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Emily Beeson
emilylavinia added a look via the mobile app

Louisa Drake is a force to be reckoned with. A fitness expert, business founder and a serious source of lifestyle inspo, Louisa recently launched LDM, a fitness and lifestyle brand built on the principles of her own inclusive training method and her no-nonsense approach to health and wellness.   

We caught up with her to find out more about LDM, her motivations and of course, her style both in and out of the studio…   

So how does your method work? How can LDM sessions influence your lifestyle?  

At LDM we focus on body confidence and effective training techniques that educate clients on what their individual bodies need. My Method offers a host of fitness disciplines – cardio, conditioning, resistance and stretch – to keep the mind and body guessing and strengthen the muscles you use daily.   

Our whole approach is to encourage confidence, so the Fitzrovia and Muswell Hill studios are a welcoming space where our instructors will calmly guide you through a class, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and well worked, but never worked up and stressed.  

Who can take part in LDM classes?  

LDM classes are accessible to anyone, regardless of their experience, fitness level, shape or size. We have two boutique studios in London, where you can access small group classes and private training daily. We also have LDM online video subscriptions and range of fitness equipment and apparel for taking part at home.  

What inspired you to launch LDM – tell us about your journey...   

After a professional dance career I started to transition into teaching dance and fitness. I was known for my unique style and had several disciplines under my belt but I realised there was something lacking from the workouts I was doing as a client at other gyms and studios.  

I saw a gap for doing things my way and created LDM. After combining the best bits of popular disciples such as yoga, HIIT, Pilates to name just a few I created my signature total body workout that ticks all the boxes in one session – the Shape Changer, the perfect balance of cardio and conditioning material.   

Next month we celebrate our first birthday at our Fitzrovia studio which offers a range of LDM classes that are constantly being fine tuned to suit our clients’ needs.  

What does the word ‘wellness’ mean to you?  

Wellness really sums up being at your optimal best physically and mentally. For me it’s about finding the right balance – time to focus on my changing needs, to honour my own rhythms and have the energy to achieve everything I need.  

What motivates you to get out of bed in the morning?

My clients. Most mornings I’m either up early teaching group classes or I’m with a private client. The occasion I have a morning free, I’ll top up on sleep or schedule some time for myself on the mat.  

How important do you think physical health is to how happy and confident we feel?

Massively important. It should be the main reason you choose to work out and aesthetics are the bonus. The natural high we get from exercise is what keeps you committed.  

What about fashion and style – can what we wear make us happy?  

Absolutely, wearing something that helps you feel happy will be the reason your posture improves which will then be part of the reason your confidence improves and you carry yourself differently. You can express yourself through fashion and your own unique take on it. 

What are your feel-good outfits for work, the weekend and going out?  

I spend a lot of time in activewear and when I'm working out and training clients it’s all about supportive, feel-good fabrics. I select a sweat-wicking product that’s going to work hard for me when I’m back to back and versatile items that mean after a quick change I’m ready to go from studio to meeting.   

When I’m off-duty it’s a mix of denim, fun prints, slogan tees and a vintage feel is always present in my style. For going out I add some standout accessories, switch a trainer for shoe and opt for a dress or cool jumpsuit.  

What about your favourite brands?

Activewear brands such as Sweaty Betty, Lululemon, Lucas Hugh, Nike and Adidas keep me supported and stylish. For tees and sweaters I like British brand Double Trouble Gang – we collaborated on some limited edition LDM sweaters & hoodies. I also love brands such as Etre Cecile and Sezane for an injection of fun prints and slogan pieces.   

Free People, Reformation, ADAY, Faithfull the brand, Ganni and the Vampire’s Wife are labels I gravitate towards. I have some great jackets from Zoe Karssen, Whistles and Acne and my accessories are a mix of high street, vintage and investment pieces from Hill and Friends, Sezane, Laura Lee and Missoma.  

