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Lina Psaila
linapsaila added a look via the mobile app

So you have made plans with your newly discovered beau and it's tonight. It's enough dealing with the butterflies that come with meeting and spending time with him there's no reason why you should add more pressure to yourself when selecting an outfit. All you need is to think about a few guidelines that might make that selection a lot easier. 

Reflect Your Individual Style 

When opting for your outfit just think of what would work for you on a normal basis. You more than anyone else know your attributes. Your job is to simply detect them and accentuate them. 

Go For Tights 

Leggings and tights in general have this amazing capacity to make you look more slender, they define an elongated silhouette while at the same time they can be very flattering and keep you warm at the same time. That being said, you shouldn't go for anything too revealing either that might send the wrong message about who you really are. 

Don't Do Baggy 

Baggy clothes are a great way of showing off your individuality but they also give off the vibe you rather chill in your slacks at home then spend time with your date. At least show that you're invested. Of course a few might argue that if you don a pair of the baggiest clothes with a tight top the end result might be very appealing. Leandra Medine won the heart of her than ex boyfriend and current husband with a pair of harem pants. So in the end go with your gut and your individual style. 

Head to our gallery for more inspiration and shop our team's favourite first date styles from our edit below! 

IMAGE CREDIT: Instagram, ELLE.com

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Payal Shah
payalshah14 added a look via the mobile app

It's so easy to overthink your first date - what to wear, what to talk about, where to go - basically any and every minute detail that can impact how the date goes. But of course that (and a few other things) are not really a good idea. Here's what else you probably should be mindful of - 

a) Talking more than listening 
If you really want to get to know someone, you have to be able to listen in silence without making things about yourself. If you do all the talking, they might just feel like you're a little self-centred, and nobody wants a second date with that! 

b) Not asking interesting questions 
This may seem obvious, but dig a little deeper with us. The generic spiel of "what do you do" can get dull very quickly, and doesn't really make for memorable conversation. Add to that question by asking where they got the passion for their work, and where they see the industry going in the future. 

c) Being overly mocking 
They say that the best way to get along with someone is to make jokes about them, but there's a limit to the same. Be mindful to not mock everything around you; you don't want to come off mean. Be mindful to take the jokes on yourself just as much as you dish them out to others! 

d) Dress like someone you are not 
Like we said, it's easy to overthink the perfect first date outfit. It might even lead you to go outside your own, and end up in an outfit that makes you feel uncomfortable, and something which isn't really you. So as it goes for the other stuff, remember to dress like yourself too!

Photo Credit: Pinterest

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Payal Shah
payalshah14 added a look via the mobile app

Asking someone out on a first date can be difficult. Though coffee or dinner is a safe choice, it may not always make an impact. If you really want to have a memorable experience with someone, we believe that you should to think of unique and fun things for both of you to do together! Maybe even something neither of you has done before. We've come up with some ideas for you to take inspiration from, so settle in, folks! 

a) Go to an arcade: 
They say that if you feel an adrenaline or pheromone rush while doing an activity with someone, you feel more positively toward them after. And what's more fun than arcade games? Start up a little air hockey contest between the two of you, and maybe that friendly competition can lead to something more! 

b) Go for a comedy show: 
This one's for the shy kids out there. If you take your time to open up and start making conversation, perhaps something uplifting like a comedy show could break the tension a little bit. Share some killer laughs with your date, and maybe there will be a second! 

c) Have a listening party: 
A date doesn't always have to be a showy affair, you can keep things laid back and easygoing too. Pick out an album by your favourite musician for the other to listen to, and just hang out and listen to them together! Get some pizza, discuss your thoughts on the music, and make some good vibes happen for you. This is a foolproof way to ease into getting to know someone, we're sure of it! 

d) Have a three course meal (but at three different restaurants): 
If you are more of a classic date kinda person, but want to add some change to the primordial dinner date, then this one is for you. You can shake things up by picking three different places to eat at! Know a great kebab place? Grab your appetizer there. Feelin' that new pizza place? Split a few slices as your main. Dying to try some new toppings on your frozen yogurt? Top off your night with some killer sweet treats. This way you can try some new places, and get to satiate multiple cravings in one shot!

Photo Credit: Pinterest

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Chloe Laws
chloelaws added a look via the mobile app

First dates are stressful. Especially blind first dates. Or internet/dating app first dates. What to wear, where to meet, what to order, whether to kiss or not. But these aren't the only things you should be worrying about- there are a lot of first date red flags that you should watch out for. Escaping out the bathroom window isn't just something that happens in rom-coms, sometimes it's something you may actually have to do. 

