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Whoot the Owl Scentsy Warmer - NIB
Whoot the Owl Scentsy Warmer - NIB
PREMIUM FULL SIZE WARMER WHOOTIt comes with two bars of wax. welcome home 1 The bars I put a one by I only have 1 in that scent cold pizza 1 business casual banana berry black raspberry vanilla jet set go 1 hello yellow transcendence honeymoon hideaway 1 sunny and share luna 1 smokehouse 1 perfectly pomegranate 1 route 66 1 divot 1 burn rubber 1 wood-shop 1 cherry vanilla 1 cola 1 cherry limeade 1 zepher 1 watermelon mint Here is a list of bars you have to chose from, when you check you will be able to tell me what two bars you would like. Thanks Scentsy warmers use a low wattage light bulb to melt scented wax. As the specially formulated wax slowly melts, fragrance is released into the room. The Scentsy experience offers a safe flameless, soot-free way to enjoy your favorite scents. To use the warmer just screw the lightbulb into the base of the unit, plug it into an outlet and place a couple of cubes from a bar or a portion of a tester in the top dish. Discard the wax after the scent is no longer strong enough which is typically 80 hours per 2 bar cubes or 1 brick cube. If you want to switch out the scent, just pour the melted wax back into the container and use a paper towel to wipe out the remainder. If there is still some residue due to the wax drying, just put it back on the warmer and it will melt again and wipe clean. This auction ends at: 2013-08-06 22:45 +0100
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