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Jim Henson's Labyrinth Worm Plush
Jim Henson's Labyrinth Worm Plush
What a night. Her parents leave her to babysit her little brother, never bothering to ask if she had plans. Goblins come and take the poor boy away. And then, Sarah finds herself outside the Labyrinth, tasked with finding her way to the center or losing her baby brother forever! David Bowie sure can be mean. Once inside the Labyrinth, the first creature she meets is only referred to as "The Worm" (and no complaining, because she met Hoggle outside the Labyrinth)...
Lies They Teach in School
Lies They Teach in School
"So, you graduated top of your class. Well, good for you. No seriously, we're quite proud of you. But did you know that many things taught as ""facts"" in school are nothing but a pack of filthy lies? It's true. LIES!! Well, time to set your brain and education straight with Lies They Teach in School. You'll learn the truth behind many lies, such as: The United States did not vote for independence on July fourth. French fries did not originate in France. Cleopatra was not Egyptian. Charles Darwin didn't coin the phrase ""survival of the fittest."" And oh so much more! But it's not our teachers' faults. History is often written by the victors and also, like a time travelling game of telephone, it gets distorted as it's told and retold. Lies They Teach in School explore those things we accept as history that either never happened or didn't happen the way we were told they did. Such items are taught in schools. But they are wrong. Touching on a number of topics (including history, current events, government, sports, geography, and popular culture), Lies They Teach in School exposes errors that have been perpetuated for far too long. It will certainly start a number of arguments, and settle a few others."

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