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Anatomical Brain Pendant
Anatomical Brain Pendant
"Did you know you're a gyrencephalic? We won't hold it against you. After all, we are, too. Shh. Don't tell. It means that the surface of our brains are foldy, which doesn't happen until a fetus is around 5 months old. Before that point, they're lissencephalic, like your common house mice. Capybaras are gyrencephalic. We've always liked capybaras. It must have something to do with the gyrification. Okay. We're done with the new word. We promise. But we're storing it in our brains for future use. Our foldy brains. This white bronze brain necklace was hand carved by artist Janelle Powell. The brain pendant measures approximately 1 3/8"" long, 1 1/16"" wide, and just under 3/4"" at the thickest point. The brain pendant weighs approximately 1.16 oz. which isn't much for a letter, but makes it a pretty hefty for a pendant. As a result, the back of the brain has been carved out to reduce weight. Has a spring-ring clasp. Comes on a 24"" black leather cord in a jewelry box. For our customers with nickel allergies: the pendant is white bronze, which is a mixture of copper, tin, and zinc. We opted for the leather cord. You should be safe. But if you're a zombie, you probably have bigger skin concerns than a nickel allergy. Just sayin'."