I’m often in trainers by Adidas, Nike and APL and I’m currently loving the Stella McCartney x Adidas Parley shoes made from recycled ocean plastics – they work for all cardio based workouts. Veja make eco-friendly Parisian cool trainers that I like for off-duty and I also like Russell & Bromley, Birkenstock, Soludos, Hobbs and Miu Miu.  

What’s next for you and for LDM? 

Plans are underway to open a bigger standalone LDM studio in London where clients can still benefit from small boutique group fitness and private training with more space and amenities. We have some exciting opportunities in the pipeline and I’m working hard to build up our online LDM video offerings, so we are accessible not just in London but anywhere and at anytime. Watch this space…  

Want to steal Louisa’s effortlessly cool style? Shop her edit below…  

Follow us on INSTAGRAM for more style and shopping inspiration.  

Follow Louisa on INSTAGRAM and follow LDM on INSTAGRAM.


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Charlotte Bailly
charlottebailly added a look via the mobile app

L'été touche presque à sa fin, et que vous soyez partie en vacances ou pas, ce qu'on fait, c'est un joli teint halé. Peur de dévoiler des gambettes si blanches qu'elles réfléchissent la lumière ? Un auto-bronzant sur lequel on peut compter est un atout de taille dans notre salle de bain.

Qui ne laisse pas de trace, sans parfum et surtout, qui nous rendra CANON sur Instagram : voila les critères essentiels de l’auto-bronzant de nos rêves.

Oubliez les crèmes grasses et à paillettes de votre jeunesse : on trouve maintenant sur le marché des auto-bronzants à utiliser chez soi qui font des miracles.

Le tout est de surtout bien exfolier la peau avant l'application (l’étape rasage doit être faite 24h avant), de commencer par le visage puis d’étaler sur le corps jusqu’aux pieds. Et on hydrate les jours suivants !

Retrouvez notre sélection des meilleurs autobronzants en bas de la page.

Crédit Photo: Pinterest
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Alya Barutoğlu
alyabarutoglu added a look via the mobile app

First soya, then almond, then coconut and now moon milk! How could’ve we know that there were this many alternatives to our regular milk! Moon milk is the latest insta trend that is taking over our feed. This health-food is believed to benefit your sleep cycle. With many recipes, this milk is a mixture of spices and fruits. But the best part is, it is Instagram perfect with its delicious colours! #moonmilk #milk #trend #health #superfood

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Lina Psaila
linapsaila added a look via the mobile app

The beauty industry offers up new products every day and increasingly, we’re seeing a trend for personalization. We’re now able to add boosters to existing products, custom mix our own foundation and day cream, fill out questionnaires about our lifestyle, or receive tailored recommendations according to our individual needs. 

Even if you don't buy into filling out questionnaires or opt for DNA testing for your skin, you at least need to test a product before deciding whether it’s the best choice for you.  

So how can you personalize your beauty routine? Well, there are a few ways to make a start… 

Get a beauty box subscription 

If you don’t fancy scouring the stores for a range of  different beauty products to try, you can simply subscribe to a monthly beauty box service. There are plenty to choose from and you can opt for plans that last three, six or even 12 months. 

See an expert 

Once you’ve found brands and products you love with the help of a subscription box, hit up the professionals that work for and with those products. Book in to see a skincare expert and make-up artists who know the products inside out and get their advice on what’s right for you. 

Use an app 

Tech is blowing up the beauty industry and there are already a ton of apps that make it easy to figure out which products are right for you. Search the app store and download anything from foundation shade simulators to skin scanners. 

Benefit from a beauty routine that is designed for you by you without splashing your cash and discover our selection of the best affordable beauty subscription boxes now in the exclusive edit below... 

Follow us on INSTAGRAM for more beauty inspiration. 


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Chloe Laws
chloelaws added a look via the mobile app

Brows, they have transformed from the least important facial feature to the main focus in the last few years. Brows can frame your face, but be careful, depending on your face shape you may need to go for a different brow. When reshaping your brows, make sure not to over pluck. 

