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Thiara Collorec
thiaracollorec added a look via the mobile app

À la fois DJ, architecte, artiste et designer, Virgil Abloh vient tout juste d'être nommé à la tête des collections homme de Louis Vuitton. En une dizaine d'années seulement, le fondateur du label Off-White est passé de styliste de Kanye West à directeur artistique de l'un des plus grands noms du luxe de la planète. Mais pourquoi lui ? 

Il est multitâche : pur produit de sa génération, Virgil Abloh cumule les jobs créatifs et enchaîne des collaborations exclusives. De Nike à Ikea, en passant par Le Bon Marché et Takashi Murakami, il est partout. 

Il sait s'entourer : Depuis la création d'Off-White en 2013, Virgil Abloh s’est constitué un véritable gang : de tops comme Bella Hadid, Kaia Gerber, Hailey Baldwin et Naomi Campbell, le créateur Demna Gvasalia, des artistes comme Takashi Murakami. Sans oublier Kanye West, bien sûr. 

Il mise sur le logo : les pièces les plus desirables de Off-White ? celles signées Off-White, naturellement. La marque- phénomène melange street et couture, renforçant son image à l'aide d'un logo assumé et immédiatement reconnaissable. 

Il maitrise les réseaux sociaux : les réseaux sociaux ayant joué un rôle indéniable dans l’ascension fulgurante du label, très prisé par les Millenials. Off-White comptabilise plus de 2,6 million d’abonnés sur Instagram, et son fondateur 1,4 million sur son compte personnel. 

Il sait créer le désir : en plus de ses nombreuses collaborations, Virgil Abloh n'oublie pas le pouvoir des editions ultra-limitées. Comme la collection "For All", une ligne à prix tout doux composée de deux pièces essentielles : le t-shirt et le sweat à capuche Off-White. 

Si vous aussi pour êtes sous le charme, découvrez notre sélection et shoppez vos essentiels Off-White

Crédit Photo : Pinterest 
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Sirina Lebreton
sirinalebreton added a look via the mobile app

Le 18 septembre Donatella Versace a présenté sa collection pour le printemps été 2017 à Londres. La designer a dédié cette nouvelle collection pour Versace Versus aux jeunes couples dit les “Millenials”.

Allant jusqu'au moindre detail, Donatella a invité le couple le plus hot du moment, Gigi Hadid et Zayn Malik, à prendre place au premier rang. Et oui, Gigi et Zayn représentent la marque à la perfection: ils sont edgy, cool et connectés. 

En ce qui concerne les vêtements, l'inspiration était définitivement au style uniforme. Des vestes khaki, des manteaux en nylon, les petites robes noires, vestes de motards… 
C’est l’uniforme des jeunes cools ! 

À savoir aussi, Donatella a demandé à des étudiants de la prestigieuse école Central Saint Martin de contribuer à cette collection. Place aux jeunes talents et à la mode plus accessible ! 

Retrouvez ci-dessus le défilé Versace Versus!

Crédit Photo: Pinterest 
Crédit Vidéo: Bayoucool2

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Chloe Laws
chloelaws added a look via the mobile app

Social media, it gets a bad rep. Sometimes justly so. We've all been inundated with statistics about how selfies are making us more narcissistic. For example, it has been found that the more times you change your profile picture, the more narcissistic you are. Ohio State University conducted a study which found that men who posted more photos of themselves scored higher in measures of psychopathy and narcissism. 

This correlation was less prominent when looking at women, which I'd argue is because a lot of women who take selfies see it as an empowering act. The old tale of women's attractiveness only being palatable to society if they don't see it themselves- if you accept a compliment, you're conceited, if you disagree then you're ungrateful, if you compliment yourself then you're vain. A lot of millennial women see taking selfies as a way to own their beauty and as a way to tell the world that it's ok to love yourself. That doesn't make you a narcissist, it just means you know your worth and aren't afraid to be open about it. 

Rawhide, a nonprofit organisation found that: more people died from taking selfies in 2015 than from shark attacks, 1,000 selfies are posted on Instagram every 10 seconds, 74% of all images on Snapchat are selfies, that there are 93 million selfies shared each day and that 19 out of 20 teens have taken a selfie. 

What do all these statistics have in common? It seems like they're hinting at something but can't quite find a point that links all these facts together. The shark statistic for example, isn't really that surprising seeing as room fresheners, chairs and christmas trees also kill more people annually than sharks do. Selfies ain't special in that case. 

