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Felicia Pennant
feliciapennant added a look via the mobile app

The fash pack are already in Milan, leaving us to look back at a joyous and optimistic London Fashion Week AW18. A hotbed for upcoming talent and world class designers who expertly balance their progressive creativity with commerciality, which is more important than ever pre-Brexit; the self-assured production of the shows and presentations (and the esteemed attendees) had almost as many talking points as the collections themselves. The blockbuster Burberry show epitomised London’s pride and diversity in the most literal way with it’s groundbreaking rainbow check, which incidentally followed on rather nicely from Nike’s viral London ad; and a colourful collection of elevated casual-wear with dazzlingly details and so many enviable accessories that were quickly snapped up post show. 

There was an overarching sense of growing up without losing that irreverent sense of British humour, most successfully at play in the show-stopping sequinned Ashish show and J.W.Anderson’s intelligently off-kilter co-ed offering. The feminist undercurrent seen at recent award shows and in the Time’s Up movement cropped up most notably at Preen by Thornton Bregazzi as their AW18 collection was inspired by haenyeo divers (google it) and in Ashley Williams’ empowered girl gang of explorers. 

 The Mayor of London Sadiq Khan may have attended Williams’ show; but Richard Quinn wins the ’best attendee award’ hands down as HRH Queen Elizabeth II attended LFW for the first time and sat front row to present him with the inaugural Queen Elizabeth II Award for British Design. It was much more of the same on the streetstyle circuit, although Chrissy Ford and Abigail Gurney-Read were lesser known names that caught our eye. All in all, as we don’t have the space to discuss everything in the detail it deserves, we’ve narrowed the week down to our favourite seven AW18 shows. These are the ones we’ll be saving up for in no particular order.  

Check out our favourite looks in the gallery above then shop our edits from the same brands below. 

Image credit: Vogue.com and Google.

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Mathilde Pain
mathildepain1 added a look via the mobile app

Alors que l’heure est au grand débat de l’entre-deux-tours, la politique se glisse dans les conversations au travail, aux déjeuners entre amis et parfois même, dans la chambre à coucher. Champ de bataille ou sujet défendu, que faire quand les opinions entre partenaires divergent et que son couple se retrouve à l’épreuve de la politique? 

Julie est en couple avec Elliot depuis un an. Elle est française, lui britannique. En juin 2016, il a voté pour la sortie du Royaume-Uni de l’Union Européenne, elle le vit comme une trahison. Émilie, 27 ans, conservatrice, est en couple depuis un an avec Colin, ultra libéral. Autant de couples aux opposés de l’échiquier politique, et la question qui nous taraude tous est : peut-on s’aimer sans partager les mêmes convictions politiques? 

Pour Émilie, c’est un grand oui. “Nous n’avons pas la même éducation, la même culture ou les mêmes opinions mais nous sommes en accord sur le désaccord. La politique n’est pas un sujet d’opposition majeur et la priorité est donnée au bien-être de notre couple”. 

Les choses n'ont pas été aussi simples du côté de Julie, profondément affectée par le vote pro Brexit de son compagnon. "Je me sentais en colère et je ne voulais pas lui parler. Nous nous sommes beaucoup disputés et je me suis souvent demandé si nous pourrions construire un futur après ça. Par la suite, au fur et à mesure des discussions, j'ai compris que la clé est le respect de l'autre et de ce qu'il croit profondément être la meilleure solution pour son pays."

Mathilde et Alexis, en couple depuis un an et demi, ne sont jamais parvenus à tomber d’accord. Aux antipodes l’une de l’autre, leurs convictions politiques représentent un fossé quasi impossible à combler. Tant bien que le couple a interdiction formelle de parler de politique après 22h, pour éviter que la chambre à coucher se transforme en terrain de guérilla. À défaut de pouvoir trouver l’unisson, ils ont élu un ennemi commun contre lequel voter au prochain tour des élections présidentielles, car comme dit l’adage, l’ennemi de mon ennemi en devient mon ami. 

Si pour vous, des opinions politiques  divergentes représentent un obstacle insurmontable, voici quelques conseils.

