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Lily Niu
lilyniu added a look via the mobile app

Bored at work and in desperate need of a mental pick-me-up? From tips on determining your level of Facebook stalking to plenty of celebrity news (think Orlando Bloom's big paddle boarding reveal), Shopcade is here to amuse and inspire you - wherever you may be! 

If that happens to be at work, here are ways you can work smarter, not harder at getting away with browsing NSFW content without getting fired...

1) Do it on your phone, duh.  If you're in an environment where you're able to pretend reading an urgent message from a loved one (this works particularly well if you have children) or shove in a pair of earphones to appear like you're FaceTiming an ageing relative, you're all good to go!

2) Work in an office? Here are some keyboard shortcuts for hiding tabs and windows (assuming you've joined the rest of the world in using Chrome)...

PC - Close current tab (Ctrl + w or Ctrl + F4) Minimise current window (Alt + Space + n)
Mac - Close current tab or pop-up (Cmd + w) Minimise window (Cmd + Shift + w)

3) Can't get onto Facebook or any other site that's even remotely interesting? If your workplace has blocked access to all your favourite sites, check out Hide My Ass Proxy to reclaim the web!

4) Need to erase all traces of having wasted your employer's precious time and resources? Use Incognito Mode on Chrome - Ctrl + Shift + n on PC or Cmd + Shift + n on Mac! Depending on how sneaky your employer is (heh heh), they might have installed software on company computers/laptops to monitor your activity...in which case you're better off making an excuse to go outside and check your phone!

5) If you're convinced no-one in the office will have thought to install spyware on your computer, be assured that the majority of sites are now "https://" vs "http://" The "S" stands for "secure", which means your employer can't see what it is you've done/looked at/searched for on that particular site.

7) Perhaps the most important rule of all when browsing NSFW videos or posts at work is to maintain a neutral or serious facial expression at all times. This may be hard if you're staring at yet another Kardashian nude selfie, watching a video of cats flushing toilets, or scrolling through memes on Twitter but ultimately, what's more satisfying to you: getting away with being paid to kill time or being caught out by the boss man/lady? (Rhetorical.) 

8) If you're going to misbehave, make sure you misbehave with confidence. Like everyone between the ages of 12-18 knows, when being caught out, showing no surprise whatsoever can actually work in your favour. Acting like you're doing nothing wrong can potentially disarm your supervisor and convince them you're just doing what you were supposed to all along.

Photo Credit: Tumblr

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Navin Kumar
This post will cost the post brexit economy a lot of money :-(
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