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Felicia Pennant
feliciapennant added a look via the mobile app

With the latest Star Wars film The Last Jedi due for UK release this week, Daisy Ridley has stepped back into the spotlight in glorious style. The English actress, who reprised her role as Rey, wowed at the LA premiere this past weekend in a star-spangled Monse midi covered in glittering sequins. A stylish nod to the film, the setting and her star tattoo, Ridley twirled down the red carpet showing off the fringed skirt, which took her look further out of this world.

Ridley, 25, scored American Vogue and UK ELLE covers this year but it’s her red carpet looks that have cemented her status as a chic newcomer. With stylist Petra Flannery’s help, she’s really mixed it up- stepping out in and making memorable Dior, Mary Katrantzou and Chanel looks her own. There’s a little hint of Keira Knightley about the actress as well and she’s definitely catching up with the Pirates of the Caribbean star in the fashion stakes. 

Get the look with our edit below.

Image credit: Google.

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Lina Psaila
linapsaila added a look via the mobile app

There's a certain vintage quality to the craftsmanship of Manu Atelier. The products are a unique blend of constructivism with clear geometric cuts reminiscent more of a box that a bag yet the colours are inviting romantic and utterly ethereal. After the success of the Manu Atelier Pristine bag last season the brand has now released a multicoloured version featuring all the must have colour hues of the season: mustard, burgundy, emerald green and off-white.

Net-a-porter's Fashion Director Lisa Aiken has been a longtime supporter of the mid range designer bag and only yesterday was snapped sporting it in the streets of New York where she's attending the pre-Fall collections 2018. Other fashion supporters of the brand include blogger Loulou De Saison aka Chloe in Paris, fashion entrepreneur Babba Canalis in New York and stylist Faye Tsui in Hong Kong. We absolutely adore the multicoloured version as you can sport it with basically anything that's hanging in your wardrobe. Plus it makes for an excellent xmas gift for the undecided on colour. 

Shop your favourite Manu Atelier styles from our exclusive edit below! 

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Federica Caiazzo
federicacaiazzo added a look via the mobile app

Here is Stylist Anna Rosa Vitiello! I love her style for the way she can mix and match different pieces making simple items incredible unique. Shall we invest on a white top too? #top #white #trousers #prints

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Federica Caiazzo
federicacaiazzo added a look via the mobile app

I am not a fan of animalier prints but the way fashion editor Giovanna Battaglia wears it makes it stunning. Don’t you agree? #stylist #animalier #outfit

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Lea Petermeijer
lea added a look via the mobile app

We’re all guilty of spending a little too much time scrolling down food instagram feeds until we’re too hungry to bear it anymore and then end up ordering food or making pasta for the fifth evening in a row…

But what if we told you that looking through food instagrams could actually be a source of productivity? All you have to do is follow the right accounts, ones that fit your eating habits with recipes that match your skills and time commitment - and we guarantee you’ll be spending a lot more time in the kitchen!

Scroll down and get following…

For experienced chefs
@thefeedfeed - a community of cooks sharing their best recipes, for any of you looking for a challenge! Great for dinner parties especially…

For mid-level cooks
@deliciouslyella - one of the UK’s biggest foodies, Ella shares her recipes made from healthy ingredients, many of which come from her best-selling cooking books.
@theboywhobakes - this London based food writer and stylist has a feed that'll get you in the kitchen in no time.

For beginners
@food52 – a great account for anyone looking for easy recipes and general facts about food.
@madeleine_shaw_ -  from pancakes to oven-baked salmon, this London based food blogger provides endless ideas for daily simple meals!

In you’re in a hurry
@minimalistbaker - posting recipes with 10 ingredients or less, 1 bowl, or 30 minutes to prepare, this account has all the best ideas for anyone looking to prepare a last minute meal.

For vegetarian recipes
@mynewroots - a delicious selection of healthy vegetarian recipes, that’ll make you wonder why anyone ever eats meat in the first place…

If you're gluten free 
@georgeats - this account offers tons of great gluten free recipes with a particular focus on sweet dishes!

