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Lina Psaila
linapsaila added a look via the mobile app

Get ready to embrace your inner cowgirl this season, one of the hottest trends this Fall. This Western-based trend has been around since last season but this Fall it's even more interesting as it's including winter items like shearling leather and denim coats, denim rhinestone jackets and dare we say cowboy boots? 

The fashion girls are also in one the western trend. Take Kendal Jenner for example. She went for a very cowgirl themed look on Calvin Klein’s Spring 2018 runway, where Raf Simons took the Easy-Rider era Dennis Hopper for a very explicit inspiration. Jenner buttoned up a very sleek vintage silk shirt conveying an undeniable Americana vibe. Her top was piped at the pockets and embellished with sparkly sequins morphing a flower motif. Her high-waisted faded jeans were done in a straight fit leg reminiscent of 90s mom jeans. She topped the look off with a pair of equally scrumptiously 90s pointy black leather boots - that were equal parts elegant and witchcraft prone. Overall a perfect way to add cowgirl details to an otherwise muted outfit for emphasis.

The best way to incorporate this look with your current wardrobe is by following Kendall's example and opt for subtle embellishments instead of a head-to-toe cowgirl costume. There are many options to blend this trend with items already hanging in your closet: Go for a rhinestone denim jacket, a pair of studded flared trousers, a pointed-toe modified cowboy boot, a bandana around your neck or wrist, a large heavy belt over a floral maxi dress, and you'll instantly get that cowgirl Americana edge. Just don't sport them all at once unless you're still not over Halloween! 

Browse through our gallery for more Western cowgirl inspiration and shop all your favourite looks from our exclusive edit below!

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Alya Barutoğlu
alyabarutoglu added a look via the mobile app

Since when I was a little girl my obsession for mary jane shoes hasn't faded away. There is nothing more girly and flirty than mary-jane flats or heels. It just makes you feel extra special when you wear them. We all can never forget Carri Bradshaw's encounter with the vintage Manolo Blahnik Mary-Jane pumps! I recently had the same excitement in a vintage shop only to find out the size was too small. But thankfully I've seen some new shoe collections with mary-janes like Miu-Miu and Prada!

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Payal Shah
payalshah14 added a look via the mobile app

Looking to bring your inner badass out to play? Well, here's a thought — try on a leather jacket! These babies are a staple for transitional weather such as the type we have now, and can be worn with many different types of outfits as well! 

But the leather jacket can also be a little intimidating sometimes, so here's three styling tips for you to get started on your road to becoming a baddie! 

1) Don't be afraid to go all-out grunge: 
Leather jackets have a tendency to make any outfit look more grungy, which can cause us to pair the jacket with otherwise basic pieces. But don't be scared of the alternative aesthetic, it's one of the most liberating out there! Pair your leather jacket with a faded oversized tee, some ripped jeans, and sneakers, and there you have a chill outfit that can be worn almost anywhere. 

2) Make it feminine sometimes: 
Though typically associated with dark and smoky vibes, this is not the only way in which you can wear a leather jacket. They also look extremely chic over cute lacey dresses and heels! Mixing in something unexpected with your jacket can take the edge off and make your look more feminine. However, try and opt for a cropped design, so that the dress is not overpowered. 

3) Bring on the summer vibes: 
Though not commonly seen, leather jackets and shorts make a killer combo! Pull out your leather jacket on a breezy but sunny day, and pair it with a fitted tank top and shorts for an effortlessly cool outfit. Don't forget to bring out your favourite sunglasses to go with it! 

Photo Credit: WhoWhatWear, Pinterest 

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Chloe Laws
chloelaws added a look via the mobile app

After the success of Yeezy Season 3 everyone had high hopes for his AW16 show, however those in attendance were left disappointed after the show dominated their day (one of the busiest days of the year for the industry). The show was postponed by an hour, guests had to take an hour and a half bus ride to the venue, and there was no shade despite the heat. 

The collection wasn't a breath of fresh air, more like deja vu. Oversized hoodies, parkas, sports bra esqu tops, knit tank dresses all in pale, muted colours worn with the same boots we've seen for the last 4 Yeezy seasons. Don't get us wrong, it's a good look, and flattering. But it's what we've seen the Kardashian girls wear a hundred times. He's a designer, that means having a definitive style which incorporates and leads the new season's trends. Yes it's a wearable collection, and very Instagramable, but it would fit in more on the rails of American Apparel than on the catwalk. 

