead to an ugly and awkward situation! 

Ensure the person isn't a douchebag 
After a breakup, you're particularly emotionally vulnerable, which makes it easy to get taken advantage of. So, if you've heard bad things about the person you're having a fling with, be careful. 

Don't get emotionally involved 
It's easy to mistake sexual attention for emotional attention when you're vulnerable after a breakup, but consciously remind yourself that this is just a fling, and to not get attached. Make sure you tell the person you're not looking for anything serious It's important to be on the same page as the person, so make sure they know you've just gotten out of a relationship and aren't looking to get serious. 

Resist the temptation to tell your ex about it 
It can be very tempting to casually tell your ex that you're having a fling just to spite them, but take the high road and avoid this. Just enjoy your fling and forget about your ex! 

If you follow these pointers, there's no reason a casual little fling could do you any harm. In fact, it can help reduce the initial sadness and move on more easily. So go on, go bar-hopping with your girls and find a cool person to have a fling with! We've even got an edit below of the perfect dresses for you to wear.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

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