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Lina Psaila
linapsaila added a look via the mobile app

Maca's popularity has exploded the past few years. Despite being revered for its medicinal properties for years the maca root is taking over the health community as the latest superfood. Many influencers are adding it to their morning brew for an extra boost of energy and stamina. 

The maca plant is a type of vegetable so powerful that it's sometimes referred to as Peruvian ginseng. It looks very similar to radishes and turnips with green tops and roots. Usually, the yummy tasting root is available in powder after being harvested. It has natural healing properties and has been consumed for years in the Andes as a safe superfood. The maca root powder is high in protein carbs and rich in a number of nutrient including vitamin C, copper and iron. It can also help the body adapt to external stressors like a busy schedule or illness. 


It has many health benefits mainly because it's rich in antioxidants meaning it can neutralise harmful free radicals fighting off disease and preventing damage to cells including ageing. 


A regular maca intake can improve energy, mood and memory. People that have been implementing it in their routine admit that they feel more awake, energized and driven to take on the day without the shakiness of a strong coffee. 


Many women suffer from estrogen imbalance levels including bloating irregular menstrual periods and mood swings. Maca, can control the amount of estrogen in the body and also can relieve the symptoms of menopause. Start with one tablespoon of maca powder daily and increase it up to two or three tablespoons throughout the day. You'll notice an increase in energy so it's best to take it before exercising or starting a demanding day. If you're already researching for the best maca powder, don't worry we have rounded them up all for you. 

IMAGE CREDITS: Instagram Follow us on Instagram #e4af0a">HERE for bite size style inspo! 

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