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The Neuro Fuzzy® Rice Cooker
$199.99 $184.99
The Neuro Fuzzy® Rice Cooker
ThinkGeek code monkey Jamie has one of these bad boys at his place and swears by it. No, no, he doesn't stand next to it and hurl expletives. Maybe you do that in the kitchen, but Jamie doesn't. He just pours in some rice and water, presses a couple buttons, and walks away, probably to brush out his luxuriously long locks. (Obviously because one doesn't do that in the kitchen.) When he returns, the rice is cooked to perfection and his hair is beautiful and shiny. The Fuzzy Rice Cooker features advanced logic technology, which allows it to think for itself and make adjustments to the temperature and timing of your batch of rice totally on the fly. A spherical inner cooking pan and heating system distributes heat evenly so the rice at the bottom is the same consistency as the rice on the top. It'll do brown rice, white rice, sushi rice, even oatmeal. For those nights you don't want to wait, a quick cook program will make white rice in just 15 minutes, exactly the amount of time it'll take you to make a stir fry out of all those vegetables in your crisper and that leftover rotisserie chicken.

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