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Periodic GeNiUS Babydoll
$20.99 $14.99
Periodic GeNiUS Babydoll
"Nothing is more humbling than discovering a situation in which your immense body of knowledge is completely useless. Just because you have a PhD in Chemistry doesn't mean you can bake a soufflé. And nobody wins at Trivial Pursuit without at least knowing something about sports. (Luckily, sometimes it's about fencing.) This shirt says, ""I'm a genius, but I recognize it's only applicable periodically to my life."" Oh, and, ""Also, I dig chemistry."" The chemical formula for genius (okay, it's not... but it SPELLS genius...), Germanium, Nickel, Uranium, and Sulfur, printed with their atomic properties in white on a black, babydoll (fitted) shirt."
Enough Social Interaction Fitted Ladies' Tee
$19.99 $12.99
Enough Social Interaction Fitted Ladies' Tee
Geeks: we're one big group of loners. Most of us are not much good at the whole social interaction thing. In fact, we've trained our whole lives to be Not Good at it. From playing house alone to petitioning to be the project manager, technical lead, designer, and tester all in one on your next project, you know that other people just make life more complicated. But don't worry. You're in good company here. You're amongst people who understand, cause we're like that, too...

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