The biggest controversy wasn't the clothes, it was the crew's treatment of the models. When models fainted due to the heat (some were wearing black hoodies) they received no medical attention or help from staff. Some of the shoes fitted so badly that the models hobbled, and in some cases, took them off, like Amina Blue, Tyga's ex.

There were highlights, mainly in the form of Teyana Taylor who is the star of Kanye's new music video faded. But all in all, it was a sh*t show. Do better, Ye, we know you can.

Photo Credit: fashionista.com, Instagram, Twitter.
Video Credit: Complex News

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Nainika Agrawal
nainikaagrawal added a look via the mobile app

Baar Baar Dekho is finally hitting screens this weekend, and we can't wait! 

In the the meantime, here are all the latest looks Kat and Sid have sported while travelling around promoting their new film. 

Sid's been sporting a mix of smart casual looks (we love that he's done all the colours there are, from black to navy to military green to faded denim), and some hella dapper suits. 

As for Kat, she sure knows how to give us fashion lovers some variety! She's shown a lot of diversity in her outfits recently—a cute boho maxi, a grey formal co-ord set and another totally casual bottle green one, a maxi top, a floral midi dress, an LBD, and a beautiful white maxi dress. 

We definitely can't pick one, because she looked amazing in 'em all! 

Wanna shop these looks for yourself? Scroll down and browse our edits below.

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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Sirina Lebreton
sirinalebreton added a look via the mobile app

La cérémonie annuelle des MTV Video Music Awards (VMA) a eu lieu dimanche dernier. Si vous n’avez pas eu la force de rester éveillé pour la regarder, voici tout les moments forts qu'il ne fallait pas rater ! 

1-Les grands gagnants

Ou plutôt la grande gagnante ! Beyoncé a remporté pas moins de huit récompenses! 

Découvrez la listes les gagnants des VMA cette année: 

 • Vidéo de l’année : Formation de Beyonce
 • Meilleure vidéo d’artiste féminine : Hold up de Beyonce 
 • Meilleure vidéo d’un artiste masculin : This Is What You Came For de Calvin Harris et Rihanna 
 • Meilleure vidéo pop : Formation de Beyonce 
 • Meilleure vidéo hip-hop : Hotline Bling de Drake 
 • Meilleure vidéo rock : Heathens de Twenty One Pilots 
 • Meilleure collaboration : Work from Home ft Ty Dolla $ign pour Fifth Harmony 
 • Meilleure chorégraphie : Formation de Beyonce 
 • Meilleur nouvel artiste : DNCE 
 • Meilleure réalisation : Formation de Beyonce 
 • Meilleure direction artistique : Black Star de David Bowie
 • Meilleur montage : Formation de Beyonce 
 • Meilleure vidéo format long : Lemonade de Beyonce 
 • Meilleure photographie : Formation de Beyonce 
 • Meilleur effets visuels : Up&Up de Coldplay 
 • Meilleure vidéo dance : How Deep is your love de Calvin Harris & Disciples
 • Michael Jackson Award : Rihanna 

 2-Rihanna et Drake 

 C’est le rappeur Drake qui a décerné le Michael Jackson Award (la récompense du mérite) à Rihanna cette année. On le sait depuis bien des années, il y a une forte complicité entre les deux artistes et dimanche lorsque Drake a présenté le prix, il s’est lâché. 

Il a déclaré sa flamme à Riri en expliquant: "Elle a su rester elle-même [...] C'est la même fille de la Barbade, entourée des mêmes amis, qui parle avec le même accent", avant de lâcher la bombe de la soirée : "C'est quelqu'un dont je suis amoureux depuis mes 22 ans. C'est l'une de mes meilleures amies au monde, toute ma vie je l'ai admirée - même si elle est plus jeune que moi. C'est une légende vivante”. 

Très émue, Rihanna l’a pris dans ses bras, ce qui a évidement rendu la foule hystérique. Le flop c’est que Drake s’attendait à un bisou de sa chérie alors que Rihanna a préféré opté pour un câlin amical... Et oui même les rappeurs se prennent de gros râteaux ! Pauvre Drake..

