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Panic Button Light Switch Replacement Kit
$24.99 $14.99
Panic Button Light Switch Replacement Kit
In every sci-fi film or TV show, there is usually one easily recognizable trope - no, not the hypersexual female alien in the skin-tight cat-suit, though she does make a fairly regular appearance. The answer we're looking for is the panic-button. You know, the Red Button™! The big shiny candy-like button that erases history, ejects the warp core, blows the emergency seals, activates the self-destruct, sounds red-alert, engages the hyperdrive, activates the halide fire-retardants, or simply flushes the waste-disposal system is a regular character in most sci-fi. It's curious, then, that the Big Red Button™ doesn't appear in your home or office! Wouldn't it be great to have one of those buttons, even if pressing it doesn't warn the sentries that the world-killer virus has escaped containment? What about your light-switch? Isn't that little flippy-lever overdue for a makeover? Sure it is, otherwise, you wouldn't have read this far! What we're offering is a wired replacement for your light-switch. Just turn off the breakers, pull out the light-switch and replace it with this one. It's a wire-for-wire swap, so it should be easy. Please be safe, though, and double - nay - TRIPLE CHECK that the breakers were switched before doing any home wiring. When you're done, you've got a Big Red Button™ that, when slapped, will turn on and off your lights. Also, if you just want to dim your lights and your computer voice-activation phrase isn't recognized by your home-automation equipment, your new Big Red Button™ also acts as a dimmer. Instead of smacking it, a gentle turn will lower the illumination to a level suitable for alien seduction. Features US Light-switch replacement kit 2 3/4" by 4 1/4" brushed aluminum wall plate and large red dimmer switch Not suitable for fighter ejection panels, nuclear rod extraction, or fire suppression systems Let's be serious here: Please use caution when performing any electrical work in your house Make sure you trip the breaker to your outlet to the off position before attempting to replace your switch
Sony Mdr-7510 Professional Headphone
$149.99 $129.99
Sony Mdr-7510 Professional Headphone
The Sony MDR-7510 Studio Headphones are made for demanding pro applications, including studio and broadcast monitoring. With 50mm drivers utilizing PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) diaphragms, these headphones provide a wide frequency response, broad dynamic range, and accurate sound reproduction. The 7510 offers high power handling capability and uses neodymium magnets and OFC (oxygen-free copper) voice coils. Noise isolation earpads with pliable cushion material conform to the natural shape of the ear and provide comfort and acoustic isolation. A fixed design of rugged construction assures years of comfortable, accurate listening. 50mm Driver Unit with PET DiaphragmClosed-Ear DesignWide Frequency ResponseHigh Power Handling Capacity 2,000mWStereo Unimatch PlugGold Connectors and OFC CordSupplied Soft Case
The Body Shop Strawberry Bathing Beauty Gift Set ($17 Value), 1 set
The Body Shop Strawberry Bathing Beauty Gift Set ($17 Value), 1 set
<span style="font-style: Italic;font-weight: normal;">An indulgent pampering regime bursting with the scent of fresh strawberries. <span style="font-style: Italic;font-weight: normal;">Set Includes: <ul start="1" style="list-style-type:disc"><li value="1"> Strawberry Shower Gel 60ml <li value="2"> Strawberry Body Puree 60ml <li value="3"> Strawberry Lip Balm 10ml <li value="4"> Strawberry Heart Soap <li value="5"> Two-tone Bath Lily <span style="font-style: Italic;font-weight: normal;">$17 value Strawberry Bathing Beauty Gift Set