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Cat Scratch DJ
$29.99 $9.99
Cat Scratch DJ
Did you know that the new generation of cats has a burning desire to DJ? It all started in 2007 with Rap Cat, the official entertainment of the left side drive-thru at Checkers. (He's got the hottest beats and the softest fur.) Then kittens started climbing up on real turntables and trying to break into the music scene. They succeeded in being popular on YouTube, but no record deals have been signed as of yet. Train your cat to be the next superstar DJ with the Cat Scratch DJ. This cardboard mixing deck shaped cat scratching mat features a spinning deck and posable tone arm. It comes flat-packed, but you can fold it together in just a few minutes. No tools, no glue! Sprinkle a little bit of catnip on the deck to get your kitteh interested and soon you'll be taking hilarious videos of your feline getting the party rocking. Product Specifications Cardboard mixing deck shaped cat scratching mat Features spinning deck, posable tone arm, and kitty DJ stickers Easy assembly (folds together) with no glue or tools necessary To get kitty interested, sprinkle a bit of catnip on the deck Dimensions: 15.25 inches long x 13.75 inches wide x 5.75 inches tall when fully assembled
Kitty Washroom Cabinet
Kitty Washroom Cabinet
Hide the litter box in plain sight. Hide the messy litter box inside this handsome piece that instantly enhances the look of your bath, kitchen or laundry room. Designed with wainscoting in a clean white finish, it has a 7"x 8" portal for kitty. The front swings open like a door so you can easily scoop or change the litter. Two shelves offer added storage and display space; the stainless steel bar gives you a convenient place to hang your scoop. Accepts any litter pan up to 18"x15". Assembly. MDF: Sorry, no air shipment. Kitty Washroom Cabinet 19"W x 20 1/2"D x 25"H
SkyMall, Inc.
Classic Products Comfort Window Perch
Classic Products Comfort Window Perch
Let your cat lounge in style with the Classic Products Comfort Window Perch. Made with orthopedic foam for maximum comfort this window perch attaches directly to your window sill with a Velcro strip and holds up to 25 pounds. Keep your kitty happy and provide a special hangout just for them. About Classic Products Inc. Since 1982 Classic Products has been designing and creating innovative top quality products for our beloved pets. Their motto has always been: you can pay more but you can’t buy better. Classic Products founder Bob Migatz discovered a way to produce a Teflon coating that adheres as well as chrome and pioneered a longer tooth rake on pet combs. While pet grooming products are why Classic Products came to be that’s not all they do. Pet training tools veterinary aids pet feeding equipment plus fun dog and cat toys and even rawhide and chew treats. Classic Products is all about making life with your pet easier and more fun.
Petco Premium Tree Highrise for Cats, 26.7 L X 30.7 W X 65.5 H
Petco Premium Tree Highrise for Cats, 26.7 L X 30.7 W X 65.5 H
Petco Premium Tree Highrise for Cats - Cat Tree Condos & Cat Furniture TreeThe Petco Premium Tree Highrise for Cats was developed with the scratching and clawing needs of your favorite feline in mind. This cat furniture tree provides plenty of features to keep your cat physical stimulated and mentally engaged.The multiple platform levels on the Petco Premium Tree Highrise for Cats are perfect for climbing and playing. Kittens can use this cat furniture tree to develop their leaping, climbing and balance skills. Adult cats can use cat tree condos like this one to keep their senses honed and to burn off excess energy.While cats crave stimulation and the ability to test their physical prowess, they also want to take catnaps in the middle of the day. The Petco Premium Tree Highrise for Cats meets all of these needs. This cat furniture tree features two enclosed kitty condos, which are ideal for cozy cat napping and relaxation. The high, flat pedestals at the top of the high-rise provide the perfect post from which your cat can observe activities around the home. Put one of these cat tree condos next to a window so your cat can spend hours gazing outside.This tree high-rise for cats is made of soft lamb fur fabric for extra comfort. For added entertainment and feline fun, this premium tree comes with three dangling feather toys. In addition, this tree features durable sisal posts for scratching and cat climbing fun. Scratching is a natural instinct for cats, and helps them communicate, mark their territory and relive stress and anxiety. Cat tree condos like this one can provide cats with a positive scratching outlet.You'll get to watch your kitty show off some amazing acrobatics when you introduce this high-rise into the home. Your cat will provide you with plenty of entertainment while at play and many adorable picture opportunities while resting and sleeping in this wonderful cat tree.