3-Kanye West 

On le sait bien, Kanye West n’a pas sa langue dans sa poche… Dès qu’il a une opportunité de faire parler de lui, il le fait. Souvenez vous du moment où il avait retiré la récompense des mains de Taylor Swift ou l’année dernière quand il a annoncé sa candidature pour les élections présidentielles. 

Cette année lorsqu’il a présenté son nouveau clip “Faded”, il est (encore une fois) revenu sur  sur son dernier clip Famous et sa polémique avec Taylor Swift, visiblement il ne s’en remet pas.

4- Les looks du red carpet 

Cette année on a vu des looks très surprenants sur le red carpet !

 -La chevelure de Cassie
Elle a débarqué avec des cheveux jaunes fluos, jugez par vous-même, mais nous, on n'est pas vraiment fan du style stabilo… 
-La robe de Kim K
Avec une robe super courte et moulante, on ne change pas les bonnes habitudes chez les Kardashian !

 Accompagnée par sa fille Blue Ivy, le duo mère/fille a fait des ravages ! 

 -Le retour de Britney 
La diva est revenue parmi nous, avec une robe au décolleté plus que plongeant, rien n'est jamais too much pour Britney.
-La combi de Haley Baldwin 
Ultra sexy et vraiment réussit. On approuve !
 -Le look no makeup d'Alicia Keys
 Elle était resplendissante comme toujours.

Faites défiler la galerie pour découvrir les moments forts des VMAs et les looks les plus marquants ! 

 Crédit Photo: Pinterest 
 Crédit Vidéos: MTV 
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Chloe Laws
chloelaws added a look via the mobile app

Notting Hill Carnival is having its 50th anniversary this Bank Holiday weekend, which means one thing- it'll be bigger then ever! Carnival is a lot of fun, a celebration of London's diverse cultures and a time where we all come together. However, with 2 million people attending every year, it pays off to be in the know and organised. 

1. When is it on?

Carnival starts on Sunday the 28th of August (known as 'children's day') and continues into Monday the 29th of August. 

2. Where is it?

If you can't tell by the name, Notting Hill. It spreads through W10 from Notting Hill, Ladbroke Grove and Westbourne Park. 

3. Transport

Transport to Carnival is tricky, so pay close attention. Notting Hill Gate is exit only from 11am-7pm, so arriving isn't difficult but getting home can be. Royal Oak is exist only from 11am-6pm, and closed after 6pm on Monday. Westbourne Park is exit only from 11am-6pm. Bayswater and Paddington operate normally, but are a little further away. Other stations nearby at High Street Kensington, Holland Park, Queen's Park, Kensal Rise, Kensal Park and Shepherd's Bush. 

There are no buses entering the Carnival area from Sunday until Tuesday morning, but the operate from Prince of Wales on Harrow Road and beyond. 

4. Which day should I go to?

Sunday starts off a little more relaxed, with the Jouvert procession happening early from 6am until 9am. If you have children this is the best day to go to, but don't be fooled, the carnival still gets very rowdy so if that isn't suitable for you then leave in the early evening. 

Monday is the main day, with the main parade moving slowly around the area. This is the full-on party day, so be prepared for a little chaos but a lot of fun! 

5. Money

As to be expected with such a massive horde of people, crime happens. So try not to carry a load of cash on you, or atlas keep it safe. That being said, the cash machines run out very quickly, so be prepared so you're not stranded. Or worse, sober. 

6. Food

Carnival food is incredible, with a plethora of Caribbean stools. There are veggie options around, so don't worry if you're not a meat eater.

7. Is it dangerous? 

Every year there are stories of crime, but really it isn't that dangerous. With 2 million people there will be some crime, but the police patrol the area very well and the crime rate is generally very low. Just be street wise, don't take valuables, keep your phone/money/cameras in a bag that isn't accessible and stay with friends. This is the biggest tip, don't lose the people you came with- as you probably won't find them again. The signal is bad, and there are so many people that it's a nightmare if you split up from the group. To be safe, arrange a designated meeting point with your friends!

8. Is it super crowded?

Yup, it's extremely crowded. And rowdy. And fun. If you get anxious or claustrophobic, there are areas that are less busy- or arrive earlier when it's less crowded. 

9. What do I wear?

Something bright and fun. We've got you covered for this, scroll down and shop our ultimate carnival edit...

