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Shopcade India
shopcadeindia added a look via the mobile app

What makes fashion week all the madness that it is (other than the fashion, of course!), is all the people that attend it. Here are the five people you're more than likely to meet at the biggest fashion event of the season: 

The Front Bencher: Like last benchers, but right in the front. They're fashion's coolest, most sought after kids - the editors, fashion directors, the works. They make surprise appearances, mostly for the big wigs, and flaunt a different outfits for each show, and start trends even if they show up in a 'I woke up like this' outfit. 

The Instagrammer: They generally lead parallel lives with the one on social media being the more vivacious of the two. They'll avidly Instagram every moment of every day - from the highlights of the shows to the ashes of the cigarettes they last smoked. 

The Starry-eyed Kids: Most the straight out of or still in college. As first timers, they're struck by everything they see - from the celebrities to the designers. 

The Social Butterfly: Their sole purpose at fashion dos: befriending the bigwigs. You'll see them chatting everybody up and distributing their cards like fliers. 

The Celebrity: The most clueless of the lot. They generally come as guests of honours for the show of big designer, make an appearance in the designer's garment, and take an appropriate amount of photos before air kissing their way out of the Main Show Area. 

Photo Credit: vogue(dot)com

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