As for the other stats, all they're showing is that people like taking selfies, particularly young adults. Personally, I'm rather surprised that only 19 out of 20 teenagers have taken a selfie, not 20 out of 20. I mean that statistic isn't asking how many people have shared a selfie, just if you've taken one- which let's be honest, we all have. Even if it just sits in our gallery collecting dust. The study also found that selfies "allow people to present an ideal image of themselves". No sh*t sherlock. That isn't exclusive to selfies, humans do this in every area of their lives. 

Dr. David Veale stated that "two out of three of all the patients who come to see me with Body Dysmorphic Disorder since the rise of camera phones have a compulsion to repeatedly take and post selfies on social media". This as a fact may be true, but I'm not sure the correlation is so direct- could it not be that teenagers are the group who suffer from BDD the most, and are also the group who use social media the most frequently? Yes unrealistic images on social media do have a negative effect on confidence but, surely, the fact these patients are uploading selfies shows that they still have some confidence intact? 

Pennsylvania, Southern California and Yale University conducted a study that concluded "people who took photographs reported higher levels of enjoyment in the activity". This debunks the myth that if you take photographs of, say, a concert, that you're not enjoying it, when actually taking a photograph may be a consequence of enjoyment. Wanting to share with the world what an amazing time you're having may be the reason we take photos (shocking, I know), rather than the idea that it's all a ploy to keep up a social media facade. 

The problem with all the aforementioned research is that they are treating social media as a separate entity, or an influence. When in reality it isn't separate from human beings- it is an extension of us, a product of us and a modern vehicle where we express our humanity. 

Social media can made us happy, and it can make us sad, but it isn't usually the cause, rather a tool. For example, social media can be an extremely negative place for people with eating disorders, as they can find damaging forums promoting anorexia, but social media isn't the cause of this it's the people who create the forums. 

Social media, and in turn, selfies, aren't the problem. People are. Society is. Social media has increased accessibility and globalisation of information, but it can't be blamed for the content that has been globalised. We curate it, social media just provides a platform to share it on. 

Photo Credit: Harper's Bazaar

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Chloe Laws
chloelaws added a look via the mobile app

Women don't need children to have a fulfilled life, women are not obligated nor are they completed by motherhood. Yes it's a wonderful pursuit for some, but not for all and people really need to understand this. First off, we're going to list all the things you should never, ever, say to a woman who doesn't want kids. Also, brace yourselves for the incoming tide of sarcasm...

1. "You'll change your mind". 

This is the most annoying thing ever, because A) We have our own minds, we know them better than you do, so please don't tell us what we're thinking. B) We probably won't change our f*cking minds. C) If we do, then that's our choice and nothing to do with you. To reiterate, don't tell someone what they want, they know better than you do. Capiche?

2. "But you'd have beautiful children".

Fab, that's a solid reason to have kids then isn't it? Who cares if you'd be a competent mother, the only thing that matters is that your children would be good looking. Looks are absolutely everything, didn't you know?!

3. "Isn't that really selfish?".

Nah not really, you know what is selfish? Having children you don't want and then being a crappy parent. 

4. "Won't you regret this when you're older?".

More and more women are deciding not to have children, or waiting longer. Millennial women know the challenges they're going to face and have reprioritised. If a woman wants to focus on her career and not have children she's "less of a woman". If a man focuses on his career instead of having children he's driven and ambitious. Misogyny is, ironically, the biggest ball ache. 

5. "Don't you like kids?".

Not wanting children and not liking children aren't synonymous. It is about lifestyle and aspirations, it has nothing to do with the likability of kids. 

Now we've got that out the way, let's get into the more serious stuff. The Urban Institute found that birth rates among 20-something women have declined 15% between 2007 and 2012. The US Census Bureau found that 47.6% of women ages 15 to 44 were childless, which is the highest it's been since they began recording in 1976. 

This is a choice women are making more frequently, and arguably it's sensible. Kids aren't always financially feasible, there are fears of passing down mental/physical illnesses, the world is incredibly overpopulated, pregnancy sucks, and they may not fit into our lifestyles. Sometimes women have goals that don't include motherhood, imagine that, shock horror...

In reference to the latter paragraph, women shouldn't have to give a reason. It is our choice, our life and our bodies. It isn't selfish not to have children, and don't feel guilty that other women may not have that choice because of fertility issues. It is unimaginably horrible and unfair that some women don't have the choice, but if you do, then it's better to make the right decision for your life and not bring a life into this world just because society tells you to. 