For recipes using whole foods only
@sproutedkitchen - gorgeous images of whole grains, healthy fats, and natural sugar alternatives meal options.

For detox meals
">@nutritionstripped - this dietician and nutritionist snaps photos of dishes that look far too good to be healthy…

Photo credits: Instagram.

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Chloe Laws
chloelaws added a look via the mobile app

LFW is the fashion industry's favourite week of the year, but it is also the most frantic and exhausting. This combination of too much caffeine, not enough sleep, heels, queuing and dashing between shows means that Editors across the board have a lot of funny anecdotes. It's chaos. Often fun, glamorous chaos. Often not. It's not actually possible for Editors to be in five places at once, if we could we would. So this results in frantically running around Soho whilst trying to Snapchat, Instagram and write reports. While also trying to not be caught red face and puffing by street style photographers. 

1. “Once, a colleague and I were queueing in the rain for a show that was running 40 minutes late. A faux fur clad lady in pointed satin slingbacks toting a mock croc handbag introduced herself to us as a freelance stylist and proceeded to regale us with tales about her assistant’s ability to worm her way backstage at any show. We swapped cards and later that evening, came across said stylist inside the show venue, crying as she sat on the steps of the main staircase.

She explained that she’d promised a PR contact she’d be at the show just gone but was refused entry on grounds that she was late and they were over capacity. She tearfully pleaded with us to send her photos of the show we’d snapped so she could pretend she’d been in attendance. We offered some kind words and sent her a couple of sub-par images but despite explaining that her PR contact probably [actually, MOST DEFINITELY] wouldn’t care she hadn’t made it, her tears ceased to flow the moment she downloaded the pictures. 

Pawing at her tear-streaked mascara, she suddenly stood upright at the arrival of her photographer beau, with whom she invited us to attend an after party. We politely declined and made our own way to dinner."

2. "What really annoys me are girls who have seats look at you like you're a peasant when you ask them to move up. You don't own the row of chairs"

3. "Every PR contact you've ever had will suddenly become your BFF. That woman you met once 2 years ago will send you five emails a day calling you 'babes' and saying how much they want to 'catch up'. You know they are just trying to fill out their event, but you go along with it because you know, goodie bags"

4. "Back in the days when I was an editor's assistant, she'd make me call around and plea for her to be seated on the FROW otherwise she wouldn't attend. It was very embarrassing, particularly because she wasn't as important as she liked to think. Very awks." 

5. "A friend of mine had handed her business card to a woman, and they had a chat about which shows they were going to attend. When my friend was told for the second time that she had already checked in somewhere she asked them to describe what the person looked like and pieced it together. This woman had been using my friend's business card to get into shows! Note to self: don't trust anyone, fashionistas can be cut throat". 

6) “While interning many LFW seasons ago, a friend and I were given two invites to attend a show for a well-known designer by our supervisor. Given that we were industry nobodies, we were unabashed at forcing our way through the crowds and plopped ourselves down in the second row so as to be on the receiving end of what appeared to be a substantial goodie bag. 

The goodie bag was substantial indeed. And while there were no new season sunglasses or iPods (goodie bags post 2010 just don’t compete), a vibrant embossed cushion featuring the fashion house’s name pleased us to no end. Squealing with delight, we plotted how to nab a few more of them before leaving. 

Those around us glanced our way with disapproving glares as we shoved cushions left, right, and centre into our tote bags from the empty chairs beside us (apparently, it’s FROW or nothing for some). Escaping from the clutches of any hawk-eyed PRs, we left quietly into the night. Months later, we saw the same embossed cushion being sold on eBay. If only we hadn’t grown attached to them in our shared flats…"

7) "There are so many crazy things I've witnessed at fashion week, but one that stands out is when a brawl almost started. If you're late to a show, you expect to stand as your seat has probably been taken. Some girls didn't take too well to this and began shoving the people in front of them, so they could see better (or, in other words, take better Instagram pics). This escalated as the girls in front, quite understandably, didn't like getting elbowed in the back. Security had to come over and ask them to calm it."

