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The Jetson Cool Eco-Friendly Electric Bike
$1,799.99 $1,727.99
The Jetson Cool Eco-Friendly Electric Bike
"Enjoy sweat-free transportation with our new Jetson Electric Bike! Never go to a gas station again! Simply charge the battery, plug it in, and ride! Use less effort and become more efficient! Whether traveling to class, commuting to work, or simply running an errand, our state-of-the-art electric bike is both simple and safe! Feel good knowing that with a Jetson Electric Bike you are saving the environment. Our E-Bike is 100% Eco Friendly and Green. Equipped with a digital LCD display, the current speed, battery life, and mileage count illuminates beautifully whether day or night! Features: Removable Lithium Ion Battery Cruise Up to 20 MPH Front and Rear Disc Brakes Fully Functional Pedals 40 Mile Range Per Charge 2 Rear View Mirrors Included Fully Assembled Dimensions: 65"" L x 26"" W x 14” H Weight: 120 lbs. Jetson Electric Bikes are the newest, most stylish, and convenient mode of transportation on the road! Order Today!"
Supercade Upright Arcade Game Machine
Supercade Upright Arcade Game Machine
"SuperCade is an unprecedented value for the home game room enthusiast! Featuring a full sized arcade cabinet, arcade controls and 19” VGA monitor. Chicago Gaming Company has been manufacturing arcade games for over 30 years. We deliver incomparable quality that has withstood the test of time. 50 legendary arcade games, including: Alpine Ski (1982, Taito), Anteater (1982, Stern), Arkanoid (1986, Taito), Arkanoid 2 (1988, Taito), Armored Car (1981, Stern), Asteroids (1979, Atari), Asteroids Deluxe (1980, Atari), Atari Basketball (1979, Atari), Battlezone (1980, Atari), Berzerk (1980, Stern), Black Widow (1982, Atari), as well as: Calipso (1982, Stern), Centipede (1980, Atari), Chack ’n Pop (1983, Taito), Cloak (1983, Atari), Crystal Castles (1983, Atari), Elevator Action (1983, Taito), Food Fight (1983, Atari), Frenzy (1982, Stern), Gravitar (1982, Atari), Jungle Hunt 1982, Taito), Kram (1982, Taito), Liberator (1982, Atari), Lost Tomb (1983, Stern), Lunar Lander (1979, Atari), Lunar Rescue (1979, Taito), Millipede (1982, Atari), Minefield (1983, Stern), Missle Command (1980, Atari), Moon Patrol (1982, Irem), Moon War (1981, Stern), Pirate Pete (1982, Taito), Plump Pop (1987, Taito), Pong (1972, Atari), and: Qix (1981, Taito), Red Baron (1980, Atari), Rescue (1982, Stern), Skydiver (1978, Atari), Space Duel (1982, Atari), Space Invaders (1978, Taito), Speed Coin (1984, Stern), Super Breakout (1978,Atari), Super Qix (1987, Taito), Tazz Mania (1982, Stern), Tempest (1980, Atari), Tournament Arkanoid (1987, Taito), Video Pinball (1978, Atari), Warlords (1980, Atari), Water Ski (1983, Taito), Zoo Keeper (1982, Taito) Dimensions: 30""L x 24""W x 63""H; 240 lbs."

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