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Lil' Vampire Pacifier
Lil' Vampire Pacifier
When our copywriter monkey's brother was a baby, he had a biting problem. He just loved sinking his brand new teeth into anything and anyone available and he especially loved the tender flesh of the human neck. And so, geekling Brian went through life chomping on anyone who dared cuddle him. He would probably have escalated to vampirism if not for one angel of a woman at the grocery store. Mid-dairy-aisle, Brian sunk his razor sharp baby teeth into his mother's neck, causing her to cry out. The woman moved in with advice. "Bite him back," she said. Brian's mom looked skeptical. "Seriously," the woman said. "He won't learn unless you bite him back." Mom sunk her teeth into Brian's tender baby neck. He cried, he screamed, and he never bit anyone ever again. Do you have a noisy baby or one you feel may grow up to drink the blood of mortals? This pacifier is the way to go. It features luscious red lips and a full set of teeth including sharp canines for sucking the blood of the living. Our lawyers say we must tell you that ThinkGeek is not responsible if your geekling grows up to be one of the undead (but we are grateful because that means they can be one of our customers for centuries!).
Supreme Edition Adult Chewbacca Costume
Supreme Edition Adult Chewbacca Costume
Supreme Edition Adult Chewbacca Costume Supreme Edition Adult Chewbacca Costume - Star Wars Costumes for Men - Scary Halloween Costumes - This is the ultimate Star Wars Chewbacca Costume! The Supreme Edition Chewbacca Costume includes the completely furry Chewbacca bodysuit and over the head latex mask. The mask and bodysuit are covered with hand-layered multicolored long hair fur for an authentic blended look. The Chewbacca costume also includes the latex hands, sash and pouch. Chewbacca is the loyal friend of Han Solo and Yoda in the Star Wars series. Chewbacca is a fur covered warrior Wookie who is exceptionally skilled at Starship piloting and repair. This Supreme Edition Chewbacca costume is an officially licensed authentic Star Wars Costume. Big walking carpet! SW76-AX