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WINBOT Window Cleaning Robot
WINBOT Window Cleaning Robot
Live Smart. Enjoy life. Introducing the new WINBOT 7 Series. The world's only window cleaning robot that can clean glass of ANY thickness - even Thermopane! Now you can clean your windows, glass doors, mirrors and more with just the touch of a button. Features: WINBOT is Efficient! Trade in your old cleaning tools. WINBOT has them all! A bottle of professional cleaning solution to wet the front Cleaning Pad, a built in squeegee for wiping, and a second Cleaning Pad for drying. WINBOT is Smart! WINBOT automatically determines the size of your window, then programs a path to clean the window quickly and efficiently. It even has a remote control. WINBOT is Easy to Use! Just switch WINBOT on, place it on the window, and press Start. It's THAT easy. WINBOT is Safe! Powerful suction, a back-up battery, and a Safety Pod all add up to unparalleled safety - even on windows above ground level. Specifications: Frameless Window Identification: Yes Cleanable Glass Thickness: Unlimited Working Time: Unlimited Working Speed: 0.15m per second / 5.9" per second Working Noise: 55 dB Dimensions: 232mm x 225mm x 95mm / 9.1" x 8.9" x 3.7" Weight: 2 kg / 4.4 lb Back Up Battery: 11.1 V Lithium Rechargeable Say goodbye to old-fashioned window washing and let WINBOT do the work! WINBOT The Window Cleaning Robot
SkyMall, Inc.
Emergency Survival Backpack
$489.03 $379.99
Emergency Survival Backpack
Take essential survival items with you in an emergency. Stocked with supplies for two people for up to three days, or one person for up to five days, the easy-to-carry, organized backpack is your go-to resource in a disaster situation. In an evacuation, you ll have what you need to take with you. Find it fast. Inside this compact backpack, you ll find four individual, color-coded insert kits stocked with supplies: red for first aid, yellow for tools, blue for food and water, and green for sanitary items. Each kit opens to display the contents organized in clear individual pockets, so you ll always be able to find what you need, when you need it. Set G€“ 5 Items: Backpack (1) Insert kits (4) First Aid Kit Contents: Antibiotic ointment (10) Antiseptic wipes (10) Bandages G€“ 3/4" x 3 (10) Bandages G€“ 1 x 3 (20) Bandages G€“ 2 1/4 x 4 (10) Bandages G€“ butterfly (10) Bandages G€“ knuckle (10) Bandages G€“ wound closure (10) Cold compresses (2) Cotton swabs (8) Elastic roll G€“ 3 (1) First-aid pouch G€“ large (1) Gauze G€“ 2 roll (1) Gauze G€“ 2 x 2 dressing (2) Gauze G€“ 4 x 4 dressing (2) Gel pen (1) Latex-free gloves (2 pairs) Medical tape G€“ 1/2" (1) N95 latex-free face masks (2) Notepad (1) Pill boxes (2) Scissors (1) Self-adhesive wrap G€“ 2 (1) Splint (1) Trauma pad G€“ 5 x 9 (1) Tweezers (1) Tools Kit Contents: Cable saw (1) Carabineers (2) Compass/whistles (2) Crank charger attachments (1) Crank flashlight (1) Crank flashlight/radio/charger (1) Duct tape (2) Emergency blankets (2) Emergency tent (1) Flint strike (1) Glow sticks (4) Multi-tool (1) Rain ponchos (2) Rope G€“ 30 ft. (1) Signaling mirror (1) Work gloves (1 pair) Food W x 19 H x 13 D Weight: 26 lbs.
MintyBoost Kit
$19.99 $14.99
MintyBoost Kit
Protip for life: If someone offers you a mint, take it. Chances are, either you have bad breath or they want to kiss you in the near future. Possibly both. But we're not talking about kissing here. (Ewww, gross.) We're talking about pulling out an Altoids tin and being able to resuscitate a dead phone with it. Is it magical? Yep. As magical as kissing? (Ew, well, maybe.) The Minty Boost Kit contains the parts necessary build your own pocket-sized USB emergency charger. While other people might need emergency breath mints, you prefer a jolt of juice to perk up that iPod or reanimate your Android. Some soldering skills are necessary, but nothing that a beginner can't do (while wearing appropriate safety gear). Once assembled, your Altoids tin will hold the charger circuitry and 2 AA batteries and provide a much needed cup of coffee to your waning device's battery. Need to know if MintyBoost will work with your (insert electronics here)? Click here to see if it's on the list before you buy. Product Specifications Build your own small, simple, and powerful USB charger Fits in an Altoids tin (hence the name, MintyBoost!) Will charge most any device that can charge via USB (phone, camera, gadgets, etc) Kit is unassembled and can be done by a beginner Some soldering tools are necessary (but it's not hard!) Charger circuitry and 2AA batteries fit into the tin Will run an iPod for 2.5x longer than a 9V USB charger Power: Provides 500 mA @ 5V TIP: Use rechargeable AA batteries for less waste & cost Got questions about MintyBoost? Check the FAQ here. "ThinkGeek, will it charge my __________?" Click here to find out.