L’acceptation des différences 
Si l’osmose totale est un critère désiré au sein d’un couple, une entente solide repose aussi sur les différences. Nous ne sommes pas tenus d’être identiques en tous points à notre partenaire et il faut garder à l’esprit que les contradictions sont une source d’échange, de dialogue et donc de richesse pour un couple. 

Comprendre la logique de son partenaire
Il est impératif de comprendre que chez son partenaire comme chez soi, les opinions politiques sont souvent assimilées depuis l’enfance, en lien avec l’éducation et l’influence parentale. Il faut changer de regard et intégrer ces valeurs solidement encrées pour comprendre l’autre et parler son language.

Transformer les conflits en discussions 
Discuter de politique vire souvent au conflit car c’est un sujet passionné où se rejoignent philosophie et questions fondamentales. Pour éviter que ces sujets de discorde poussent à la séparation, pensez à prendre du recul. Il est tout à fait possible de construire une éthique commune sans avoir les mêmes idées. Et pourquoi pas laisser sa susceptibilité de côté et avoir recours à l’humour! Comme dit François Hollande, “En politique, il n’y a pas d’arme plus redoutable”. 

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Lea Petermeijer
lea added a look via the mobile app

The European court has controversially authorised the ban of the headscarf, taking its first official stance ever on the issue.

The ruling comes after a receptionist was fired from her three year job at the company G4S in Belgium when she started wearing a headscarf to work. The woman claimed she suffered religious discrimination and took her case to the Belgian court who referred it to the European Court of Justice.

The European court ended up ruling in the company’s favour, claiming that the firm’s decision was justified because it amended workplace rules to forbid staff “from wearing any visible signs of their political, philosophical or religious beliefs”. The court further claimed that the company did not engage in discrimination because the company policy covered “any manifestation of such beliefs without distinction”.

The ban was still heavily criticised by many religious figures, sparking quite a lot of controversy due to the recently hotly debated issue of the integration of immigrant communities in Europe. The most extreme criticisms of the ban interpreted it as Europe openly rejecting the Muslim community.

It is very important to keep in mind that the ruling should not be mistaken as a general ban of the headscarf in Europe. Far from that, the court’s decision simply states that companies have the right to implement a ban of all symbols without exceptions.

Of course, the problem is that Islam is one of the few religions in which women wear such an overt symbol at all times (whether you support that or not is another point), so the risk is that companies start using this ban solely to reject Muslim employees, which would of course contribute to the Muslim population’s isolation.

The ban must also be put into context. In France and Austria for example, it can be understood, as the countries have already forbidden wearing any religious symbols in public places, including the burqa for example. 

However, the ban would be out of place here in the UK, home to arguably the most cosmopolitan city in the world, given our strongly ingrained values or tolerance and acceptance, and our belief that everyone should be free to express their political, religious and philosophical opinions freely. It is therefore a little worrying that the ban is implemented on such a general level, given the diversity of countries in the EU, even though we probably won’t feel its affect for too long because of Brexit…

Photo Credit: Pinterest.

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Chloe Laws
chloelaws added a look via the mobile app

2016 was a pretty sh*t year, let's be honest. With Brexit and Trump happening, millennials have been disheartened like never before. Not to mention idols like Bowie and George Michael passing away. We've never been more ready for a year to end- and yes, I know that 2017 won't magically be all roses and sunshine, but it's a good excuse for a new start. Thus, here are some realistic resolutions we can all strive for in 2017...

Make Yourself Number 1 

Being kind is an amazing attribute, but you need to learn to put yourself first. You know on airplanes when they tell you to sort your own mask out first before helping others? Use that as a life motto.

Stop Doing Things & People That Hurt You 

Stop shagging that fella who treats you badly and talks about himself in the third person. Stop drinking so much that you call your ex 30 times. Stop eating chocolate for breakfast. These little things build up and are damaging- stop being bad to yourself, girl. 

