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Lea Petermeijer
lea added a look via the mobile app

The warm weather seems to have settled in for good and everyone knows that nothing makes the heat more bearable than ice cream! That’s why we went ahead and made you a list of London’s best places for them. So whether you’re looking for traditional gelato, strange flavours, or even vegan ice cream, you’ll know exactly where to go.

Most authentic
This is one of our favourite places, and judging by the huge queue that’s always standing outside of it, we’d say we’re not the only ones thinking so. Nardulli serves traditional flavours of Italian gelato made the old-fashioned way with such a creamy texture that you won’t regret queueing for them one bit.

Weirdest flavour 
if you’re looking for unusual flavours, this is the place for you. Try parmesan sorbet, caramelised onion, or avocado if you’re feeling truly adventurous or go for a safer yet just as original option like pain au chocolat and cherry coke! If you’re lucky there might even be some freshly baked brioche buns that you can fill your exciting scoops with!

Best cookie ice cream sandwiches
This little van park at Maltby Street Market every weekend sells flavour combinations based on four types of cookies and five flavours of ice cream. If you’re stuck ordering, we recommend the salted toffee ice cream sandwiched between two white choc pretzel cookies and rolled in crushed pretzel bits… simply delicious!

Best macaron ice cream sandwiches
These Instagram worthy macaron ice cream sandwiches come in a ton of flavours but they’re especially known for their Southeast Asian inspired ones like black sesame and matcha!

Best Vegan
All recipes and ingredients are dairy, egg, nut and gluten free and without an animal product in sight so you can indulge completely guilt-free!! And just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, they have all sorts of delicious toppings including about ten different varieties of free sprinkles!

Most Innovative
If you’re looking for the latest invention in ice cream, we have you covered. Pear Tree Cafe just started selling black ice cream made from coconut ash. And don’t worry, its intensely rich coconut flavour is no where near as strange as you’d expect it to be.

For Soft Serve Lovers
Try Soft Serve Society’s ice cream once and we guarantee it’ll become your go-to. We love the way they pair simple flavours (like matcha and tiramisu) with super cool toppings like mikados, oreo crumbles, candy floss, or even popcorn! You may not want to go back to normal ice cream ever again after trying this though…

Nitrogen ice cream
You might have heard of the new technique that consists of freezing ice cream using liquid nitrogen, and we’ll admit that even we were a little skeptical of it at first but the results are truly amazing (and strangely creamy!). Chin-Chin Labs offers simple flavours with a few weekly specials, and we promise they won’t disappoint.

Late Night
Everyone loves a post dinner ice cream trip, and Gelupo is the perfect place for that! This authentic Italian gelateria stays open till midnight and its constant queue just speaks for itself.

Photo Credits: Instagram.

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Rosiliis Heinsoo
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Lulu Jockison
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Oreo Nail Design

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Margarita Mizaraite
Nails look gorgeous!
katie ellis
katieellis13 added a look via the mobile app

Oreo box from my BFF. #oreo #box #bff #yum #cute #biscuit

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Sousou Hendi
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