Photo Credit: Pinterest

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Alpay Tutu
latelita added a look via the mobile app
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shivani joshi
shivanijoshi added a look via the mobile app

Our influencer for the week is the well-known stylist Prayag Menon (Insta handle: @prayagm_v). Prayag’s foray into the industry was incidental when he began styling shoots on his own at home, as an outlet for creative exploration. Completely self-taught and with no formal training, Prayag draws inspiration from his perspective on lifestyle, aspiration and the people he interacts with. His work resonates a sense of minimalism and timelessness. Read on to know more about him. 

1) Being a commercial pilot, how did you get into styling? 
A) I was always interested in fashion. Though the leap from pilot to stylist was a happy accident! My partner (photographer Porus Vimadalal) who’d recently entered the industry at the time was to collaborate on a test shoot with a stylist, but she had to cancel a day prior due to unforeseen circumstances; and I offered to jump in to style the shoot. I remember everyone really liked the shoot when it was out, and subsequent to that Porus encouraged me to start styling. I also started getting offers to work on other shoots and there was no looking back since. I am completely self-taught and have learnt consistently from each shoot I’ve worked on. 

2) What’s your personal style all about? 
A) Clean and restrained mostly. I like incorporating a sense of balance in terms of colours and silhouette. 

3) Do you remember your first fashion shoot? Tell us more about it. 
A) It was in the summer of 2013. We worked with some beautiful Roberto Cavalli gowns that a friend had recently acquired. The model was the beautiful Rasika Navare; now one of my closest friends. We shot a series of pictures in a studio and I still have that shoot in my portfolio; it's classic and beautiful. 

4) Who are the photographers you love working with and why? 
A) My partner Porus Vimadalal is definitely someone I love working with the most. I have learnt a great deal from him ever since I got into fashion. We have grown together in the industry and our aesthetics are completely aligned, which makes every shoot experience with him seamless and wonderful. 

5) What are some of the biggest challenges that you face as a stylist? 
A) One of the biggest challenges is dealing with commercial clients and a set brief which is not always familiar to your aesthetic. I have learnt from experience that it is necessary to stand by your opinion and choose how much you want to budge. It's fine to meet someone half way, but provided its mutual. 

6) What are some of the things you do to get inspired for a concept shoot? 
A) My work is straightforward in terms of fashion being the focal point. Inspiration arrives via many mediums; it could be a story I read somewhere, or someone I meet, or just my imagination. I then pick a trend which appeals to me and add it to connect the story. Conceptualisation and ideation are an organic process for me, I don't spend time consciously researching/studying or following a particular method. 

7) What are you currently working on? 
A) To name a few projects; I have a fashion editorial that is out in this month’s issue of ELLE India. I have also styled Verve Magazine's February cover story, and then I've worked on Miuniku's SS17 lookbook along with some more exciting projects releasing over the next few months. 

8) What would be a dream collaboration for you? 
A) I'd like to work with Marion Cotillard. 

9) What or who has greatly influenced your work and how? 
A) The women I've met in my life have played a huge role in the development of my work. These aren't necessarily women who are in the fashion industry; they come from diverse backgrounds. My relationships with them influenced and heightened my love for understated elegance, the idea of a lifestyle that is more cultivated and refined, not ostentatious. Through my work, I like depicting women as assertive and effortless; attributes inspired from the women in my life - independent and fearless, who live/have lived life on their own terms, and who make their own life choices. 

10) What’s the best thing about being a stylist? 
A) For me; the best thing is how work doesn't feel like work. It is something I truly enjoy, and never tire of. 

11) Favorite fall trend you can’t seem to get over? 
A) Velvet! 