Get Healthier 

Setting yourself goals like losing 2 stone, getting abs and living off kale will only set you up for failure. Rather than telling yourself you'll get "healthy", aim to get "healthier". Baby steps, people, baby steps! 

Spend More Time On Your Passions 

Everyone needs 'me' time and a passion, it keeps us sane. Love knitting? Reading? Playing football? Set yourself the task of spending more time on your hobbies in 2017. 

Quit That Job You Hate

This may seem daunting, but life is truly too short to stay somewhere you're not happy. You spend more time at work than anywhere else, so make it somewhere you love. Older generations think millennials are entitled, but there's nothing ludicrous about wanting a career you're content with. 

Get Politically Active

If 2017 has taught us anything, it's that being politically active has never been so important. Before Brexit we all joked about our Grandparents being racist, saying "it's just that generation". But that generation can, and evidently will, vote. Spend more time talking politics with those around you and get clued up on what's happening in the world. 

Happy New Year, let's hope it's better than the sh*t show that was 2016...

Photo Credit: Pinterest

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Chloe Laws
chloelaws added a look via the mobile app

A new study conducted by Miami (AFP) has found that young people today are not having as much sex as previous generations, despite sex being the most accessible it ever has been- but maybe that's the problem. 

The report found that Americans between the ages of 20 to 24, who were born in the 1990s, were significantly more likely to not have any new sexual partners after the age of 18 compared to Gen X. A whopping 15% of the subject group reported no sexual partners after turning 18. 

Ryne Sherman, co-author of the study, stated that "this study really contradicts the widespread notion that millennials are the 'hookup' generation, which is popularised by dating apps like 'Tinder' and others, suggesting that they are just looking for quick relationships and frequent causal sex". 

Ok, the report makes a good point here- that maybe this causal sex culture isn't as widespread as popular opinion suggests, but they're not looking at this from another angle. 

Maybe it is precisely this hookup culture that's limiting the sex millennials are having...hear me out. Our generation is so fearful of commitment that even 'casual' sex is frightening, because it can often turn into a f*ck buddy situation, which for millennials is too close to being a relationship. 

We've all been there, trying to persuade our friends that whoever we're currently seeing isn't serious, but it is usually when these questions start being asked that we start distancing ourselves- a self-defence mechanism to avoid catching feelings and being hurt.

But why are millennials so afraid of feelings, and in turn sex? Is it because we were the first generation that lived through our parents being divorced as the norm? We ask "are your parents still  together?" in a surprised tone rather than that being an assumed family dynamic. Commitment is frightening to millennials because we don't have many examples of it ending well surrounding us. 

A study by Twenge in 2009 showed that young people are taking antidepressants more frequently, which can kill our sex drives. Also, the pill can kill our sex drives. Maybe medication is at the heart of this? Are we not having sex, ironically, because of medication that makes sex more safe?

The National Survey of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles found that 33.8% of sexually active teenagers and young men aged 16-31, and 44.4% of young women the same age, have experienced at least one problem, which lasted for 3 months or more, affecting their ability to enjoy sex in the last year. What are these problems then? 

For women some of the most common problems are difficultly in reaching climax, not enjoying sex, feeling pain due to sex and feeling anxious during sex. 

With all the above reasons, can you really blame millennials for not having sex as frequently? People have quipped that it's because we're all too busy playing Pokemon Go, but there might be some validity in this. 

Do millennials feel  sexually active because sex is so accessible - hookup apps, porn, sexting culture etc - but aren't actually having that much sex. We're not missing it as much because we're surrounded- everything is sexualised nowadays. Are we substituting IRL sex for sex behind a screen? Our phones may be acting as buffers, that make being sexual easier because our anxiety isn't as bad when we're online? Good angles, carefully curated messages and the lack of pressure reduces all the sexual anxiety millennials feel in real life, but it's not solving the problem. 

This culture of living online rather than IRL is a phenomenon that affects every aspect of millennial life, and now even sex. From an evolutionary perspective this is not very smart, because if we stop having intercourse we'll stop reproducing. But on a less philosophical front, millennials need to be having sex (safely and consensually, of course) because it's fun. And we don't have much of that anymore. Brexit, unemployment, living with our parents (which is probably another cause for us not doing 'it') and all the other problems facing us are already limiting what fun we can have. Sex is free, sex can help your mental and physical health, it can bring you closer to people. 

