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X-Rocker Ice Video Rocker Game Chair with Wireless Kit
X-Rocker Ice Video Rocker Game Chair with Wireless Kit
Having trouble achieving the perfect video game playing posture? Well, the Ace Bayou X Rocker Ice Video Game Chair with Wireless Kit has your back and a great deal more. This well-crafted chair serves your gaming needs perfectly as it surrounds you with the aural and tactile experience of the system of your choice. Using built-in speakers positioned around your head, modern rocking chair design, and sleek styling, you'll be fully equipped to get more out of your home entertainment system. In cool blue and black, this video rocker's durable upholstery will take the rigors of intense game play, and its easy-clean vinyl makes it ideal for everyday use. Since this chair is foldable, storable, portable, and comfortable, it also makes a great gift and perfect accoutrement to any dorm room. Video game chair dimensions:37.5L x 30.25W x 24H inches Additional details: 3-inch full range arx™ speakers 5.5-inch powersub™ subwoofer iPod™ / mp3 / psp™ input and holster RCA audio inputs Headphone jack Volume and bass controls RCA multi-player audio outputs Breathable poly-stretch fabric Comfortable, fire-retardant foam pad Illuminating speakers Folds in half for easy storage and transport Arms fold up for convenience Compatible with Xbox, Playstation 3, Nintendo Wii & DS, Gameboy, MP3s, DVDs, and more About Ace Bayou Corporation The product above is manufactured by Ace Bayou Corporation. Founded in 1986, Ace Bayou has grown into a group of diverse, lifestyle-focused divisions. They all feature innovative, quality products at prices that allow everyone to enjoy the benefits. Their lifestyle furniture division features youth and adult casual furniture, including unique bean bags, video rockers, recliners, and special seating products. As a recognized innovator in these categories, Ace Bayou provides products that fit your life
Playstation Sniper:Ghost Warrior
$39.99 $19.95
Playstation Sniper:Ghost Warrior
The government of Isla Trueno has been overthrown by a hostile military regime. A highly trained special ops unit is dispatched to aid the rebels and accomplish objectives that only the precise and covert skills of a sniper can handle. Now, as the silent and camouflaged Ghost Warrior, you must embark on covert sniper missions, evade enemy detection and launch a full-scale tactical assault in order to help the resistance return to democratic rule. This is the most realistic sniping videogame ever, right down to managing you breathing for increased accuracy of shots. Enjoy an ultra-realistic ballistic system that accounts for bullet trajectory, including bullet drop and environmental effects such as wind, fog and rain. Defend your perimeter with Claymore mines, demolish enemy outposts with C4 charges and make silent kills with throwing knives. Play through a variety of mission types ranging from sniper vs. sniper, real-time tactical assault, and fixed machine gun combat. ESRB Rating: Mature
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Razer BlackWidow Ultimate Elite Mechanical Gaming Keyboard - Cable - Black - USB - Mac - Gaming, Multimedia, Macro Hot Key(s) - Audio Out, Microphone In Built-in
$129.99 $117.99
Razer BlackWidow Ultimate Elite Mechanical Gaming Keyboard - Cable - Black - USB - Mac - Gaming, Multimedia, Macro Hot Key(s) - Audio Out, Microphone In Built-in
The Razer BlackWidow Ultimate takes you full speed into combat with a full-fledged mechanical key infrastructure delivering crisp, tactile feedback with every actuation. Bringing an entirely different feel and faster keystroke actuation to the table, this revolutionary fully backlit gaming keyboard is rounded off by its additional macro keys and unlimited on-the-fly macro recording. Full Mechanical Keys for Superior Tactility and Faster Response The Razer BlackWidow's mechanical key technology provides a distinctive tactile feedback in form of a light pronounced tap to your fingers giving you an entirely new feel on your keyboard. With its optimized actuation force of 50g and a reduced actuation distance of 2 mm the Razer BlackWidow's keys allow you to actuate your commands faster than on any other standard gaming keyboard.
Gamer Grub Energy Snacks
Gamer Grub Energy Snacks
It's been six hours since you started your gaming session. Everything is going great: your team of online warriors is completing quest after quest. Suddenly, you hear the growl of an angry beast. But this beast lives in the real world, and it's growing violent. It's your stomach and it's hungry. But you don't want to get up to get food and let your party down by not being there for them. What's a gamer to do? Well, if you have some packs of Gamer Grub Energy Snacks, your problem is solved. Gamer Grub Energy Snacks are the first snacks designed just for gamers. The resealable packaging is designed to keep your fingers grease-free and your keyboard crumb-free; just tear the top and pour into your mouth. Of course it's delicious (else, why would we even offer it to you?) - but the best part is all the vitamins and neurotransmitters crammed into these yummy snacks. Each vitamin and mineral is selected by grubby scientists to give you all the goods to boost your cognitive functions. Not only will Gamer Grub Energy Snacks slay the vile fiend of hunger, it will also give your brain the power trip it needs to let you game until your butt fuses with your chair and you literally become one with your computer. Yeah, Gamer Grub Energy Snacks really are that powerful. For nutritional information, click here.
Nostromo Gaming Keypad
$50.97 $20.97
Nostromo Gaming Keypad
Whether your passion lies in FPS, MMORPG, or RTS games, the Razer Nostromo gaming keypad is designed to give you the upper hand with cutting edge ergonomics designed for intuitive game control while you play in complete comfort. With an arsenal of tournament-grade controls including 16 fully programmable Hyperesponse keys, 8 keymaps that you can switch between on the fly, and an 8-way directional thumb pad all integrated into one dedicated gaming keypad, you re prepared to take on all challenge
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