Win A $1000 Fashion Capital Experience

Play to WIN an amazing fashion capital experience for you and your friend! *Two nights at a top New York hotel. *Luxury afternoon tea at The Plaza to enjoy. *Tickets to a fashion exhibition at the MET Gala. *A $200 shopping gift card.

What Kind Of Fashion Wannabe Are You?

  • Question 1

    Your perfect fashion week outfit consists of…

    A Any freebie. You know how to play the system.
    B Anything that looks like you got dressed in the dark.
    C The latest trends of course.
  • Question 2

    Which Barbie profession would you pick?

    A Rock Star Barbie
    B Fashion Designer Barbie
    C President Barbie
  • Question 3

    Your morning beauty routine consists of...

    A Water & hand soap- you don’t mess about.
    B Whatever the Kardashians are using.
    C Strobing, contouring... plastering. THE works.
  • Question 4

    Cucumber poisoning backstage. All the beautiful people are wiped out. What’s your first thought?

    A Where are all the abandoned clothes… they need a home.
    B Oh no, who will discover me now?
    C Hurray, I’m the most beautiful by default.
  • Question 5

    It's payday. Time to shop- how do you feel?

    A I wish I could illegally download clothes.
    B Wide eyed with wonder.
    C High as a kite, I need my next fix quick.
  • Question 6

    You spy your arch nemesis at a fabulous party. How do you greet them?

    A Avoid them completely; you have just spotted free food.
    B Pay a false compliment: “I love your skirt”. [That is the ugliest effing skirt I’ve ever seen]
    C Get to the point: “You look like an old mop”.
  • Question 7

    Where do you stand on Scrunchies?

    A It was free. I’m wearing it.
    B So retro- I have five. I like to wear them all together.
    C The 90s called- they want their fashion fail back.
  • Question 8

    Which celeb offspring dresses better than you?

    A North West
    B Suri Cruise
    C Honey Boo Boo
  • Question 9

    Which decade do you belong in, ensembly speaking?

    A The 90s - Girl Power- flick those Vs.
    B The 80s - Nu-rave, new style.
    C The 70s - The hair, oh the hair!
  • Question 10

    And finally, which fashion week essential could you not live without?

    A BLK Water
    B The latest Canon camera
    C Selfie light
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  • You hit up these shows for the free sh*t and not much else. You’re into your fashion, but don’t take it too seriously. Your social life is buzzing because you always go to parties, shows, anything where there is the chance of a goodie bag. Your bathroom is full of samples and your wardrobe is all sample size.

  • You know your sh*t when it comes to fashion and aren’t afraid to experiment with the most daring combinations to get noticed. You love hangin’ out with the “IN’ crowd, follow numerous bloggers for style tips and you consider no likes on your Instagram post to be the worst thing that could ever happen to you.

  • You are used to getting your way, know how to command the attention of a room and are always decked out in the latest designer brands. You crave the limelight, post on social like your life depends on it and measure your friends by how many followers they have. Oh, and you worship the Kardashians to the point of obsession.

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