Red Flags Pre-Date 

1. He's "off the grid" 

If someone tells you they don't have social media, or have really really private profiles, then hate to break it to you, but they're probably not single. Also it's just really f*cking rude to not have public social for your potential date and her friends to stalk. How else are we meant to find out everything about you before we even meet? I'm kidding (but not really). 

2. He opens with a d*ck pic. 

Pretty sure everyone knows this red flag, and wouldn't even respond let alone set up a date, but just incase, let me break it down. He's after one thing, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, not everyone dates to meet the love of their life, but pal at least be subtle. 

3. He's SUPER keen. 

Being keen/excited for your first date is lovely and cute, but being super keen isn't. If he's needy before you've even gone on a first date then that's a serious red flag. Run a mile. Or do the modern equivalent of blocking his number. 

4. He flakes out a lot. 

You've planned this upcoming first date three times now. He always has to "work late" or gets a "stomach bug". This may just be a coincidence, but it probably isn't. Maybe he's broke and doesn't want to admit he can't afford drinks, or maybe he's just a f*ck boy and hoping you'll send him a nude without ever meeting. 

Red Flags During-Date 

1. They forget your name. 

If he's mixing up your name then it's probably because he's dating a number of other women. Or if he only calls you things like "hun", he ain't the one. It's one name to learn FFS. 

2. Talks about his ex all night. 

Bringing up an ex on a first day is a big no no, unless it's really vital to a funny anecdote then stay well clear of this. If he brings every conversation back to his ex then get out. He's not over her, and he's basically using you as a free therapist. 

3. Brings up how much they earn. 

He's either bragging or trying to get you to pay his half. Finance chat on a first date is way too heavy. It's basic social etiquette. 

4. Orders for you. 

This is not cute, it's creepy. On a first date there's no way someone knows what taste you have. Three years in it's a sweet gesture that shows how well they know you, three minuets in is controlling and weird. I wanted f*cking red wine not a vodka tonic. 

5. Doesn't go halves. 

This works both ways, if he absolutely won't let you pay your half it gets awkward, or if he assumes you're paying for all of it. Just go Dutch people! 

If any of these happen, your best bet is to run a mile or at least be cautious proceeding. If he sends you a d*ck pic, block/delete his number/name and shame him on Twitter. Go forth and conquer those first dates...

Photo Credit: Pinterest 
Video Credit: Dating beyond Borders 

Follow us on Instagram HERE for bite size style inspo!

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Kashlan Salma
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Nainika Agrawal
nainikaagrawal added a look via the mobile app

Online dating is so easy! All you have to do is swipe across your screen in your quest to find the right guy (or just a guy to have some fun with), and meeting up once you've exchanged a few messages. 

How much simpler could it get, right? But there are a few things to keep in mind when meeting someone from Tinder/Hinge/any other dating app for the first time to ensure that things go as well as possible.

Keep your expectations in check 
It's all well and good to feel that thrill of getting to know someone new over text messages, and exchange flirty emojis. It's quite another to meet the guy in person when you've been texting for a few weeks. 

When you've been exchanging messages with someone, you build a certain idea of the person in your head. It's natural; we all do it. And while the person might just turn out to be exactly as you'd imagined, chances are that you might find them a little...different.

So try to keep your imagination from going wild while talking to someone. The less specific your expectations of them are, the better things are likely to go. 

Safety first
When meeting someone from a dating site for the first time, always keep the date in a public place, and inform a couple of girlfriends (and, if possible, a family member) of where you'll be. It's safety 101: you don't know who the person could be. 

Also, try to avoid getting intoxicated. Stick to a coffee date, and save the drinks date for a few dates later when you know him a bit better.

Dress comfortably 
This is a rule that applies for any first date, whether it's with a guy you met on Tinder or in person. 

Dressing comfortably allows you to feel confident and at ease. You don't need a skirt that doesn't let you breathe because it's so tight—the feeling of first date nerves is enough breathlessness for the moment! 

So, whether it's a simple t-shirt and jeans or a bodycon dress, wear whatever makes you feel most like yourself! 

Remember to enjoy
This one might sound obvious, but a lot of women tend to get so hung up on "Could he be the one?!" that they forget to do what a date is meant for—to have fun!

