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Dreamlights Fireflies in a Jar
$29.99 $6.99
Dreamlights Fireflies in a Jar
"As the days get longer, and the nights get warmer, people are venturing outside their doors and enjoying the moonlight. As they walk down streets and paths, the flickering lights of fireflies are hard to miss. During some summers, trees would light up with more fireflies than there were stars in the heavens, turning the whole sky upside-down. As kids, many of us ran through our parents' back yards, collecting fireflies in jars. They'd flicker inside, blinking out their little buggy code to each other. We would wonder what their bioluminescent blinkenlights were actually saying. Were they discussing the merits of Proust? Perhaps engaging in a rabid defense of French Existentialist poetry in an age of materialism and excess. No - nothing that heady. In fact, their gentle flickering communicates their ability to mate and their location - the entomological equivalent of ""Hey baby! Yo! Over here, good-lookin'! Yo!"" Of course, unless you're an 8-year old boy, or an entomologist, bugs are kinda icky, so handling them may not be your favorite thing to do. Also, there's the cruelty factor of shaking a jar full of bugs giving them tiny buggy concussions in an effort to stimulate their bioluminescence simply for the joy of a child who, in a few short minutes, will lose interest in favor of their Nintendo DS and some new Pokemon title. So where bugs fail us, robots fill in. These robots come in the form of tiny LEDs inside a frosted glass lantern. During the day, the lantern soaks up the energy of the sun, and during the night the little robot bugs glow, flickering and throbbing like real fireflies. You can set them to glow as long as they have power, or only when you shake the lantern. Don't worry about harming the little fellas - they aren't real. Your karma is safe. So traipse across your moonlit garden again, like you did when you were a kid. Set it on your night stand to offer a soft soothing glow while you sleep, or just take a walk using the lantern as cool illumination as you go. The fireflies won't mind - in fact, they'll probably come to check out the hot little robotic numbers inside. Ooh yeah, baby. Features Glass lantern full of flickering LED ""fireflies"" Rechargeable solar batteries keep your lights going for many hours Switchable to glow when it gets dark, or when you shake the jar Soothing light that's cruelty free! 4 inches in diameter, 5 3/4 inches tall"
Zen Class Travel The Nirvana Organizer - Chocolate
$39.99 $31.99
Zen Class Travel The Nirvana Organizer - Chocolate
This 2-in-1 In-Flight Organizer / Travel Tote mounts directly on to your seat back tray table and keeps everything from lip balm to laptops at your fingertips throughout the trip... it even has a cupholder! Multiple zippered and mesh storage pockets prevent you from forgetting your travel essentials on the plane ever again. Netbooks, iPads and eReaders like Kindle and Nook fit perfectly. Between flights, the handy seatback organizer zips closed and converts to a slim travel tote. This versatile
eBags, Inc.
Heys - Touch Scale - White
Heys - Touch Scale - White
The first in the industry to use patent pending; hi-tech, touch screen technology, Heys USA Touch Scale was created with the consumer in mind--helping cut costs at the airport by weighing your bags before you even get there. Easy LB/KG conversion facilitates simple use for domestic or international travel. Accurately weigh your luggage in three easy steps. Fast weight, auto-lock technology changes turn red when ready for use. Fits cutting-edge technology into a portable, ergonomic scale. Rubber coated hook protects your luggage when weighing. 60-second auto shut-off saves battery when not in use. Never pay overweight baggage fees again. Available Colors: Purple, Teal, Black, Red, White, Orange.