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Drinklip Portable cupholder
Drinklip Portable cupholder
"It seems that no matter how big your desk is, there's never enough room for all of the stuff you ""need"" on it. (Ladies, this is much like how once we get a big purse, we can never go back to a small one.) There's your monitor, your second monitor, your mini-monitor, your desk lamps, your plush creatures, action figures, a pile of random plates and bowls and silverware, not to mention the things you actually use to do your job. ...and what would happen if you knocked over your water glass and it spilled all across your desk? Extend your desk and avoid spills by putting your beverage in the Drinklip Portable Cupholder. It clips securely to any desk, table, or shelf and will hold your travel mug, glass, or water bottle within arm's reach. There's even a little slit at the bottom for condensation to drip through, hitting the floor rather than moistening your desktop. The Drinklip also doubles as a tiny item holder, perfect for storing nails and screws while going DIY, beads and safety pins while crafting, or even your dice while you're playing a game. Product Specifications Attach a cupholder to any desk, table, or shelf Use it to store your drink or small objects Other ideas for using your Drinklip: Home repair: Nails, screws, or drill bits Crafting: Beads, needles, pincushion, safety pins, stitch holders Organization: Keys, loose change, hair ties Gaming: Dice! (But also keeping your drink off your GM's table.) Play: Clip to LEGO fortress to use as a guard tower Fits cups up to 3.25"" in diameter (similar to a car cupholder size)"
One Stop Chop Cutting Board
One Stop Chop Cutting Board
Your dog is going to hate this cutting board. In a normal kitchen, when one is prepping food for a meal, there's almost always a bit of carrot, a chunk of cheese, or a bit of bacon that falls to the floor and makes its way into the belly of an eager canine. With the One Stop Chop Cutting Board, these treats from heaven will be a thing of the past. The One Stop Chop Cutting Board is a raised, bamboo cutting board with three food prep containers. Slice and dice your ingredient, then use your knife to slide it directly into one of the drawers. Repeat for your other ingredients. Then pull out the drawers and dump your chopped ingredients directly into your pot or skillet. Bam! Food prep that is sliced, diced, and organized and with every morsel going directly where it should. Product Specifications Slice, dice, and organize like a master chef Raised cutting board with storage drawers underneath Bamboo surface treated with mineral oil, durable and beautiful Three prep drawers pull out so you can slide chopped food in them Bring the drawer to the stove for easy & spill-free cooking Materials: Bamboo surface, BPA-free plastic drawers, rubber feet Dimensions: 16" x 11" x 1.75" Drawer Dimensions: 3.5" x 8" x 1" (three drawers)

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