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Aries (aka the Ram) is a Fire sign, and is therefore most compatible with other fire signs. The best for you is a Sagittarius! Why? Because they are also highly energetic, love being social and are adventurous. This means that they can keep up with your personality, plus you'll be very compatible in the bedroom due to your active natures. Both signs are natural extroverts, so go for a bold outfit, hint to your athleticism as they find that attractive...


Taurus (aka the Bull) is an Earth sign, and therefore is most compatible with a Cancer. You are both creatures of comfort and are looking for a relationship with longevity. Empathy and sensitivity are two traits you have in common, meaning your relationship will be strong as patients comes easily. Nurturing is a key element of a Taurus-Cancer relationship, so wear warm colours that show this.


Gemini (aka the Twins) match best with a Libra. They are both intellectual signs that love to communicate, plus share a passion for art, culture and fun! The best part is that these signs never have a problem with jealousy when in a relationship, meaning they will stand the test of time. A twin piece for a twin sign seems fitting...


Cancer (aka the Crab) are caring and loving, but likes to blend in. That's why a Taurus is best suited, however Scorpios are also compatible because they balance one another out. A scorpio feels secure with a Cancer due to their possessive tendencies, whilst the Scorpio brings the Cancer out of its shell. You don't like to stand out, plus love comfort, so this look is for you...


Leo (aka the Lion) is a courageous, extroverted sign. They love to be the centre of attention and can sometimes get caught up in drama. Therefore the best sign for them is a Sagittarius because they push each other to do better, plus both have high sex drives! You aren't afraid to be in the spotlight, so a head turning look is perfect for you...


Libra (aka the Scales) is a sign that lives by the motto "can't we all just get along". They are laid-back, agreeable and sociable. Therefore they need a sign that loves an active social life, thus an Aquarius is well suited. As a couple they mesh well, the Libra minimises the Aquarius's stubbornness and are an open, honest pairing. You're both chilled, so a laid-back style will attract the perfect mate!


Scorpio (aka the scorpion) is a sign that seeks pleasure, loves to transform but doesn't forgive easily. As mentioned above, your best match is a Cancer. However, Capricorns are also well suited to you. This is because a Capricorn compliments a Scorpio's active imagination and they both thrive under pressure. The sexual chemistry is strong, so as long as there isn't a power struggle, these signs make a solid team. Your love for challenges which means a more daring outfit is right up your street...


Sagittarius (aka the Centaur) is the most compatible sign. You're the perfect love match for an Aries, Aquarius and Leo. Above we've talked about your compatibility with an Aries and Leo, so let's discuss with an Aquarius. You guys are both highly interesting which means there will be a strong intellectual bond, as well as an adventurous sex life. An outfit that hints to this interesting side will have potential beaus approaching you in no time...


Capricorn (aka the Ram) is a sign that is often serious, sarcastic, successful and loves a challenge. This meshes well with a Pisces because they help inject positivity and fun into a Capricorn's life. The Capricorn provides a Pisces with stability, making them a couple that often makes it. Try and show your fun side, as it's often hidden, by wearing a bright outfit...


Aquarius (aka the Water container) is an extremely compatible sign, you'd do well with a Sagittarius, Libra or Gemini. You are forward thinking, progressive and love to make the world a better place. You and a Gemini match well because you're both sociable, charming and have passionate sex. Try and stay away from jealousy, it's your weak spot as a couple. Wear something that shows your modern taste and sex appeal...


Pisces (aka the fish) is a mysterious sign, they are creative yet often very shy. This means that a Scorpio is a good sign to date because they will take charge and bring the Pisces out of their shell. These signs often falls in love at "first sight" and have a deep emotional connection. Wear an outfit that will make you feel comfortable and confident...