For oval faces 

Oval face shapes suit most looks, but a classic well balanced brow is best. Go for a soft angle, with a slight arch. Because an oval face is already well balanced, you don't need a strong brow to frame. 

For heart-shaped faces 

Sorry heart shaped ladies, but the bushy brow trend donned by the likes of Cara Delevingne and Emilia Calrke isn't for you. Your small jaw means that you want to emphasise the upper half of your face, therefore a well groomed brow is a must for you. Thin brows are never cute, but overgrown ones aren't for you either- you need to find the perfect balance. 

For long faces

Most brow experts will tell you that the brow should end parallel to the corner of your eye, which is true for every other face shape, but not for you long ladies. You want to extend your features horizontally because naturally they are vertically stretched. Therefore, extend the brow past the corner of your eye, and go for for a flatter eyebrow shape. 

For square faces

Your strong jawline should be matched by a strong brow. The stronger the jaw, the greater the angle. Angelina Jolie is a good woman to look to for inspiration, her brows make her features (even more) striking. 

For round faces 

In order to counteract the roundness of your face, you want your brows to give your face more definition. Thus, an angled brow, with a higher arch is best suited to you! 

For diamond-shaped faces 

You gals want to go for a soft, curved brow because your temple is the widest part of your face and you don't want to accentuate that by having an angular shape. With all this brow knowledge, you can now go forth and conquer the eyebrow game. 


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Lina Psaila
linapsaila added a look via the mobile app

t's the ultimate superfood, so we have rounded up all the benefits for optimum health and beauty. Starting from the Maori community in New Zealand because of its great anti-bacterial and healing properties with celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow and Scarlett Johannson are big fans. Produced in New Zealand by bees that pollinate the Manuka bush, Manuka honey is viewed as one the most beneficial forms of honey. 

According to the experts to reap those Manuka honey benefits. you should take a dose of around 1-2 tablespoons per day and the easiest way to do that is straight from the jar. Pour it in your tea, or breakfast toast or yoghurt and see the benefits. 


Energy Booster 

Raw Manuka honey is your go-to food when you feel you need a bit of a kick to start your day or are feeling tired. 

Sore Throat 

Take a spoonful neat with warm water and lemon juice or just with warm water, when taken at the onset of a sore throat it can really help with prevention.

Improves Digestion 

Manuka helps with improving the health of your gut and diminishing bloating. It contains a natural pre-biotic which is amazing for the balance of the gut's good bacteria. 


Manuka honey's healing properties and second to none making it a great all-around superfood. It has anti-viral properties and can be used to boost the immune system, help fight illness and improve skin conditions, soothes a sore throat and can be externally used on cuts wounds and ulcers. 


There are numerous of brands using Manuka in their recipe because of the well-known healing properties. It's the perfect ingredient for curing acne and skin infections while it's also a great natural moisturiser that improves the skin's hydration. You can find many creams from sheet masks, to anti-cellulite lotions and face oils that employ Manuka honey for our benefit! Head to our expert edit and shop all of your favourite Manuka Honey products now.


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Lina Psaila
linapsaila added a look via the mobile app

As temperatures rise and days become longer we crave a little more time outdoors - and that includes our workout routine. Thankfully for our mood and budget most classes from yoga, to Zumba, pilates even martial arts can be taught in an open-air park. 

Working out outdoors has amazing health benefits both physical but also mental that arise from spending time in nature. So whether you want to shed a few pounds, get toned then there or simply want to feel more healthy and happy, (Exercise releases all of those serotonins - the happy hormones after all!) there's definitely a class for you in the park. 

Discover your tribe and sign up for an open-air fitness class now! 

The Runner 

You may be a die-hard running fan. You like exercising outdoors exploring new sceneries and meeting new people whilst enjoying the exercise. 

Bouncing Bunny 

You prioritise any aerobic activity over anything else. You enjoy running too but you want the element of fun into it. You indulge in Zumba, typical aerobics classes, hula hoops, trampoline classes even a hip-hop class. 

