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This Is England DVD
This Is England DVD
Set during the summer of 1983 This Is England is the poignant story of Shaun (Thomas Turgoos) an unpopular kid who discovers a sense of belonging among a group of peaceful skinheads. Having lost his father during the Falklands Conflict Shaun sees something of a father figure in Woody (Joseph Gilgun) the gangs leader. However the warmth and affection is shortlived as Combo (Stephen Graham) a former member of the group and radical rightwing racist is released from prison and divides the friends with his deeply disturbed outlook. Whereas Woody had strived to bring everyone together through their love of music Combo seeks to mobilise a force with his sights set on spreading chaos and hatred. At only 12 year of age and of volatile frame of mind Shaun is susceptible to Combos charismatic yet gravely dangerous philosophising. As adulthood beckons and with Combos rage manifesting into stark violence Shaun will have to decide which side of the line hes going to stand. The sixth feature from writer/Director Shane Meadows (A Room For Romeo Brass Dead Mans Shoes) This Is England is a bittersweet rites of passage tale that is destined to be remembered for years to come. Contains 1 disc. Cert 18.
Twin Peaks: Definitive Gold Box Edition
£69.99 £18.49
Twin Peaks: Definitive Gold Box Edition
Lose yourself in David Lynch and Mark Frost's murder mystery-soap opera which unfolds in one character's words like a beautiful dream and terrible nightmare all at once. Season 1Twin Peaks devotees who have kept the mystery alive on myriad Web sites will jump at the chance to return to the spooky town that might just be the anti-Mayberry. Rarely syndicated the Twin Peaks television series has lost none of its quirky and queasy power to get under your skin and haunt your dreams. So brew up a pot of some damn fine coffee dig into some cherry pie and lose yourself in David Lynch and Mark Frost's murder mystery and soap opera which unfolds in one character's words like a beautiful dream and terrible nightmare all at once. Twin Peaks was a pop culture phenomenon for one season at least until the increasingly bizarre twists and maddening teases so confounded audiences that they lost interest in just who killed Laura Palmer (Sheryl Lee). This series was a career peak for most of its eclectic ensemble cast including Kyle MacLachlan as straight-arrow FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper Michael Ontkean as local Sheriff Harry S. Truman Sherilyn Fenn as bad girl Audrey Horne Peggy Lipton as waitress Norma Jennings and Catherine Coulson as the Log Lady. Alumni enjoying current success include Lara Flynn Boyle (The Practice) as good girl Donna Hayward and Miguel Ferrer (Crossing Jordan) hilarious as forensics expert Albert Rosenfield (who has absolutely no social niceties). -Donald Liebenson Season 2Don't search for all the answers at once says a giant appearing to FBI Agent Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan) in a vision. A path is formed by laying one stone at a time. In Twin Peaks that's easier said than done. Over the course of two seasons that path went nowhere and everywhere. Bureau guidelines deductive technique Tibetan method and luck don't cut it here. It also takes a little magic which is what makes David Lynch and Mark Frost's bracingly original serial drama one of TV's ultimate trips and still the stuff that fever dreams are made of. With the DVD release of season 2 die-hard Peakers can rekindle their obsession with this macabre maddening sinister and surreal series set in the rural Pacific Northwest community whose bucolic surroundings hide things dark and heinous. (If you're new to Twin Peaks best to get the lay of the land by watching the brilliant feature-length pilot and the instant-cult-classic first season which capture Twin at its peak.) Three main mysteries drive season 2. First there's the still (!) unresolved murder of Laura Palmer (Sheryl Lee). Then there's the question of who shot Cooper in the season 1 cliffhanger. And finally ultimately: What about Bob? With its dream logic bizarre behavior and nightmare imagery much of what transpires goes right by you. Some subplots (Sherilyn Fenn's sexpot Audrey held captive at the bordello One-Eyed Jacks) are easier to latch on to than others (amnesiac Nadine believes she's an 18-year-old high schooler) And yes that's a pre-X-Files David Duchovny as Dennis/Denice a transsexual DEA agent. In Twin Peaks' second season the truth is out there but we are entering A Few Good Men territory. When Laura's killer is at last revealed in episode 16 no doubt many will not be able to handle the truth. The teases red herrings and out-and-out gonzo looniness will try the patience of viewers with a more conventional bent. But as Cooper observes at one point All in all [it's] a very interesting experience with enough doppelgangers allusions pop-culture references and in-jokes to keep bloggers buzzing. If for example you get any pleasure from recognizing Hank Worden who played Mose in The Searchers as the world's most decrepit room service waiter then Twin Peaks may just make you feel right at home. Episodes Comprise: All Episodes from Season 1 and 2 plus: Log Lady Intros (All Episodes) Original Pilot Original Pilot (International Version) Alternate Ending for Pilot (International Version) Deleted Scenes “A Slice of Lynch” Featurette Secrets From Another Place: Creating Twin Peaks (Feature Length Documentary) Saturday Night Live Sketch with Kyle MacLachlan Twin Peaks Festival “Return To Twin Peaks” Featurette Interactive Map The Black Lodge Archive: (Including “Falling” Music Video Image Galleries On Air Promos & TV Spots)

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