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Converse All Star Harley Quinn Sneaker
Converse All Star Harley Quinn Sneaker
Harleen Quinzel, the Arkham psychiatrist who fell in love with the Joker. A "mad love" would lead her to a life of crime as Harley Quinn, frequent accomplice, and would-be-girlfriend of the Clown Prince of Crime. Step into a life of crime with the new Harley Quinn Sneaker from Converse All Star! The Harley Quinn Chucks display a hi top style with printed canvas upper, lace up closure, Harley Quinn tongue logo tag, and durable rubber outsole. Only available at Journeys! Please note that this shoe runs a half size large. Manufacturer style 148360C
Vanishing Champagne Bottle
Vanishing Champagne Bottle
Collapsible production props like rubber/latex bottles are classic magical items. Now we present you the latest production number in this line, the Vanishing Champagne Bottle. With care, this bottle will last a long, long time. Effect: The magician presents a Champagne bottle to the audience, while explaining that he will make the bottle vanish by simply placing it into a paper bag. The magician proceeds to place the bottle into the bag then the magician turns the bag upside down showing that the bottle has vanished. Ahrgs and ahs start coming from the audience then the magician turns the bag right side up and shows that the bottle has appeared. The magician shows his powers of prestidigitation placing the bottle back in bag and shows it has vanished once again. The audience not convinced it has vanished, the magician proceeds to crush the bag to prove that it has indeed, vanished! Tadah!
Make Your Own Gum Kit
$14.99 $9.99
Make Your Own Gum Kit
How many times have you chewed a piece of gum? How many times have you wondered just how chewing gum is made? (And how many times have you wondered just how old that gum in that machine really was, anyway?) Now you can see the science behind your favorite chewy treat by making your very own chewing gum at home! The Make Your Own Gum kit includes everything you need to make your own gum on the stove or with a microwave. The kit's "secret" ingredient is chicle, the sap of the Sapodilla tree which grows in the rainforests of Central America. Inside the kit, you'll also find confectioner's sugar, corn syrup, natural peppermint and cherry flavors, a pan for softening the chicle gum base, instructions, and the story of chicle. Each kit can produce 50 pieces of freshly made chewing gum. Bullet Headline For Ages 8 years and Up Make your own chewing gum kit for kids (and adults!) Can be made with a stove or microwave Makes 50 pieces of gum Kit includes: Chicle gum base Confectioner's sugar Corn Syrup Natural peppermint & cherry flavors A pan for softening the chicle gum base Instructions The story of chicle This kit is made in the USA
Playstation 3 DUALSHOCK 3 Controller - Candy Pink
Playstation 3 DUALSHOCK 3 Controller - Candy Pink
The DUALSHOCK 3 wireless controller for the PlayStation 3 system provides the most intuitive game play experience with pressure sensors in each action button and the inclusion of the highly sensitive SIXAXIS motion sensing technology. Each hit, crash and explosion is more realistic when the User feels the rumble right in the palm of his or her hand. It can even detect natural movements for Real-time and high precision interactive play, acting as a natural extension of your body. DUALSHOCK 3 utilizes Bluetooth technology for wireless game play and the controller?s USB cable to seamlessly and automatically charge the controller through the PlayStation 3 at anytime. By integrating all of these features into the popular PlayStation controller design, the DUALSHOCK 3 will further enhance the advanced game play experience only available on the PlayStation 3 system.-Features: -Pressure-sensitive buttons: Feel the controller vibrate with each hit, crash or explosion-SIXAXIS highly sensitive motion technology: Your natural movements become part of the action. And the controller becomes a natural extension of your body. The SIXAXIS motion-sensing system allows you to maneuver the controller itself. With this system, sensors read when you angle, tilt, thrust, or pull the controller, all in real-time and with high precision. And it's available in both the SIXAXIS wireless controller and the DUALSHOCK 3 wireless controller-Bluetooth technology: No wires. With the DUALSHOCK 3's Bluetooth technology you can play completely untethered-Multiplayer gaming: Connect up to seven wireless controllers at one once for serious multiplayer gaming-Charging: Charge the DUALSHOCK 3 with the PlayStation 3 system using the controller's USB cable. And you can even plug it in during game play, so you'll never miss a beat
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