The Static 

You enjoy working each muscle group at your own pace and you want a sense of slight rhythm to it without sweating your entire fluid intake on your mat. Exercise for you is also a time to reflect on your day meditate and relax. You will mostly benefit from yoga, pilates, barre and meditation. 

The Combat Heroine 

You want to seriously improve your overall fitness levels, get ripped and meet friends while doing it. Which is why you've signed up for boxing classes but HIIT and a innovative capoeira could also be your thing. Did you find your tribe? 

Time to shop all of your fitness essentials from our expert edit below and hit your next class! 

IMAGE CREDITS: Unsplash, Instagram.

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M.J Ortega
moxbeauty added a look via the mobile app

(sin asunto)  Maria J Ortega a M hace 14 horas Detalles I think that the tints range from benefit is one of the most underrated products ever.  A lot of tints in the market are just for blush and lips, but they have shades for highlight and bronzer too and the formula is very smooth on the skin. As a lover of more natural makeup, I love this kind of products because they can look amazing even on bare skin.  Photo credit: @benefitbeauty on twitter  #beauty #makeup #benefit #look

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shopcade-us added a look via the mobile app

You know the scenario: You scroll down the feed on your Insta account lusting over a variety of over the top impeccably designed and styled outfits. In most cases, those outfits rely on a mix of high street and designers items that are well are not quite within your reach. This week this is about to change! You can find one of our fave influencers Kristy Wu's absolute must-haves on sale from YOOX! The Australian girl with the minimal sense of style started her blog in 2013 and channelled her inner appetite for effortless elegance. A die-hard fan of the monochrome movement you'll rarely catch Kristy in anything other than black and white creations with the odd grey or denim item, making the cut. 

You'll see her sporting a black leather Gucci handbag many Viktor&Rolf white tops and blouses, Helmut Lang tops, and Armani Jeans

In other words, she encompasses the quintessential essence of classic, hassle-free style. In 2016, Kristy was named the official style ambassador for the grand opening of Melbourne's shopping district and she was selected as one of the four faces of the official Melbourne Fashion Week, a year later. 

One of her favourite retailers is YOOX, and this week you get a chance to indulge in a real Wish Come True sale including Kristy's lust-haves up that you can find up to 25%off! You can also benefit from an extra 15% off treat, on one-of-a-kind-items. YOOX is known after all for its infinite selection of products ranging from clothing to accessories and capsule collections offered exclusively on the online retailer. 

Ready to update your wardrobe with designer items on a budget? Then scroll down below and shop your favourite styles now! Hurry sales end soon! 

In partnership with YOOX.


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Lina Psaila
linapsaila added a look via the mobile app

This week, our Influencer Focus is dedicated to influencer Sandra Diola. If there's anything new to know about beauty, the South Floridian model will have featured it on her Instagram account. Whether it's a lip tint, chunky jewellery, enriching hair products or highlighters you can find them on @sandradrifter. Her understated wardrobe is another reason why we scroll through the platform including a mix of designers like Ganni from YOOX or streamlined items by COS. We caught up with the busy Influencer and aspiring Graphic Designer to talk about style, wellness essentials, designing her boyfriend's album cover. 

What compelled you to start your own Instagram account? 

I'm from the Philippines, so after moving to Florida, I started my Instagram account because I wanted to be more connected and present. Which is funny actually, because we end up not being as present with social media. 

What do you enjoy most about the creative process? 

I enjoy changes in direction and having to invent something new. There’s this feeling of happiness in the middle of a shoot when I know I'm in the zone creatively. It makes me feel even more excited to see the outcome. 

What are the challenges and also the benefits of being an influencer? 

I guess the challenge would probably be staying true to myself. This means working with brands that align with my ethos, the ones I truly love and want to promote. Especially the smaller ones. I guess the benefit would be allowing these smaller brands to be more visible. Another benefit would be having the platform to talk about real things that matter to me, issues that transcend the beautifully styled imagery. 