12) What advice would you give to a young stylist who is just starting out? 
A) Start easy, explore different sensibilities before you settle into what your comfort zone is. It's totally okay to make mistakes and learn from them. It’s important to constantly seek inspiration in what’s around you. The most important pearl of wisdom I was imparted with, and that I'd like to share is: Do not seek approval from others. Take constructive advice but in the end just do what you really believe in. Your style should be an extension of who you are as a person.

Photo Credit: prayagmenon(dot)com

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Shivani Joshi
shivanijoshi1 added a look via the mobile app

This holiday season we caught up with some of our fave artists and social influencers, to get out all the deets about their holiday plans for ending 2016 in massive style. Read on to know all about it! 

Rituparna Hazra, artist (Insta handle: hritoparna
What are your holiday plans: I want to curl up in on my bed, drink hot chocolate with marshmallow and venture into a Christmas/ horror movie marathon with my friends. 
What do you love about your outfit: My outfit is about comfort and having fun. I love the 70s and it's inspired by that. 
Your favourite holiday treat: Favourite holiday treat would be chocolate truffle cake and Bailey's Irish cream. 
Your New year resolution: My resolution would be to not have any resolutions ever.. And make lemonade out of all lemons that get in my way. 

Virja Shah, Fashion Curator (Insta handle: virjashah77) 
What are your holiday plans: House party / decorate Christmas tree with kids
Tell us about your Xmas outfit: Easy & functional are the words that describe the outfit . Drop waist skirt dress with a combination of textures. 
Your favourite holiday treat: have a lavish brunch with close friends. 
Your New year resolution: Don't wait for new years to take resolutions. 

Pranay Jaitly, stylist (Insta handle: who_wore_what_when
What are your holiday plans: I'm attending my best friends Christmas brunch on the 25th and for New Years I'm attending a house party. 
What do you love about your outfit: i've kept it casual yet dressy and made sure it's me. 
Your favourite holiday treat: rum chocolates. 
Your new year resolution: to fulfil the one I made 365 days ago 😉 

Rooparna Coomar, PR Manager (Insta Handle: rooparna
What are your holiday plans: Waves, Love, Wine. 
Your favourite holiday treat: The entire holiday itself is one big treat. 
Your christmas/ new year resolution: Digital detox 

Mohini Choudhari, Travel enthusiast (insta handle: mohinichoudhari
What are your holiday plans: I will be spending Christmas with my best friend in Philadelphia, we plan to just go around the city and catch up on some good time with each other. For new years, I wish to spend the night star gazing somewhere though.
What do you love about your outfit: I like the comfy and warm texture that this jumpsuit has. I usually dress very comfortable. I love monochromes and a hint of color somewhere. The jhumkas reflect the die hard desi lover that I am. This outfit reflects my travels and my personality. It’s very me. 
Your favourite holiday treat: Evenings with a glass of Gluehwein and plum cakes are always welcome. I indulge in them throughout the winter not just the holiday season. 
Your christmas/ new year resolution: 2017 I will be healthier, fitter, stronger and I also plan to master the art of bachata. I am already working towards it. 2016 has been a very progressive year for both professionally and personally and i hope 2017 does the same.

Photo Credit: Instagram

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Shivani Joshi
shivanijoshi1 added a look via the mobile app

As much as we enjoy winter chills, we know how the weather can be harsh to the skin and dressing up can be a task (we know the struggle is real). And so we caught up with our fave influencers to help us look glam this winter with their list of essentials! Read on:

Shopcade Question: Name three essentials you don't leave your house without in winters. 