Photo Credit: Mario Testino, Vogue, tumblr

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Rachel Cadman
rachelcadman1992 added a look via the mobile app

Gone are the basic days of MSN snaking, replaced with Tinder swipes & TubeCrush stalking! If you're lucky enough to find a potential soul mate, we have the Shopcade Do's & Dont's of dating...

1. Don't do granny pants. Unless you have the charm of Bridget Jones, which i'm guessing you don't, leave them untouched in your draw for about 50 years. They're not cute and they're not sexy - but they do show MAJOR VPL.

2. Do throw him a compliment or two. A major misconception is that this makes you look desperate. Wrong! It makes you look confident & interested!

3. Don't check your phone. There's nothing more annoying and rude than sitting on your phone on a date; it makes you look ignorant and totally boring. Zzzzzzzzz...

4. Do at least offer to pay your half of the bill. Before you start raising those fleek eyebrows of yours, we said OFFER - not insist. By offering, you look independent and non golddigger-ish (is that a word?!). Insisting may make him feel 'Less of a man'. 

5. Don't talk about yourself the whole time. Unless you have stories as crazy as Johnny Depp saving a Kangeroo from punching a T-rex, obvs. No-one wants to know everything right away, leave a bit of mystery for the next date! Keep him guessing.

6. Do give him eye contact. This is actually where the attraction starts! A scientific experiment once proved that two people can fall in love by sitting opposite each other and rapidly revealing 20 facts about themselves, before staring into each other eyes for 4 minutes. 70% of those who took part 'fell in love' and 40% of those duos actually got married! 

7. Don't go to the cinema on a first date. Not even the back row will save you in this one! You spend the whole time in darkness with no eye contact and no conversation. What a way to start a fairy tale...not. 

8. Do be positive. He doesn't want to hear that your goldfish died choking on a piece of seaweed and he certainly doesn't want to hear about all your past relationship problems...best save that for Ben & Jerry.

9. Don't turn up looking like you're a contestant in RuPaul's Drag Race. Yeah we love RuPaul BUT come on; a nice dewy semi-natural look is perfect for a date. You want to show off your best self and not your best contour.

10. Do be genuine! Be yourself, if you're high maintenance, that's totes fine - but let him know what he's letting himself in for! If you're a bit dorky, own it! If you are shy don't worry about it, put it all out there, there's nothing worse than someone who is a completely different person after they've 'got you'.

Ps. Footsy isn't cute, it's just a bit creepy. 

So now we've set you on the straight & narrow. We give you our best first date picks for the top 3 occasions...

Photo Credit: Instagram

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Rachel Cadman
@evan glad you find it amusing haha
Evan Adelman
hahaha - "Johnny Depp saving a Kangeroo from punching a T-rex"
Shukri Abdi
Amanda P
amandapichel added a look via the mobile app

First dates can be scary, but you never know when you're gonna meet someone amazing! It's always good to perfect your look for a first date, because you only get one chance to make a first impression! 

Check out some of my favorite striped pieces, not too revealing, but still flattering, and of course, stylish. We've picked out different outfits for different scenarios on your first date! Whether you're headed to a nice dinner, a movie date, or meeting up for happy hour, find the perfect date outfit here!

Photo Credit: Pinterest

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Hasna Haidar
hasnahaidar added a look via the mobile app

If you’re stuck for ideas on what to do for Valentine’s Day, our 10 romantic ideas below might help!

1. Reenact your first date: Turn back the clock and remind each other how it all started by reenacting your first date. 

2. Get the adrenaline flowing: A great precursor to ending up in the bedroom, doing something active and exciting with your S.O. is a great way to get the blood pumping. 

3. Couple’s spa: Book a couple’s massage and spend the day pampering yourselves and giving each other some much-needed TLC. 

4. Organise an at-home spa day: You’ll need scented candles, massage oil and towels- enough said!

5. Book a weekend away: Valentine’s Day falls on a Sunday this year, so why not book a weekend away so you can give each other your full attention?

6. Organise a treasure hunt: Show your other half how much they mean to you by organising a treasure hunt that hits all the places in your relationship that are special to you.

7. Book a hotel: If you can’t go away for the Valentine’s weekend, you can still get away from daily life by booking a night at a nice hotel. 

8. Make a dinner reservation: Pick somewhere fancier than your usual spot and really dress up for the occasion.

9. Go to a show or concert: If you have a shared love for the arts, why not go to a concert, comedy gig, movie or theatre show? Spend a little extra on the seats to make it feel special.

10: Make dinner together: There’s nothing more romantic than creating a candlelit dinner at home, and helping each other prepare your Valentine’s meal.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

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