What are your non-negotiables regarding your wellness routine? 

MOISTURIZE. Non-negotiable. 

How would you describe your personal style? Do you have any favourite brands? 

My style is very easy going. I enjoy wearing colourful outfits that convey elements of nostalgia, which  why I love shopping vintage. Some of my favourite designers are Cos, Orseund Iris, Urban Outfitters and I recently have fallen in love with Ganni from YOOX. I also adore Albisia for jewellery. It's a small brand from my hometown featuring products made by hand. 

Which are your staples when it comes to dressing up in the morning? 

I’m used to being out all day studying or running to castings and meetings, so I always bring a sweater or cardigan for all-day, for maximum cosiness. Plus, it adds that hygge element to my outfit. 

You're always travelling. Which one of your recent destinations was the most memorable to you and why? 

I think my most memorable destination will forever be Cuba. The city's architecture, the colours and sceneries were reminiscent of another era. I'll never forget it. 
What are you working on at the moment? What are your plans this year?

Apart from growing my work on my platform and modelling, I'm doing graphic design. My motivation is to make album covers for my boyfriend's music project, Pleasure Wars, finishing my book and more indulging in more self-care when I find the time. 

Head to our gallery for more Influencer inspiration and shop Sandra's wishlist from our edit below!


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Felicia Pennant
feliciapennant added a look via the mobile app

Stop and smell the roses when it comes to beauty. Because the romantic flower is fragrancing and boosting regenerative products, making it an obvious choice for your Valentine’s Day prep. There’s a reason why grandmothers are perceived to slather rose-scented creams on as the rose smells sweet but also has anti-ageing, hydrating and soothing qualities too, according to facialist Nichola Joss. Therefore everyone can benefit from this natural ingredient, although its scent comes through strongest via an essential oil or in a rose water. And if you’re wondering what rose hip is, it's the flower’s uplifting fruit which is prettily potent.  

So what skin dilemma are you looking to solve before your big date or hangout? If it’s dry patches on your face and body, a few daily drops of rose oil will help with that. After a rose mask primed to tone and make your skin radiant of course. A rose petal bath feels like a real luxury, so rather than destroying a bunch of actual roses, scatter Boux Avenue’s dissolvable petals instead as they release a relaxing fragrance or soak in rose bath salts. If it’s just the delicately intoxicating smell you’re after for yourself and to set the mood at home, spray a rose perfume or light a candle. 

Shop our edit of rose-infused beauty products we’d recommend. 

Image credit: Pinterest.

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Felicia Pennant
feliciapennant added a look via the mobile app

Make sure you check out our deals of the week before you make any pay-day purchases to get set for a fabulous February. You’re bound to find something you love/need for him and her; maybe a wardrobe update is in order due to the changeable weather (mild, freezing, rainy, repeat) or you’re prepping outfits for Valentine’s Day or a weekend away. And don’t forget about beauty as you’ll be able to stock up on well-known brands for less like Bare Minerals and Benefit from feelunique.com, and replace the almost finished products in your makeup bag. Race you to the checkout! 

You’ll regret not shopping the deals and our must-buys below as some offers end today. 

Route One: extra 15% off. Code: EXTRA15. 
Warehouse: 20% off everything. 
La Redoute: extra 10% off. Code: EXTRA10. 

IKRUSH: 20% off everything. Code: TREAT20. 
Misspap: 40% off everything. Code: GET40. 

Nasty Gal: 20% off everything + free next day delivery. Code: SCORE. 
Feelunique.com: Up to 20% Bare Minerals and Benefit. 
Miss Selfridge: 20% off student discount.  

Shoeaholics: Extra 20% off flats and trainers edit. Code: C20. 

Lookfantastic: 15% off. Code: LF15. 
F&F: 20% off tailoring. 
Gap: Up to 35% off. Code: SHOPGAP. 
Wallis: 20% off select styles. 
Iwantoneofthose.com: 15% off gadget box. Code: GADGET15.

Image credit: Instagram.

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