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Mightymast Retro Arcade Machine
Mightymast Retro Arcade Machine
This is probably the best thing you will ever see! It's a full-size retro arcade machine packed with over 150 games - does life get any better than that!! An incredible 154 of your all-time favourite arcade games are packed into just one fantastic machine! The perfect addition to any home, games room or workplace, this will provide endless hours of exciting action and fun. Relive those early days spent in the 70s and 80s at the pub blasting away at timeless classics such as World Cup Soccer, Mario Bros, Track and Field, F1 Race and many more! They are all here amazingly in one cabinet. The Arcade Mania is not just for adults who refuse to grow up - it's for the whole family to enjoy. It even comes with all the sound effects to enhance the thrill of playing. There is no setting up - just plug in and play. For quick and easy selection of games, scroll down the on-screen menu by using the joystick. You can also instantly exit and re-select new games in a flash and there is even a pause button so you can return in your own time to finish off your game The Arcade Mania comes complete with 1 or 2 player option, meaning that you can finally settle those old arguments about who was really the best at Spy Hunter, Ninja I, II or III or any of the 154 games for that matter!! Housed in a professionally crafted pub-quality retro styled cabinet, the Arcade Mania is fitted with genuine arcade buttons and joystick controls for authenticity and reliability. The 14" high resolution colour monitor is protected by a high impact clear perspex protection screen. Mains on/off and volume controls are fitted to the rear of the cabinet. As this version is a free-play version, the game is amusement licence exempt. Dimensions: Height - 160cm Depth - 65cm Width - 53cm Weight - 71kg Games list: Power Soccer, Doughboy, F1 Race, Boxing, Wrestle, Popeye, Ninja I, Ninja II, Ninja III, Combat, Mario Bros, Badminton, World Cup Soccer, Baseball, Tennis, Wrecking Crew, Lode Runner, Lode Runner 2, Golf, Dr Mario, Mickey Mouse, Ice Hockey, Pro Wrestling, Volleyball, Track and Field, Paper Boy, Spelunker, Seicross, Double Dragon, Scramble, Flipull, Alpine Ski, Arabian, 80 Days, Star Gate, Bowling, Pandamar, Asteroyds, Bomb Jack, Onyanko Town, Moon Cresta, Phoenix, Arkanoid, Contra, Street Fighter, Spy Hunter, Spy vs Spy, Elevator Action, Gradius, Hydlide, Space Hunter, B-Wings, Double Strike, Sky Destroyer, Bomber Man, Duck Eggs, Magmax, The New Type, Contra Force, Heavy Barrel, Wan Wan Panic, Choplifter, Legend Kage, Kung Fu, Star Soldier, Argus, Aladin, Goonies, Lunar Ball, Exed Exes, Excitebike, Son Son, Road Fighter, Turtle 5, Max Warrior, Sqoon, Gyrodine, Tank 90, Raid on Bay, Route 16, Mach Rider, Spartan X, Pooyan, Geimos, Thexder, Challenger, Clu Clu Land, Twinbee, Balloon Fight, Cross Fire, Binary Land, Galg, Jewelry, Star Force, Exerion, Formation-Z, Macross, Circus Charlie, Zippy Race, Nuts and Milk, Chitei Fight, Front Line, Antarctic Adventure, Urban Champion, Flappy, Joust, Knights Fight, Karateka, City Connection, Door Door, 10-Yard Fight, Soccer, Othello, Lolo, Ice Climber, Chack Pop, Devil World, Sasa, Tiger-Heli, Island 2, Calculate, Super Chinese, Volguard II, Penguin, Baltron, Peepar Time, Star Luster, Aso, Babel, Metro-Cross, Sky Kid, Jajamaru, Quarth, Solomon Key, F15 City War, Transformation, Banana, Lotlot, Bokosuka Wars, Gyruss, Urusei, Missile Command, Space Aliens, Pinball, Multi Labyrinth, 1942, 100m Dash, Long Jump, 100m Hurdles, Brush Roller, High Jump, Javelin, Skeet Shoot, Triple Jump, Archery.