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Munchkin Zombies Game
Tags: #Think Geek

Munchkin Zombies Game

by ThinkGeek


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"We have played many zombie related board and card games in our years at ThinkGeek. In fact, we stock a few of them. But it often seems that in a zombie game, you play the humans trying to survive the zombie apocalypse. That's fun and all, but with all the zombie material out there, it's almost too realistic. We've been planning for the zombie uprising all our lives, so it's not really a stretch for us to be the survivors, y'know? In the original Munchkin game, you are adventurers in a dungeon, killing monsters and taking their treasure. In Munchkin Zombies, you are the zombies, killing the humans and taking their stuff. Some of those humans are helpless and easy pickings, while others will make you work for a chance to crack open their skulls. Maybe you'll get lucky and find a pot to wear as a helmet to protect you from headshots! The first zombie to reach level 10 is the winner, so get out there and eat some delicious, spicy brains. Product Specifications A zombie twist on the classic geek card game, Munchkin Designed by Steve Jackson, illustrated by John Kovalic For 3-6 players, ages 10 to adult You play zombies, out to kill the ""monsters"" (aka normal people) The first zombie to reach level 10 wins Play time: 90 minutes Mechanic: Dice rolling, hand management, variable player powers Includes: 168 cards, a unique 6-sided die, and complete rules"

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