If you ever feel shamed over your choice, just think about all the amazing women who haven't had children and don't want them. Cameron Diaz for example, who said "I have an unbelievable life. In some ways I have the life that I have because I don't have children, it's just a different choice". Or Oprah Winfrey, "If I had kids, my kids would hate me...They would have ended up on the equivalent of the Oprah show talking about me; because something in my life would have had to suffer and it would've probably been them". Or the brilliant way Zooey Deschanel responded to "Is having children on your priority list?", to which she replied "I'm not going to answer that question. I'm not mad at your for asking that question, but I've said it before: I don't think people ask men those questions". Gotta admire her coherency and calmness, not sure I would have been so composed...

In summary, it's your womb, so it's your choice. 

Photo Credit: Tumblr 
Video Credit: TheEllenShow YouTube

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Chloe Laws
chloelaws added a look via the mobile app

The Quarter Life Crisis, a term coined a few years ago to describe the low point that millennials feel in the time period between their mid twenties and thirties. The years that cause us to scream "Where am I going and WTF is the point?". It's a turbulent, transitioning and generally pretty crap time. 

According to science, like the studies conducted by Dr Oliver Robinson at the University of Greenwich, there are 4 main phases of the QLC. Firstly you feel "locked" to a job or relationship, or both. Secondly, you begin feeling a growing sense that change is possible. Thirdly, you embark on a period of rebuilding your life. Finally, you begin to cement those new commitments. 

Science is all well and good, but personally those 4 stages sound far too clean-cut and objective. So we've come up with our own tell-tale signs. If these apply to you, then you probably are having a QLC:

1. You've moved 7 times in the last 4 year, and have had just as many boyfriends. Permanence is a myth in your life right now, and the thought of committing to anything for longer than 3 months fills you with dread but is also the main thing you pine over. 

2. You're not sure whether to class yourself as an adult or a twenty-something. Or if being a twenty-something means you are, in fact, an adult. Britney's "I'm not a girl, not yet a woman" lyric has never been more applicable.

3. You have a constant internal monologue that weighs up the pros and cons of your life choices. Do you travel and 'find yourself' or start climbing the career ladder? Also, how can you do either of those things when you're broke and under qualified? Sh*t. 

4. You get unfathomably upset when you don't get asked for ID. Gone are the days when you'd be pissed off that the bouncer questioned you (and your fake ID), now you practically beg. 

5. You have a lot of short-lived spurts of inspiration. You'll decide one week that you're going to write a novel, get up at 5am every morning for 7 days and write before work. The next week you spiral and decide that none of it is worth it and you may as well spend your free time sleeping. 

6. You are extremely jealous of everyone who isn't the same age as you. You don't look at babies with fondness anymore, nay, you look at they with distain. Why? Because they don't realise how easy they've got it. Also, you wish, every morning before work, that you were your cat. 

7. You don't know how taxes work, but you do them anyway. You also realise that most of your income goes on food and alcohol. Which, btw, you can no longer metabolise at the same rate nor handle. Hangovers are now a 3 day affair. 

Do these sound familiar? If they do, don't worry you're not alone. A large majority of the Y generation are in the same boat. We're the generation who seemingly have success and fortune at our fingertips (thanks, Mark Zuckerberg) yet have been given zero guidance or instruction about how to obtain it. The old format of success that our parents followed no longer applies, because the most successful people in our generation are YouTube beauty gurus and tech geniuses who create dating apps. Life for millennials who are reaching for success is like a chipmunk trying to become President of the USA. Although, to be fair, if Trump can be in the running a chipmunk sounds like the more sane option. 

Thus far this all looks bleak. But there are positives. Firstly, we're all in it together. Secondly, the definition of 'success' has changed. Our parents saw 'getting on the property ladder' as an important milestone, but for us, that isn't feasible. So rather than feeling like failures because we can't afford a house and don't have a pension, we should realise that it's bloody tough out there and we're doing our best. We're creating new formats to find success through- because the old ones don't work anymore.

Keep going, a Quarter Life Crisis is somewhat inevitable but you'll come out the other side a better person. Why? Because although the QLC isn't a fun experience it does mean that you're seriously reconsidering certain life choices and reevaluating what's important to you. It's good to be selfish occasionally, especially when it comes to what we want from life/relationships/work.

If all else fails, there is always wine. 

Photo Credit: Pinterest

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