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Golden Robot USB Flash Drive
Golden Robot USB Flash Drive
Golden Robots are the wave of the future. Our old pal C3PO started the fad. Remember Tik-Tok? No, not that song you've heard blasted from your annoying neighbor's car stereo, the automaton from Return to Oz! Golden robots are all over Futurama: Calculon, Hedonism-Bot, and even alternate reality Bender! All robot, all gold, all the time. Suddenly feel the need for a golden robot companion of your very own? Getting a little sad about it, even? Well fear not! Our Golden Robot USB Flash Drive will stand by your side - and on its own two feet as it bends over, inserting its USB noggin into your computer. This USB Flash Drive is shaped like a little humanoid robot and is super shiny (in the literal and Firefly sense of the word). Pop off the round helmet to reveal the USB connector. His shiny gold brain will hold 4 GB worth of data: plenty for some tunes, important documents, and that program you're going to load into your company's bank software. The best part? He's posable! That's right - he's smart AND handsome. What a catch! Just don't tease him about being bald - he's a bit sensitive. Product Specifications Posable golden robot USB Flash Drive His brain holds 4 GB of data, ready to share with you Bend him, pose him, seat him by your laptop Shiny in the literal and Firefly sense of the word Be fashionable before it's fashionable: golden robots are the future!
Monster Beats By Dr. Dre Pro Headphones White
Monster Beats By Dr. Dre Pro Headphones White
"Beats by Dr. Dre Pro are reference headphones designed by audio professionals for audio professionals. Particularly, those who prefer a clean, yet forceful sound across the spectrum. Built from strong yet lightweight aluminum for rugged use on-the-go, Beats by Dr. Dre Pro headphones resist vibrations, so you never hear unwanted artifacts, just pure, clear sound. Dual input/output cable ports enable you to share mixes by daisy-chaining headphones. If you've ever wanted to share a mix without removing your headphones, now you can. Beats by Dr. Dre Pro headphones have flip-up earcups that let you monitor the room without taking them off your head. They're so plush and comfortable you'll be able to wear them for hours and forget you have them on. They deliver advanced passive sound isolation, keeping the music in and ambient sounds just audible enough. Best of all, they're washable so you don't have to sweat sweating in them.Proprietary driver technology and materials deliver the even frequency response of studio monitors for ultra-accurate, pro-caliber recording, mixing, and playback Beats Pro uses no amplification or noise cancellation circuitry that adds other frequencies and colors the sound, so you get deep bass response and clean sound across the spectrum, uncompromised Increased earcup foam density and precise fitting shut out external noise for extraordinary accuracy, extreme clarity, and hard driving bass Stands up to heavy use and rough treatment for long life Metal construction won't resonate and introduce artifacts that interfere with the sound Dual Input/Output cable ports let you plug your headphone cable into one earcup and the other port automatically switches to output mode, so others can hear your mix in their cans The unique, backward-rotating earcups make it easy to monitor the room, studio, or club, or hear others with them on your head at all times Wired by Monster, the coiled cable is extra durable and flexible for extra length when you need it Yields superior sound isolation with maximum comfort and minimal ear fatigue Removable and washable because you want the beats funky, not your headphones Threaded 1/4"" adaptor with tether Heavy-duty, gold-plated threaded 1/4"" adaptor ensures you're ready for any setup An attached tether prevents it from being left behind at your last gig 1-year warranty What's In The Box? Beats Pro High-Performance professional headphone Monster Cable headphone cable (1.8m with a coil that extends it to 2.1m or 4.3ft.) 1/8 to 1/4"" adapter Touring case Monster Clean Cloth with advanced Aegis Microbe Shield technology 1-year warranty"

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