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Pixel Heart Heat Changing Mug
$11.99 $9.99
Pixel Heart Heat Changing Mug
We all like to sit around and complain that we need caffeine to take on the oh-so-hard task of sitting on our expanding backsides and typing for eight hours. "Oh no," we say. "Don't talk to me about that spreadsheet until I've had my 4-cup French press!" Do you know who thinks you should STFU? Mario. Link. Other heroes who are busting their tails in the wild to rescue princesses and save the world. Think of them next time you complain about being bored in a meeting...
Brain Freeze Ice Cube Molds
Brain Freeze Ice Cube Molds
"Basically, there are two ways we can approach how awesome these brain-shaped ice-cubes are: 1 - we can take the obvious zombie angle. Naturally, Zombies are (were) people, too, and when they're done with a long day at the office, tearing the gizzards out of Phil in Accounting, there's nothing they prefer more than to kick back with a high-ball of their favorite adult beverage, and ruminate on the day's activity... 2 - we can make reference to the well-known-but-oft-misunderstood ""Brain Freeze"" phenomenon made famous by Slurpee / Slushee / Squishee aficionados world-wide. You know - the pain you get when you drink a beverage (usually of the not-quite-frozen-yet-still-below-zero variety), and a pain shoots from your sinus cavity into your brain like icy daggers... yeah, we could definitely do that. But we're opting for a third approach to marketing these little silicon trays. This third option completely outstrips the zombie angle and the brain-freeze angle and leaves them in their metaphorical dust. You ready? Buy these Brain-Freeze Ice Cube Molds. They're friggin' awesome. What do you mean, ""I'm fired?"""

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