Millennials, start boning- it'll help you get over Brexit...

Photo Credit: Pinterst 

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Charlotte Bailly
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La semaine dernière la team Shopcade s’est rendue au festival Standon Calling dans le Hertfordshire pour découvrir de nouveaux talents. L’occasion de rencontrer le groupe londonien Tangerines et de leur poser quelques questions.

Le quatuor vient de sortir une nouvelle chanson, “Long Way Home”, qui reste dans la lignée de ses précédents titres, un rock’n’roll aux riffs énergiques teintés de jazz.

Avec le chanteur et guitariste Gareth Hoskins, le batteur Isaac Robson, Ricky Clark à la bass et Miles Prestia à la guitare, le groupe a répondu sans prise de tete à nos questions.

Quelle serait votre line-up de festival idéale ?
Tous: On va choisir un artiste chacun: Talking Heads, Wreckless Eric, Wilko Johnson et Cream.

Quels étaient vos artistes préférés à l’adolescence ? 
Gareth: Je dirais Modest Mouse, même si je suis parti dans une direction complètement différente, c’est un groupe qui me tenait vraiment à coeur quand j’étais plus jeune.
Isaac: Bloc Party, quand j’ai commencé à jouer de la batterie.
Miles: The Sonics.

Quelle est l’inspiration derrière votre nouveau single “Long Way Home” ?
Gareth: Je ne sais pas vraiment, j’écoutai beaucoup de Julee Cruise, de la bande son Twin Peaks, ça a pas mal influencé les paroles mais pas vraiment la mélodie.
Miles: C’est une chanson classique rock’n’roll et blues, mais vous avez ces accords de guitare qui lui donne un air presque country.

Quels sont vos indispensables pour partir en festival ?
Gareth: Alcool *rire*. Des haricots en boite, une tente ça aide, une cafetière. Le café c’est important. Mais pas de la façon dont Ricky le fait.
Ricky: J’avoue qu’il était plutôt fort.

Un moment particulièrement amusant qui vous est arrivé sur scène ?
Gareth: Certainement au Victoria a Dalston, où je me suis enroulé la jambe dans un cable et que je suis tombé.
Miles: À chaque fois que je claque une corde de ma guitare sur scène. 
Gareth: Ouais c’est vraiment super drôle…

Et la suite pour le groupe ?
Gareth: Essayer de sortir un album, on a presque terminé, on attend qu’il soit mixé. On a le festival South Sea qui arrive bientôt, et une tournée en septembre.

Qu’est ce que vous aimez le plus et le moins des festivals anglais ?
Tous: Le Brexit !!
Ricky: Tout le monde est de bonne humeur sur les festivals. La pluie c’est que j’aime le plus et le moins à la fois.
Miles: Pourquoi il n’y a pas plus de groupe rock’n’roll en Angleterre ? Il devrait y en avoir plus, alors s’il vous plait, formez des groupes !

Découvrez leur clip ci-dessus !

Crédit Photo: Pinterest, Shopcade
Crédit Vidéo: RIP Music 
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Chloe Laws
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A lot of beauty myths are completely false, for example washing your hair in beer does not make it shiny. It makes you smell like you spent the night in a dingy bar and someone spilt their drink on you. However, some of the classic beauty old wives tales do actually work. These are our tried and tested beauty myths: 

1. Coconut oil for your hair, skin and teeth. 
Basically coconut oil is sent down from the gods, it works for everything.  Makeup remover, breath freshener, makeup brush cleaner, lip balm, frizz tamer, dandruff treatment, deep conditioner, boyfriend troubles, brexit...

2. Cold green tea bags for puffy eyes.
Cucumber only works because it's cold and wet, whereas cold green tea bags actually reduce the appearance of blood vessels. Due to the caffeine and antioxidants they can even reduce inflammation. 