10. Pre and after parties

There are loads, like Boombox Carnival special at The Horse and groom on Saturday, Faded at Coronet on Monday , the Shoreditch Carnival after party at Canvas on Sunday. If there's one thing you won't need to worry about, it's partying.  

Photo Credit: Pinterest, David Tett.
Video Credit: MOOFBulleh

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Amanda P
amandapichel added a look via the mobile app

Actress Julianne Hough recently invited photographers into her Hollywood Hills home to view her divine backyard makeover. 

She transformed it into a perfect place for entertaining, with an outside dining set, space to move around, and a comfortable seating area by a fireplace. 

Get inspired for your own backyard parties with these pieces! Get Julianne's home's natural feel by finding pieces in rustic materials and colors, like faded colors, wood and wicker, and copper metal accents.

Photo Credit: InStyle

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Karishma Rajani
karishmarajani added a look via the mobile app

If you're looking for a new way to do denim on denim, pull out that button down denim maxi pronto! 

Sonakshi Sinha paired hers with the classic faded jeans + white tee combo. Don't miss out on the choker! 

This is as rad as airport style can get, and we're totally on board. 

P.S. Browse through our edit to ace her look.

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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Hasna Haidar
hasnahaidar added a look via the mobile app

No longer does hosiery invoke images of not-quite-nude tights, wrong-shade-of-brown stockings and faded-black knee-highs. 

Hosiery took on new life in 2015 and it's about to get even bigger this season with versatile new designs and styles ruling both the catwalk and the high-street. 

There’s plenty of choice when it comes to your hosiery style decisions, whether you opt for thigh-high stockings paired with a short enough dress to show just a hint of leg, a pair of fishnets with exaggerated cutouts, or embroidered, patterned and textured tights that become the centre of your outfit.

Whatever you opt for, there's plenty to choose from in our edit below!
Photo Credit: Pinterest

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Hariti Chhatwal
haritichhatwal added a look via the mobile app

Airportstyle is a HUGE deal now and the Bollywood stars can't seem to get enough of it. But did they get it right this week? Let's discuss: 

Who : Alia Bhatt 
What : With multiple impeccable looks, Alia has sealed her position as this generation's style icon And this look is just another testament to that. The rust jacket + ripped denims + white brogues = HOT HOT HOT! 

Who : Shilpa Shetty 
What : Shilpa's look is an ode to the faded jean trend–that's huge right now. Her big bag might be too in-your-face, but definitely on-trend. 

Who : Katrina Kaif 
What : Even though we hate her (because, Ranbir!), Katrina's back-to-school look is kinda-sorta our favourite airport style look of the day. She's definitely giving us a style lesson on how to incorporate multiple trends—checks, statement t-shirt and denim—all at once. 

Who : Akshay Kumar 
What : All black and sporty, the Singh Is Bling actor's funky trainers might be a miss, but his strong personality definitely isn't! 

Don't agree with us? sound off in comments below!

Photo Credit: Viral Biyani

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Jivitesh Mazumdar
jiviteshmazumdar added a look via the mobile app

We asked model/actor and serial Instagrammer Tushar Khanna to document FOUR outfits that would pretty much define his entire week. These are also looks that are classic MOD (model off-duty) and definitely be a hit with the ladies! Here's a breakdown of the looks: 

Look #1: Wear a classic button down with a T-shirt and faded denims (to make it less formal). Don't forget to add classic aviators to channel your inner Tom Cruise (circa Top Gun) 

Look #2: Denim-on-denim is one of the biggest trends this summer. Tushar likes to wear his denim vest-meet-hoody combo with a black cut-out T-shirt (for ventilation obviously) and faded denims! Military dog tags as accessories are optional. 

Look #3: Got a formal meeting to attend and are not very fond of blazers? Just wear a biker jacket inspired sweatshirt that is kinda formal, kinda fun! Add Aviators and faded denims finish off the look! 

Look #4: This is one of those looks that would get your Mom screaming, 'Put some clothes on, kid!. But thankfully YOU are an adult and can wear this look to public places. We at Shopcade, call this the gym-to-grocery shopping ensemble. Pair your favourite vest with faded denims (Tushar's favourite) and aviator sunglasses. Cheeky expressions optional!

Get Shopping!!

Photo Credit: Tushar Khanna

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