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Spa Hot Rocks
Spa Hot Rocks
Who does not like a little bit of extra attention and pampering, well this hot rocks are the ideal valentines or gift for a special someone whatever the occasion. Bring the spa to your home with these hot rocks. So you maybe wondering what hot rocks are and what do they do? Stone therapy is the application of hot basalt and cold marble stones used in a thermo-therapeutic massage. This age old therapy dates back 5000 years and originates from India within the Mayan culture using the ancient healing tradition 'Ayerveda' known for its universal life source. Energy called 'Prana' the breath of life which is enhanced with the hot and cold stone techniques. Combined with an essential oils massage, the heat from the rocks penetrates the muscles and eases tension. The cool stones sooth inflammation. When hot and cold are alternated, the circulation is stimulated which assists the bodies self healing. The rocks are completely accepted by the skin and the heat and any discomforts are drawn away from the body. Stone therapy leaves you felling relaxed, centred, refreshed and cleansed. Those receiving a hot stone massage will notice a healing improvement for the certain symptoms including, muscular aches, circulation, rheumatic and arthritic pain, fibromyagia, back pain, stress, anxiety, tension , insomnia and depression. The hot stones seem to connect with the bodies energy flow in order to rebalance the physical body, emotional mind and spirit. How to use the Spa Hot Rocks Remove the stones from the soft velvet bag provided and place all the stones in a pot of water, bring them to the boil and then carefully remove the rocks from the water and dry and place on a towel. Test the temperature of the stones by carefully touching each stone. When they feel warm and hot to the touch place the stones as per the instructions provided for either back, shoulder, feet or arm relief.
Hyperlauncher Rocket Ball Factory Science Kit
Hyperlauncher Rocket Ball Factory Science Kit
Discover how to mould bouncy balls and launch them into space with this Hyperlauncher Rocket Ball Factory learning game. Discover the science of elastic collisions along with polymers, energy and motion!Control the magic moulding crystals to make a Mega Ball Blaster, Parachute Launcher, Square Hoppin? Balls and much more!Red moulding granulesYellow moulding granulesGlow-in-the-dark moulding granules4 mouldsSafety gogglesPlastic tubeWooden dowelColour instruction manual
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