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iPhone Photo Printer
iPhone Photo Printer
The iPhone Photo Printer. This is the first printer that produces photo quality pictures directly from a docked iPhone or iPod touch. Requiring no computer or software, the printer is controlled from your iPhone via a free downloadable app. In less than a minute and without ink cartridges, it prints crystal-clear 300 dpi resolution pictures with vibrant colors, thanks to patented paper embedded with yellow, magenta, and cyan dye crystals. The photographs are smudge- and tear-proof, fade- and water-resistant. The printer can produce one, four, or 10 images on each 4" x 6" borderless sheet. Occupying no more desktop area than a box of tissues, the printer also charges a docked iPhone or iPod touch. Also connects to Android phones (requires mini-USB cable), iPad, and iPad2. Comes with one thermal paper cartridge that makes 12 prints. Plugs into AC. 4" H x 7" W x 6" D. (3 lbs.)
SkyMall, Inc.
MintyBoost Kit
$19.99 $14.99
MintyBoost Kit
Protip for life: If someone offers you a mint, take it. Chances are, either you have bad breath or they want to kiss you in the near future. Possibly both. But we're not talking about kissing here. (Ewww, gross.) We're talking about pulling out an Altoids tin and being able to resuscitate a dead phone with it. Is it magical? Yep. As magical as kissing? (Ew, well, maybe.) The Minty Boost Kit contains the parts necessary build your own pocket-sized USB emergency charger. While other people might need emergency breath mints, you prefer a jolt of juice to perk up that iPod or reanimate your Android. Some soldering skills are necessary, but nothing that a beginner can't do (while wearing appropriate safety gear). Once assembled, your Altoids tin will hold the charger circuitry and 2 AA batteries and provide a much needed cup of coffee to your waning device's battery. Need to know if MintyBoost will work with your (insert electronics here)? Click here to see if it's on the list before you buy. Product Specifications Build your own small, simple, and powerful USB charger Fits in an Altoids tin (hence the name, MintyBoost!) Will charge most any device that can charge via USB (phone, camera, gadgets, etc) Kit is unassembled and can be done by a beginner Some soldering tools are necessary (but it's not hard!) Charger circuitry and 2AA batteries fit into the tin Will run an iPod for 2.5x longer than a 9V USB charger Power: Provides 500 mA @ 5V TIP: Use rechargeable AA batteries for less waste & cost Got questions about MintyBoost? Check the FAQ here. "ThinkGeek, will it charge my __________?" Click here to find out.
Treatball Automatic Hand Sensor - Large (Red)
£24.95 £17.99
Treatball Automatic Hand Sensor - Large (Red)
Now this is a 21st century sweet devouring device that anyone can enjoy! If you like that retro look in your home enjoy faff free gadgets and like a handful of treats every now and then then this automatic hand sensor Treatball should be right up your street! Fill the treatball with your favourite sweat or savoury snacks place in a handy location and simply place your hand underneath the dispenser to release your treats! No twists no slots no switches...just a treatball that keeps things simple. Depending on how much you would like to gobble down each time there are three settings to choose from to suit you goody fixing needs. Small handful large handful...or a bowl full. We like the idea of the bowl full but how big is your fix? - J.D. Features: Motion sensor dispenser 3 dispense settings Refillable and easy to take apart for cleaning Requires 4 x AA batteries - not included Treats not included Boxed dimensions: 23 x 23 x 31cm Weight: 1.6kg