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Zombie Blast Energy Shots 3 Pack
$9.99 $7.49
Zombie Blast Energy Shots 3 Pack
"Can't sleep - zombies will eat us. Can't sleep - zombies will eat us. If you're scared about getting eaten, the first monster you need to vanquish is the sleep zombie. Those are the things that sneak up on you and eat your consciousness (thus making you fall asleep). And just like you fire shotgun blasts at real zombies, so must you fire shotgun blasts at the sleep zombies. Stay awake forever with Zombie Blast Energy Shots. Zombie Blast Energy Shots come in awesome reusable shotgun shell bottles. Loaded with Wildberry flavor, Zombie Blast actually tastes great. It's also loaded with caffeine (from guarana and yerba mate), ginseng, B vitamins, amino acids, other good stuff, and Cognizin! Cognizin is an easily absorbable (and useable) form of citicoline (an essential happy brain nutrient). With Zombie Blast Energy Shots, you'll be able to stay awake for wave after wave of zombie attacks. Or, you know, like a normal work or school day or something. Zombie Blast Energy Shots - BOOM! For nutrition information, click here. Zombie Blast Energy Shots 3 Pack Blast sleep outta your brain with this delicious energy shot. Full of caffeine (about as much as a super strong cup of coffee), ginseng, B vitamins, amino acids, and Cognizin (a well-researched and highly bio-available form of the ""brain nutrient"" citicoline). Citicoline is an essential nutrient that supports overall brain and cellular health. No sugar, no aspartame - but still only 5 calories per shot. Delicious (really, it's one of the best we've tasted) Wildberry flavor. Each shot comes in a reusable shotgun shell bottle! Up to 6 hours of power! 3 bottles per 3 pack. Net Wt.: 2 oz per bottle. Bottle Dimensions: approx. 1.75"" diameter x 3.5"""
Mana Energy Potion
Mana Energy Potion
You've been there before. You are playing your level 70 priest and are about to cast Circle of Healing to revitalize your group during a raid in the bowels of Azeroth's nether regions. But alas, you've been playing for 40 hours straight, and you fall asleep before you can cast the spell. And then everyone in your group dies. And then they all hate you. All because you couldn't stay awake. Loser. Well, let us deliver your salvation from this impending disaster. Let us gift you with more Mana - Mana Energy Potion, that is. Mana Energy Potion was created with gamers in mind. Each tiny shot (in perhaps the coolest bottle ever) gives you as much get-up-and-kill as 2 Red Bulls® or 4 cups of office coffee (i.e. the crappy kind). Each shot is sorta sweet/tart in a delightful way and will load you up with caffeine and tons of brain boosters (and yet, no sugar). If you want more Mana in your game, then you need more Mana Energy Potion in your life. Mana Energy Potion - because licking your monitor is dumb. For nutritional information, click here. Mana Energy Potion Each tiny shot is loaded with 160mg of caffeine and tons of other energy boosters. As much caffeine as two cans of Red Bull® Provides 5-8 hours of smooth energy. No sugar, so no aftercrash. Net Wt.: 1.69oz.

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