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Lily Niu
lilyniu added a look via the mobile app

Not sure if your close-knit group of gal pals are doing you more harm than good? Read on for 5 signs that you may need to get out there and make new friends! 

1) Is there a clear leader in your circle of friends? Or to put it differently, is there someone particularly outspoken and oftentimes overbearing who you're either too exhausted or too nervous to contradict? Within a group of friends, there'll always be someone with a stronger personality than that of everyone else - but that doesn't mean they should encroach upon others' thought processes or comfort zones!

2) Do your BFFs take telling white lies to an extreme? Do you suspect they're taking the piss without meaning to just to spare your feelings? While you don't necessarily need them to agree in unison when you proclaim you look "horrendous", they're hardly being helpful if you've got a breakout not dissimilar to an angry rash or wearing harem trousers two sizes too big for you. 

3) Is there an element of distrust or a divide within your group of BFFs that has led to numerous two-faced exchanges? There's no easy way to extricate yourself from a situation in which politics and full-on bitching have dominated the everyday happenings within a social circle. However, the good news is you can always begin distancing yourself from the instigators slowly enough for them to get used to you not being around! 

4) Are your girlfriends all super chill when you're hanging out one-on-one but become ultra judgemental when assembled? Ain't nobody got time for that. 

5) Even if you get along well with one another and have had some good times, do you find yourself forgoing your better judgement to keep up with the group? If you've been overspending on clothes, booze, eating out, ubers and whatnot and no-one else seems to show any desire to slow down whatsoever, you may need some friends to Netflix and chill with [platonically...or not]. 

Photo Credit: Mean Girls
Video Credit: viva

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