3. Charcoal face mask.
Yup this one actually works. It can get rid of blackheads, whiteheads and other impurities. If you make the mask with aloe vera and shea butter it'll ensure the charcoal doesn't strip your skin too much.

4. Cayenne pepper lip plumper.
Just mix it into a paste with olive oil and apply to the lips for five minuets, it will tingle but don't be put off- that's normal. A great temporary lip plumper which isn't as risky as fillers. 

5. Mayonnaise to protect your hair.
'Ew' is a normal response to this, but hear me out. Blake Lively uses it, and her hair is perfection. You apply it to the bottom of your hair before showering, which means that the ends are protected when shampooing. Just rinse thoroughly, obv. 

Shop the edit below for our top beauty picks...

Photo Credit: Pinterest
Video Credit: beautybyjosiek YouTube

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Charlotte Bailly
charlottebailly added a look via the mobile app

On Friday members of the Shopcade team went to Standon Calling, a Hertfordshire based festival. With musicians such as Suede, Jess Glynne, Kelis and The Hives playing it was certain to be a success. 

The boutique vibe, family friendly atmosphere and eclectic line up all created an utterly charming festival! We spent the day watching artists such as Declan McKenna, Flyte, Hannah Lou Clark and the Tangerines. The latter of which we managed to nab as they came off stage for a chit chat. They performed their new single Long Way Home which had only become available the previous day. It's a mixture of classic rock & roll melodies with a slight nod to country acoustics. The Peckham based bunch are clearly politicised, with the cover of this song featuring Michael Gove; amongst all the political turbulence this summer this song is exactly what we needed to lift our spirits. 

Want to find out more about the band? Well we shot some quick fire questions at them... 

What would your ideal festival line up be? 

All: We'll pick one each. Talking Heads, Wreckless Eric, Wilko Johnson and Cream 

What were your favourite bands as teens, that bring back some nostalgia? 

Gareth: Modest mouse really, I've gone a really different direction with what I'm doing now but it really hit me in my heart when I was younger 

Isaac: Bloc Party was when I just started playing drums 

Miles: The Sonics 

Your new single, Long Way Home, what was the inspiration behind it? 

Gareth: I don't really know, I was listening to a lot of Julee Cruise, from the soundtrack of Twin Peaks, a lot of those lyrics influenced the song but not the sound 

Miles: It's a classic rock & roll, soulful, blues song but then you have these chords that are more country. What are your festival essential? 

Gareth: Alcohol. 

All: *Laughs* Gareth: baked beans, a tent probably helps, a cafetiere. Coffee is important, but not the way Ricky makes it. 

Ricky: Yeah. That was strong. 

What's your funniest on stage moment? 

Gareth: Probably at Dalston Victoria when my leg got wrapped around a lead, that was my funniest moment. 

Miles: I guess every time I break a string on stage. 

Gareth: Yeah, that's hilarious, isn't it... 

Any plans for the upcoming year? 

Gareth: Trying to get an album out, we're almost finished just waiting for it to be mixed. South Sea festival is coming up, then our tour in September. It's just nice to get out of London, and breathe. 

What are your favourite and least favourite things about British festivals? 

All: Brexit 

That's just Britain in General 

Miles: The rider is usually sh*t 

Any positives? 

Ricky: Everyone's in a great mood at festivals. The rain is my least favourite and favourite thing. 

Gareth: Sweat is a good thing. Spitting on stage, you should try it. 

Miles: why aren't there many more rock & roll bands in Britain? There should be more, so please form bands people! 

Check out the gallery above for our favourite street style snaps from the day, and below shop our festival themed Edit... 

Photo Credit: Pinterst 

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Lily Niu
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Unless you've been living under a rock for the past few days, you'll know that Theresa May stepped in to fill David Cameron's shoes as Prime Minister yesterday. But here's the million dollar question for those of you who haven't followed politics prior to just before the EU Referendum: WHO IS Theresa May? 

Before becoming leader of the Conservative Party, Theresa May was the UK's home secretary and will be remembered as the longest serving home secretary in the last century. 