1) Sid Do (Insta handle: @sidkidsid)
Winter essentials: beanies, trench coats, hand moisturiser 

2) Karan Berry, apparel designer (Insta handle: @karleofashion)
Winter essentials: My Nivea men's lip balm, Fahrenheit by Dior and my eucalyptus and spearmint lotion by bath and body works. And the most important thing I don't leave home without is a cup of Americano in my flask 

3) Udaybir Sandhu, model and actor (Insta handle: @UDAYBIR_SANDHU
Winter essentials: Pair of gloves, Leather jacket, Moisturizer/Lip balm 

4) Sami Taha, Model (Insta handle: @SAMIFALKTAHA)
Winter essentials: Cap, scarf and a warm and long coat 

5) June Biswas, Blogger (Insta handle: @JUNEBISWAS)
Winter essentials: Lip balm, coconut oil, and scarf 

6) Shankey Bharadwaj, Stylist/ Blogger (Insta handle: @WHATSHEWORE__
Winter essentials: Lakme peach milk and Kohl Moroccan oil for my curls 

7) Aakriti Rana, Blogger, Youtube (Insta handle: @AAKRITIRANAGILL
Winter essentials: Hand cream from Victoria's secret, a leather jacket and tinted lip balm. 

8)Namah Shah, visual artist, MUA (Insta handle: @NUMMMZZZ)
Winter essentials: A notebook, mascara and lip balm. 

9)Neelam Virwani, model (Insta handle: @NEELAMBIRYANI
Winter essentials: lip balm and moisturiser, an oversized sweater/Jacket, Bottle of water as I tend to get very dehydrated during winters 

10) Hida Siddiqui, Model (Insta handle: @hidasiddiqui4ever
Winter essentials: perfume, lipstick and a handbag 

11) Niyanta Amrit Chopra, actor, blogger, Youtuber (Insta handle: @4466STYLEMILES)
Winter essentials: Even though Mumbai is not as big on winter (hence I miss all my winter layers that Delhi gave me) but there are 3 winter essentials My Dionis Peach Delight Lip balm for that dry chappyness taking over the lips during this season. My Favorite Blanket wrap up/ Cover up which I have been obsessed with as a child. It adds the volume and character to any simple outfit and it can be worn in multiple ways to create different styles and of course it is super cozy! A recent obsession, actually there are two and I can't decide which one I love more, but it has to be a trench coat and the over the knee boots that are chic essentials to have for that diva take over. 

12) Ketan Bhatia, fashion show director & Choreographer (Insta handle: K10BHATIA
Winter essentials: Lip balm (So you can smile effortlessly), moisture rich sunblock (Sunrays are still harmful in winter as much as we like to be out in the sun) and a Snood (that perfect accessory that ups your style quotient, keeps you warm and snuggly. Its a muffler/Hood/Scarf/Stole ......All rolled in one)

Photo Credit: Instagram

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Shivani Joshi
shivanijoshi1 added a look via the mobile app

Every fashionista gets their inspiration from someone else somewhere, whose personal style is simply unmatched. Keeping that in mind, we reached out to some Instagram fashion influencers, and asked them who their wardrobe crush is. Needless to say, we are now all stocked up on fashion inspiration after this one! 

1) Rohit Menon (Digital Solutions Executive: @iromenon) - The Metro Man on Instagram @motiankari 

2) Aarzoo Batra (Blogger: @zubeau) - Olivia Palermo 

3) Virja Shah (Fashion Curator: @virjashah77) - "Indian would be Kiran Rao. Actually more than any celebrity I love Angela Deviator of @Mommyplaydressup. She has an impeccable personal style and is a mother/fashion writer/blogger"  

4) Shashvat Seth (Model: @shashvatseth) - "I like the way Kanye West and Drake dress up"

5) Mahak Brahmawar (Athlete Agent: @mahakbrahmawar) - "I m crushin' on Bella Hadid"

6) Saud Khan (Model: @saudmdl) - "Ranveer Singh, he can carry any outfit"

7) Khushbu Goel (Model: @khushbugoel) - Deepika Padukone 

8) Dhruv Kapoor (Creative Diector: @dhruvkapoor) - Lotta Volkova 

9) Sanchay Bidhuri (Model: @the_sanchay_bidhuri) - Simon Nessman and Ranveer Singh 

