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AirSwimmers / Remote Controlled Shark
AirSwimmers / Remote Controlled Shark
The most original and possibly craziest Remote-Controlled product ever made! The giant sized flying fish is easy to control in the tightest of spaces using the infra-red remote control. The remote control also moves the fish up and down in the air by moving the 'feeder fish' forward (fish goes down) and backwards (so the fish flies higher). In this way the fish can even go up and down your stairs! How to top up your fish: This fish needs to be filled with Helium before it will fly. Helium is available at most florists and all retail stores that sell Helium party balloons. You can either take the fish and get it filled up locally, or buy a Helium canister to fill up the fish use again and again. So, get some Helium and you will be flying around your Giant Fish in minutes. About Air Swimmers These incredible giant-sized flying fish come in two species, choose from the friendly, endearing flying clownfish or the colossal, flying Shark, or have both and play amazing games of chase between the two! The Air Swimmers are simple to control in even the tightest of spaces, using the Radio Control handset you can manoeuvre the fish forwards, backwards, sideways and up and down by moving the 'feeder fish'. The controls are so precise you can even make the fish fly upstairs. Air Swimmers need to be filled with Helium in order to fly. Helium is readily available from florists or party shops and other than the Helium the fish are ready to fly straight out of the box. All batteries are included Air Swimmers are one of the latest interactive toys from Wow! Stuff, a company which prides itself on selling high quality, innovative gifts, gadgets and toys. Air Swimmers took YouTube by storm this week. The YouTube clip showing the mesmerising Clownfish and Shark swimming through the air spread instantly across the net. In just 5 days the latest Air Swimmers clip had received a staggering 2,125,609 views! Suitable for age 8+

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