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Inanimate Character Stickers
Inanimate Character Stickers
"We do it every day, though mostly without thinking about it - we get angry at the stapler that mangled our presentation, or the phone when it can't get a signal. We say we ""love this coffee mug,"" and sometimes we even imagine a face on the clock on the wall. It's called anthropomorphizing, and it's where we imbue human characteristics to inanimate objects. But are they really inanimate? Certain mythologies suggest that the more we use and include these objects in our daily lives, the more connected they become with our lives, thoughts and feelings. They are pleased when we use them, and are sad when they're discarded. Think back to that stuffed monkey doll you had when you were a kid. You threw him away one day, and there he sits - vacuously staring at rotting garbage in a landfill for all eternity. Not very nice at all! So some of these objects can be construed as to have a personality. Why not make it official? Stick a couple of googly eyes, and a goofy grin on a coffee mug, and hey-presto! Your happy smilin' coffee-buddy is happy to let you drink from his skull! That letter-scale looks a little like Domokun, doesn't he? I think that tape dispenser has something evil on his mind… Hmm… Two sheets of eyes and mouths in various shapes, sizes and expressions, more than 100 stickers, are waiting for you to give life to the lifeless. That's sorta godlike!"

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