10)Suraj Dhalia (Model: @surajdhalia) - David James Gandy 

11) Priya Singh (Model: @atomic_no.6) - Ragini Ahuja's Ikai and Nicobar 

12) Alisha Berry (Communication Design Consultant: @alishaberry) - Blake Lively or Olivia Palermo 

13) Devesh Pant (Stylist: @papapants) - "So lately I have been crushing on Ranveer Singh's wardrobe. Very loud proud and totally carefree just like his latest movie Befikre"

14) Shruti Viswan (Model: @shrutiviswan) - The label: Nor black nor white 

15) Rawky Ksh (Photographer: @rawky.ksh) - Mago Dovjenko 

16) Satyajeet Dubey (Actor: @satyajeetdubey) - Ranbir Kapoor 

17) Darsh Kothari (Model: @darsh2424) - Troy Costa 

18) Simran Shetty (Artist Manager: @simshetty) - Crushin' on Kendall Jenner 

19) Aalekh Kapoor (Actor: @aalekhkapoor) - Ranveer Singh

Photo Credit: Instagram 

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Shivani Joshi
shivanijoshi1 added a look via the mobile app

Shopcade HQ recently spoke to designer, creative director, graphic artist and stylist Himanshu Pal for some much needed creative inspirations. Himanshu also maintains a blog called Inbetween9, which showcases some visually breathtaking projects with an underlying theme of androgyny, gender and design. Not only has he styled these projects, but also created interesting graphics for the same. If you haven't checked out his blog already, it's time you did! 

Shopcade HQ (S): Tell us about your personal style. 
Himanshu (H): Personal style means fun to me. It is not about looking like another Justin Bieber fan just because I’m a guy, but it is comfortable and includes every thing from women to men's clothing section and obviously being in fashion really helped me discover being myself and not just following androgyny in all black attires or edgy silhouettes. 

S: Are you more of a stylist or a designer?  
H: I'm more of a designer; but I've always wanted to pursue styling as well, so I did. I'm still at an initial stage and learning so much about design and styling -- it's something I do by maintaining my blog. 

S: What's Inbetween9 all about? 
H: Inbetween9 is about the excitement of Nowness and everything that happens around me. I deal with challenges in a creative and artistic way on my blog and realism and graphics are things that really drive me. I would not say the theme is only androgyny because I also like to explore other aspects of life. 

S: Name a few influential bloggers according to you  
H: There's only one -- Leandra Medine of the The Man Repeller 

S: Name a designer you would like to have coffee and conversation with and why? 
H: Actually there are two -- Victoria Beckham and Tory Burch. What surprises me the most is how these two ladies have built an empire which is fashionable, confident and not like any other clothing house. 

S: Must have pieces in one's closet...  
H: Oversized crisp white shirt, non-stretch raw denim, cotton shirts and tops for the summer! 

S: Your style icon
H: North west! I think she is amazing and no doubt, Leandra Medine is my style mother.  

S: Current trend that you love... 
H: Vibe of 80's, any given day! 

S: Current trend that you hate... 
H: Typical athleisure. 

S: Raw/undone or picture perfect?  
H: Everything has to be effortless for me. We are all so aware these days (all hails to Instagram) that trying hard to look stylish or fashionable for sake of is a passe. Effortless doesn't mean fashion idols in tartan shirt, ripped denims and converse! Fashion has become so cheaply accessible to everyone now at all levels that we can't change but one should know the fine line in between. 

S: You're a strong believer of 'clothes don't have a gender'. Please elaborate. 
H: It's funny how people pull everything into stereotypes, especially clothes! It's the exact same as stereotypes in other industries. However, I want to remain strong and head out with confidence in whatever I wear! I do get stares every now and then but I don't care so much anymore and I still like to shop in women's section irrespective of what people think or say as no one understands my approach to garments. You will never see me wearing what others think I should wear and I feel very liberal when it comes to fashion. It's all about perspective. We find this thought very inspiring, what about you?

Photo Credit: Inbetween9

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