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Wine Tasting Party Kit
Tags: #Think Geek

Wine Tasting Party Kit

by ThinkGeek

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"If you're looking for a fun activity for your next dinner gathering, look no further. This Wine Tasting Party Kit has everything you need to run a twelve person experiment in gustatory abilities. Hide three different wines inside the velveteen bags: trust us, it's way less messy than hiding your guests' eyes with velveteen blindfolds while they're drinking alcohol. Then it's time to get your Science on. Let's assume that our three mystery bottles are a Merlot, a Shiraz, and a Pinot Noir. Ask A Question: What kind of wine is this? Research: Observe the wine. Smell it. Taste it. Write down your thoughts. Construct a Hypothesis: You're pretty sure this is the Shiraz. Test Your Hypothesis: Observe and taste the other two wines and compare them to the wine you believe to be the Shiraz. Analyze Your Data & Draw a Conclusion: This is definitely the Shiraz! Communicate Your Results: If you're not too busy drinking them. Don't forget that it's only Science if you repeat the experiment several times and get the same results. Not that we need to encourage you. We will, however, encourage you to hide the car keys of any dinner party guest who needs to play a little more Rock Band before hitting the road to go home. Product Specifications Do some gustatory science at your next dinner party Hide wine bottles inside velveteen bags, pour and taste each one Write down notes, descriptions, and your hypothesis Compare notes, reveal the wines, then drink the rest! (Best part.) Includes: 3 velveteen wine bags to conceal bottles Wine glass identifiers 12 pencils 12 invitations Quick Facts sheet Rating pad Not included: Wine, a classy atmosphere, or friends. You're on your own for those. Kit Dimensions: 3.9"" x 3.9"" x 12.9"""

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