Commenting on the future of her party, May has said: "[It is] nothing less than the patriotic duty of our party to unite and to govern in the best interests of the whole country. We need a bold, new positive vision for the future of our country - a country that works not for a privileged few but for every one of us."

According to BBC, it's May's toughness is her political hallmark. A Tweet from ITV's Robert Peston on the ministerial sackings this morning reads: "I always though @David_Cameron was ruthless. Turns out he was Larry the Cat compared with @theresa_may"

So far, Theresa has organised a major Cabinet reshuffle and sacked George Osbourne, Michael Gove, John Whittingdale and Nicky Morgan. Her appointments thus far are as follows:

Chancellor - Phillop Hammond (promoted from Foreign Secretary)
Foreign Secretary - Boris Johnson (promoted - was backbencher)
Home Secretary - Amber Rudd (promoted from Energy Secretary)
Defence Secretary - Michael Fallon (same as before)
Brexit Secretary - David Davis (promoted - was backbencher)
International Trade Secretary - Liam Fox (promoted - was backbencher)

Photo Credit: Vogue
Video Credit: BBC News

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Navin Kumar
atleast we have an emoji for our new prime minister 👵
Navin Kumar
Chloe Laws
chloelaws added a look via the mobile app

Burberry's chief executive Christopher Bailey is stepping down from the post. Burberry was the first fashion house to allow one person to hold both the Chief Executive and Creative Director positions at once. 

Marco Gobbetti will become the chief executive of Burberry next year- he's currently the chairman and chief executive of Celine. This change comes in light of the decision made by Burberry's shareholders who felt that Bailey needed to concentrate more on the creative direction of the brand. 

Chairman John Peace commented that "The review that he has led into our ways of working is the blueprint for the next phase of Burberry's evolution. In order to maximise our ability to successfully implement these plans, Christopher identified the need for a new chief executive for the business who could partner with him as we execute on the new strategies and I am excited to see what they will do together".

What is the future of Burberry looking like? In May this year the company reported a 10% drop in annual profit, which may be linked to the number of radical changes that have been made in the last year. For instance, the brand has unified their runway and retail collections into two annual runway events. This means that 'seasonless' collections are available to buy immediately after the show. 

Moreover, Brexit may influence Burberry's future, Bailey spoke on the matter saying "It certainly was not the result that we were looking for at all. Having said that we do now need to make the best of it" adding "We do trade globally as a business, we operate in all countries around the world, and of course we expect some change". 

Bailey has arguably led the brand into the 21st century, making it a digitally savvy company which has managed to retain its appreciate of old-fashioned craft. We're excited to see what will happen next for the brand, all we know for certain is that Burberry is in safe hands with Bailey and Gobbetti...

Photo Credit: Vogue, Pinterst
Video Credit: Burberry Youtube

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Chloe Laws
chloelaws added a look via the mobile app

Tory MPs have began voting to choose a new leader, and in turn our new prime minster. Among the candidates are Theresa May, Liam Fox, Michael Gove, Stephen Crabb and Andrea Leadsom. With Brexit, David Cameron stepping down, Boris Johnson ducking out of the race and Farage stepping down from UKIP leadership, the recent political climate has been- to put it delicately- a sh*t storm. 

Who would we want as PM if we could pick anyone? Who would rule if we lived in an alternative reality, say Narnia? Here's a list of who we would actually like as the British Prime Minister (in no particular order)... 

1) Russel Howard  

He's been a dark horse in comedy; despite being around for years many didn't pay too much attention to Howard. However, as of recent his hysterically accurate quips on current affairs have made him into a nation treasure.  

Some of his best quotes include this beauty "Women still have to pay 5% VAT on tampons because they are a luxury item. A luxury? THEY'RE TAMPONS. They're not Ferrero Rocher"- well said! 

2) Adele  

Adele, mainly because she's hilarious, mouthy, down to earth and someone everyone would want to have a cuppa with. Adele, on top of having an incredible voice, is also the perfect poster child for weird British customs and explaining them, she could make quite the diplomat. 

