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Lina Psaila
linapsaila added a look via the mobile app

Summer is the time of bare skin exposed to the warm rays of sunshine that can be amazing for our mood (as we produce more serotonin - a mood-boosting hormone) but also very harsh for our skin and hair. Summer skincare is an entirely different chapter in beauty than our normal everyday beauty routine during winter. Excessive sun exposure can cause anything from pigmentation to skin dehydration, sunburn and premature ageing, but not with a proper summer skincare routine.

Here's what you'll need:

You wouldn't necessarily associate dry skin with summer but that's a myth. Sweating, in particular, can cause our skin pores to open up and that's when the toner is really helpful. Use your favourite toner after you've cleaned your skin thoroughly to help close the pores. Don't forget to moisturise and follow these simple basic steps every day to avoid premature ageing and wrinkles. 

Although it's important to cleanse the skin during the summer months it's not advisable to scrub it, especially after long-term sun exposure. Scraping off the dead layer of skin may leave you with a brighter complexion but it can also make your skin more sensitive to the sun. If you still want to exfoliate, try limiting it to two times a week and make sure you moisturise after. Because of extra sweat-clogged pores can end up in pimples so keep up with your exfoliating and splash your face with water 3-4 times per day. 

An oil-free and fragrance-free cream day cream with SPF 30 would be ideal for summer. Thick creams are only good for dry areas of the body like the feet, knees and elbows. For summer you need a lighter lotion and serum. You should apply a minimum SPF of 30 at least 20-30 minutes before sun exposure. If you have oily prone skin (you still have to wear an SPF!) try a gel-based sunscreen. If you have a mixed or dry skin try a sunscreen with a matte finish. 

If you want just a bit of coverage you can sport a CC Cream in addition to your SPF. Most of the CC's include a SPF and are also colour-correcting, act as a lightweight makeup, and hydrate the skin. But their SPF is sometimes as little as 15 so ALWAYS wear it on top of your normal face sunscreen.

Chlorine from the swimming pool and sea water in combination with sun exposure can severely dehydrate and damage the skin. This season think about investing in a hydrating mask and we swear it will feel just like splashing your face into the water after taking that first summer dip.

Night cream is a tad excessive during the summer months, just like that sweater you packed and never worn on your holidays- you just don't need it. You don't necessarily need it in humid conditions. But due to sun exposure and dry environments (especially with air-conditioning) you should aim for a lightweight night cream or serum depending on your skin type. 

The sun rays are most harmful between 12 and 4 pm. It's important to wear a pair of UV-protected sunnies and an eye cream for extra sun protection. Chapped lips are common during the summer months as well so make sure you carry an extra lip balm with sun protection and coconut oil for extra moisturising in your bag. If the sun really hurts your eyes sit down in the shade and apply potato juice or peeled potatoes underneath your eyes for a super soothing effect. 

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Nainika Agrawal
nainikaagrawal added a look via the mobile app

An easiest way to quickly change the way you look and feel is by changing your hair, because isn't life too short for boring hairdo? Like always, our major inspiration are our b-town divas and they have dictated beauty trends to us yet again! This time around, they have showed us five different hairstyles we should be trying this fall. Trust us, they aren't very time consuming. 

Loose fishtail braid 
Messy has never looked this sexy! Take inspiration from Deepika and wear a loose, messy fishtail braid to work today. They look best when worn on everything crochet -- from dresses to crop tops. 

Middle part 
If you're the kind who doesn't like messy and wants to make a bold style statement, chances are you're going to want to wear the middle part all day every day! Use some gel or setting spray in your hair and wear this look with an embellished dress and you're almost red carpet ready! 

Side braids + bun 
Sonam perfectly embodies an ideal Indian woman in this look with a classy sari and perfectly done hairdo! When it's too much to let your hair down in this humid weather, tie a messy bun and let loose strands of hair which can then be neatly tired into braids on the sides for a traditional yet chic look. This look is best worn with a sari! 

Beach-y Waves  
Dresse tom-boy like but still want to retain some femininity? Best way to do so is by wearing your hair in waves and sporting the look with distressed denims and a crop top. Take a cue from our fave diva, Sonakshi Sinha. 

Curly + Half bun
We always save the best for the last! If you're a fan of bombers and denims, then you know already that curly hair looks best with it. It's time to get adventurous and pull out our tongs to try some cozy curls tomorrow morning just like Prachi!

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani, Instagram

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Chloe Laws
chloelaws added a look via the mobile app

No-one wants a Monica from friends situation (if you know, you know). For you curly haired beauties anti-frizz products are a little harder, because often they just help you straighten your hair rather than actually de-frizzing. 

But you CAN have your cake and eat it. It is possible to keep your defined curls during the humid months. 

How I hear you ask? Well, a new bread of hairspray has hit the market that not only sets your hair but nourishes it. Celebrate, and say goodbye to poodle puff. Hallelujah!

Shop the edit below for the products you'll need to fight the frizz...

Photo credit: For Love And Lemons

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Hasna Haidar
hasnahaidar added a look via the mobile app

The weather can wreak havoc with our hair, with hot and humid summers turning our hair puffy and frizzy and dry and harsh winters giving us those annoying flyways and static cling. 

The good news is, the right hair product can do wonders for our hair, whether that’s using a deep conditioner to combat rainy day frizz, or a natural hair oil to reduce cold weather static.

We’ve picked out our favourite products from The Body Shop for combating our hair crises in any weather. Shop our picks below!

Photo Credit: Pinterest

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Lily Niu
lilyniu added a look via the mobile app

Is it hot? Is it cold? Nope, it's annoyingly neither. The repetition behind E-40's "Choices" may have alluded us mere mortals but now, we think of his words as lyrical genius. 

To nail muggy day dressing, look no further than our carefully thought out edits below! Short of consulting with a meteorologist and fashion personality Louise Roe, you won't find more stylish or practical muggy weather anywhere else!

Shop below for comfortable, hazy day looks...

Photo Credit: Pinterest

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Sophie Ioannidou
great color comb and the skirt-pants are timeless chic
Poppy Lenaa
poppylenaa added a look via the mobile app


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Jaleeyhia Jay
Poppy Lenaa
#topshop #chocolatemilk #milkshake
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