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Star Trek Retro Episode Posters
Star Trek Retro Episode Posters
With that iconic opening, William Shatner set the tone for a TV series that would define generations of Trekkies all over the world. As of now, Star Trek has been on for 46 years, across 6 series, 725 episodes, and spawned 11 feature films, over 400 comic books, and yet hundreds more novels. It's a cultural phenomenon that endured for decades. Now, CBS has commissioned artist Juan Ortiz to create a set of 80 original prints depicting each episode of Star Trek, including the original unaired pilot episode The Cage, in 1960's-era movie poster and pulp novel style. Partnering with Quantum Mechanix, ThinkGeek is presenting sets of four posters released every month depicting those original series episodes. Each set of four will be printed only once, and immediately retired forever. Once the episode's poster has been made available, it will never be repeated, so make sure you collect the sets with your favorite episodes. They'll also make great gifts for the Star Trek fans in your life! Details Limited release poster sets Four posters per set Each set printed only once, then retired forever! Each poster depicts a single episode of Star Trek The Original Series Now Available: Set 1: Episode 9: Dagger of the MindEpisode 28: The City on the Edge of ForeverEpisode 53: The Ultimate ComputerEpisode 75: The Way to Eden Set 2: Episode 2: Charlie XEpisode 14: Balance of TerrorEpisode 59: And the Children Shall LeadEpisode 66: Wink of an Eye Set 3: Episode 44: The Trouble with TribblesEpisode 36: CatspawEpisode 27: The Alternative FactorEpisode 70: Let That Be Your Last Battlefield Set 4: Episode 1: The Man TrapEpisode 7: What Are Little Girls Made Of?Episode 24: This Side of ParadiseEpisode 47: The Immunity Syndrome Set 5: Episode 4: The Naked TimeEpisode 18: ArenaEpisode 23: A Taste of ArmageddonEpisode 61: Spectre of a Gun Set 6: Episode 8: MiriEpisode 33: Mirror, MirrorEpisode 64: The Tholian WebEpisode 77: The Savage Curtain Set 7: Episode 29: Operation: Annihilate!Episode 30: Amok TimeEpisode 60: Is There in Truth No Beauty?Episode 62: Day of the Dove Set 8: Episode 46: A Piece of the ActionEpisode 54: Bread and CircusesEpisode 63: For the World Is Hollow and I Have Touched the SkyEpisode 52: The Omega Glory Set 9: Episode 35: The Doomsday MachineEpisode 68: Elaan of TroyiusEpisode 58: The Paradise SyndromeEpisode 50: Patterns of Force Set 10: Episode 55: Assignment: EarthEpisode 56: Spock's BrainEpisode 11: The Menagerie, Part IEpisode 74: Requiem for Methuselah Set 11: Episode 67: The EmpathEpisode 12: The Menagerie, Part IIEpisode 22: Space SeedEpisode 78: All Our Yesterdays Set 12: Episode 19: Tomorrow Is YesterdayEpisode 25: The Devil in the DarkEpisode 69: Whom Gods DestroyEpisode 73: The Lights of Zetar Set 13: Episode 21: The Return of the ArchonsEpisode 39: Journey to BabelEpisode 65: Plato's StepchildrenEpisode 71: The Mark of Gideon Set 14: Episode 20: Court MartialEpisode 45: The Gamesters of TriskelionEpisode 57: The Enterprise Incid...

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