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You are fair-minded, social and diplomatic. However you tend to avoid confrontations. Therefore the best perfume to suit your personality has to have the perfect balance of notes and not be too overpowering. For example the Le Soft Perfume which is deeply nourishing due to its base being shea butter, it has subtle hints of grapefruit and neroli.


You are passionate, brave and resourceful. However you can be jealous. This means that the right scent for you is something sensual but also calming, so it tames your wild side a little. Diesel's fuel for life is your perfect fit, as it is a mix of warm musk and peach peel.


You are generous, idealistic and have a great sense of humour! However sometimes you're impatient, which means you need a perfume that packs a punch and doesn't take a long time to deliver. Vera Wang's floral rush has top notes of champagne, pink pepper and apricot blossom, with heart notes of marigold and base notes of sheer musk. Meaning you'll smell amazing with different notes picking up at different points during the day.


You are responsible, good mannered and have high self-control. However, you can sometimes be unforgiving. This means you need a scent that won't disappoint, since you're a fan of tradition a well known perfume is probably your best bet. Go for the classic Marc Jacobs Lola. It has top notes of ruby red grapefruit, heart notes of peony and base notes of vanilla creamy musk.


You are progressive, original and independent. However, you can be uncompromising. This means you need a bold perfume that not everyone has, but still ticks all your boxes. This fragrance mixes rich ginger scents with zesty citrus...


You are compassionate, artistic and gentle. You often have a tendency to try and escape reality. Therefore a light and not overwhelming perfume is right for you, but that will transport you to a memory. This perfume combines your creativity and gentle nature with the balance of exotic florals and sleek woods...


You're confident, optimistic and passionate. However you can be impulsive. Therefore the perfect scent for you is something that screams freedom and positivity! This scent by Anna Dello Russo embodies the spirit of an aries, the vanilla and almond hints are bold and passionate...


You are practical, reliable and responsible. However you can sometimes be stubborn. Your love for nature means the right scent for you is this one, as it includes notes of jasmine and rose. Plus the sensible side of you is catered to because Clinique's products are renowned for being kind to skin...


You are affectionate, curious and adaptable. However, you can be indecisive. So it's a good thing you're reading this article, because we've made the decision for you. The perfect perfume for you is warm and musky!


You are imaginative, tenacious and emotional. However you do have the tendency to be pessimistic, so this perfume will counteract that with its positivity and warmth. Liberty's Bis perfume is perfect for you because it has spicy top notes of bergamot with warm base notes of lavender. Perfect and uplifting, which is just what you need for your scent...


You are cheerful, humorous and warm-hearted. Your downfall is sometimes being lazy. This zesty perfume is sure to wake you up and keep you motivated.


You are hardworking, analytical and kind. However sometimes you are prone to shyness. This perfume is bold, so would be a great conversation starter. Wearing this, people will approach you, which takes away your fear of approaching others first.