Like the time she commented on this "Americans are always mortified when I tell them this, but in England, it's a tradition to put your plaques and photographs and awards and gold records and stuff in your bathroom. I don't know why". Granted she probably displays oscars in her bathroom, not 'participation' awards from year 7 football.

 3) Professor Minerva McGonagall  

McGonagall is loyal, unflappable, moral and maybe the most underrated character in Harry Potter. If she was PM you'd be reassured that she'd never go back on her word or drop out when the going gets tough.  

This is the kind of telling off any MP would listen to "The house of Godric Gryffindor has commanded the respect of the wizarding world for nearly ten centuries. I will not have you, in one night, besmirching that name by behaving like a babbling, bumbling band of baboons". That alliteration though. 

4) Lily Allen 

Ok, she'd put her foot in it all the time. But this is make belief, so in parallel universe Lily would be a great PM. I mean yesterday she filmed Liam Fox, Murdoch and Farage 'Breaking bread' whilst attending a garden party. With her as PM you wouldn't have to worry about the public not being kept in the loop.  

5) Michelle Obama  

This quote says it all "You may not always have a comfortable life and you will not always be able to solve all of the world's problems at once but don't underestimate the importance you can have because history has shown us that courage can be contagious and hope can take on a life of its own". 

6) Jack Whitehall 

Anyone who wrote Bad Education and Fresh Meat should be a strong contender for PM in my eyes.  

Or anyone who says brilliant things like this "I find adverts at the moment particularly annoying, like the banking adverts because they're trying to portray bankers as nice people..you walk up to the till, it's like 'oooh, how was your holiday?' I went camping. 'Ooh, why did you go camping?'. Because you lost all of my money".  

7) Gandalf 

You'd just trust him, wouldn't you? Plus he says very deep things like this, all the time, "Some believe that it is only great power that can hold evil in check. But that is not what i've found. I found that it is the small things. Every day deeds by ordinary fold that keeps the darkness at bay".   

8) Sean Lock 

Mainly just because this comedian would come up with the best conspiracies and plans, he may not be the sensible choice, but he'd certainly provide the LOLs. 

This theory of his, for example, is a gem "I'll tell you one thing, I think NASA killed Michael Jackson. He died the same week as the anniversary of the initial moon landing, of the first moonwalk. They resent the fact that any time anyone puts 'moonwalk' into Google or anything it comes up with him sliding backwards with a hat on. And not the billions they spent going up to do a moonwalk. They hated that, and they killed him".   

9) Captain Jack Sparrow 

From the surface he doesn't exactly look like a typical PM, but his attitudes on life are actually pretty spot on.  For instance "The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude to the problem. Do you understand?" or "Why fight when you can negotiate?". Can't you just see those as great campaign slogans?!  

10) JK Rowling  

National treasure, twitter legend, creator of Harry Potter. Do we really need to say any more? No. We'll leave you with this from the woman herself "Anything's possible if you've got enough nerve".  

Photo Credit: Pinterst

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Chloe Laws
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VB has landed the July 2016 cover for Vogue Korea, where she looks effortless and elfin. Despite having apparently joked to Claudia Winkleman at the Vogue 100: A Century of Style in June that she was too old for a Vogue cover, 'this is the last one, because I'm a bit of an old bag now. Surely this is the last one? I'm 42, I've got four kids'. 

A representative did later clarify that this was clearly a joke, and that there are a lot of discussions underway for future Vogue covers- Hooray! 

This shoot was styled by Sohn Kihoh and photographed by Hyea W. Kang. In the editorial she is seen wearing a high-neck coat from Dior plus buttoned-up designs from Celine and Valentino. 

The British designer and ex Spice Girl proves for the gazillionth time that she is fashion royalty, looking minimal in her quintessential style. Not only does she have some wise words on everything fashion related, but also politics- last week she took to Instagram to clarify her stance on Brexit. Stating 'I believe in my country, I believe in a future for my children where we are stronger together and I support the remain campaign'. 

Scroll the gallery above to see VB's shoot...

Photo Credit: Vogue Korea 

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