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Lily Niu
lilyniu added a look via the mobile app

Feel like jumping on the "New Year, New You" bandwagon but just can't bring yourself to leave the couch? Just like how flipping through Cosmo doesn't count as reading a book (magazines are NOT books), holding your hair wand overhead for long-lasting curls does not count as a genuine arm workout

On the upside, Netflix addicts can rejoice in these low-impact exercises that can be done in front of the TV -  which will undoubtedly ease you into healthier habits ;)

1) Side planks - Lying on your side with super straight legs, keep your body propped up with your forearm so that you've a diagonal view of the TV. With your free hand resting on your hip, hold the post for 1 minute, then repeat!

2) Sit ups - A good ol' fashioned exercise that'll set you on the path to washboard abs.

3) Yoga: Baby Cobra Pose - Lying on your front with your hands flat on the ground (keep your fingertips in line with your boobs), press your hands and feet into the floor with your upper body lifted. Keeping your elbows inwards, hold this pose for 10 seconds.

4) Leg raises - Lie flat on your back, keep your hands at your sides and thrust those pins straight up in the air. Lower them slowly repeat at least 10 times...

5) Yoga: Mountain Pose - Standing upright with both feet together and keep your shoulders relaxed with your body weight evenly distributed. Taking a big deep breath, slowly raise your hands overhead, palms facing inward and reach for the sky!

Scroll right to WATCH Emily Skye show you a beginner's home workout and shop below for lazy girl workout attire!

Photo Credit: Pinterest
Video Credit: Emily Skye

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