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SEPHORA COLLECTION Glitter Eyeliner and Mascara Sweetheart Pink
SEPHORA COLLECTION Glitter Eyeliner and Mascara Sweetheart Pink
A versatile, shimmering formula that adds glitter to the lash line and lashes with a dual-acting applicator brush. Get starry-eyed with this sparkling, glitter formula for lashes and lids. The applicator has both a liner brush and mascara bristles, making it the perfect tool for creating both a defined, long-lasting line and lashes full of glamorous glitter. This formula is hypoallergenic and has been dermatologically tested.
Sephora.com, Inc.
Rebel Nails Nail Wraps - Cheetah M Beige for Fingers
Rebel Nails Nail Wraps - Cheetah M Beige for Fingers
Rebel Nails Nail Wraps are the UK's leading brand of nail art designs: bringing fashion to the VERY tips of your fingers and toes. Are you looking for amazing beautiful nails in an instant? Rebel Nails Nail Wraps come in a wide range of styles and designs to create the stunning nails you have always dreamed of, which will be admired by your friends and family. Rebel Nails Nail Wraps are a revolutionary new way of accessorising your nails. They are self adhesive flexible coverings for your whole nail and can be used on natural, acrylic and gel nails. They will fit virtually any length, size or shape of nail. There is no drying time, no smudging, no chipping and no gluing. Here are just some of the benefits of using Rebel Nails: - Easy application, no drying time - Various designs to choose from - They don't chip like regular varnish - Your nails will look amazing 24/7 - You can change your look instantly - There is no gluing and no drying time - Receive compliments wherever you go. Each pack includes 16 wraps in various sizes. Like anything new it may take a few attempts to get your Rebel Nails perfect, but you'll find after a few applications that you know exactly which nail sizes correspond with your own, and it will take no time at all to accessorise your nails with whatever outfit you are wearing.
Roll-Up Keyboard
$19.99 $15.99
Roll-Up Keyboard
"With the popularity of netbooks, tablets, and other tiny typing devices, our fat fingers often yearn for a normal-sized keyboard. Alas, if we're traveling, our full-sized keyboard stays at the office with our docking station, so we are the Lords and Ladies of Typos. Or perhaps in your house there are tiny fingers on your keyboard... the kind of fingers that are often sticky and covered in who-knows-what? If you have geeklings, you've probably had your share of stuck keys and dead keyboards after a drink-related oopsie. Enter the Roll-Up Keyboard, ready to solve both problems! The internal components are sealed inside a single-piece silicone case, preventing damage from debris, moisture, and most anything you can spill on it. It's easily hand-washed with gentle cleansers and is constructed without screws or sharp edges, so it's perfect for kids or klutzes. The soft-touch keys, including numeric keypad, Sleep, Wake, and Power keys are silent and responsive for easy typing wherever you go. Just roll it up and stick it in your laptop bag. Product Specifications 108-key roll-up keyboard for typing on the go 100% silicone, latex-free construction, virtually indestructible Silent operation makes it ideal for computing away from home Ergonomic key arrangement, including Power, Sleep, and Wake keys Number, Scroll, and Caps Lock with LED indicators Easy-to-clean, hygienic surface resists dust, moisture, spills, and contaminants. Wipe clean with a damp cloth. (Do not clean with any harsh solvents.) 5,000,000 keystroke switch life Voltage: +5 V DC +/- 250 mA USB cable length: 50 inches Dimensions: 19"" x 5.5"" x 0.6"" Weight: 10 ounces Made for Windows, but works on Macs, too! (The Windows key works as the Command key on a Mac.)"

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